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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    WLTWalter Energy, Inc.1.61StockIndustrial Metals & MineralsNYQ
    WLTBXIvy Limited-Term Bond B10.82Mutual FundNAS
    APPRXAllianceBern Cnsrv Wlth Strat R12.33Mutual FundNAS
    ABPAXAllianceBern Cnsrv Wlth Strat A12.32Mutual FundNAS
    120550.BOBirla Sun Life MIP II Wlth 25 Dir Mn Div15.96Mutual FundBSE
    ATWYXAllianceBern Tx-Mgd Wlth Appr Strat Adv16.01Mutual FundNAS
    ATWCXAllianceBern Tx-Mgd Wlth Appr Strat C15.77Mutual FundNAS
    ACIAXAllianceBern Tx Mgd Cnsrv Wlth Strat A11.38Mutual FundNAS
    ACIBXAllianceBern Tx Mgd Cnsrv Wlth Strat B11.72Mutual FundNAS
    2256810.IRSEI UK EQT WLT-B-DS14.22Mutual FundISE
    APWIXAllianceBern Cnsrv Wlth Strat I12.34Mutual FundNAS
    ACIYXAllianceBern Tx Mgd Cnsrv Wlth Strat Adv11.42Mutual FundNAS
    2219755.IRSEI EMG MK EQ WLT-B18.84Mutual FundISE
    ABPYXAllianceBern Cnsrv Wlth Strat Adv12.36Mutual FundNAS
    AGIYXAllianceBern Tx Mgd Bal Wlth St Adv13.56Mutual FundNAS
    ABPCXAllianceBern Cnsrv Wlth Strat C12.20Mutual FundNAS
    AGIBXAllianceBern Tx Mgd Bal Wlth St B13.58Mutual FundNAS
    IE00B3V69Q65.IRSEI GMF Short Duration Bond Hdg £ Wlth A1,021.00Mutual FundISE
    ATWBXAllianceBern Tx-Mgd Wlth Appr Strat B15.82Mutual FundNAS
    ACICXAllianceBern Tx Mgd Cnsrv Wlth Strat C11.71Mutual FundNAS