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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    WZENYWebzen Inc.5.93StockPNK
    WZEX.HMUBS LSF YLD CHF PC1,590.00Mutual FundHAM
    WZEG.HMUBS LB SH USD C PC106.95Mutual FundHAM
    WZE3.DUUBS L EQ EM HD PC75.64Mutual FundDUS
    WZE2.BEUBS L EQ BRAZ PC53.17Mutual FundBER
    WZE8.HAUBS L EQ WATER PC95.28Mutual FundHAN
    WZEB.HMUBS(LU)EF-SC USA P531.06Mutual FundHAM
    WZEC.MUUBS L EQ EU HD PC122.28Mutual FundMUN
    WZE6.MUUBS L EQ RUS PC43.40Mutual FundMUN
    WZEU.HMUBS(LU)BF-G (CHF)PC647.15Mutual FundHAM
    WZEW.HMUBS L BD EM EU PC168.30Mutual FundHAM
    WZE4.HMUBS L EQ USA G PC16.66Mutual FundHAM
    WZEB.DUUBS(LU)EF-SC USA P503.04Mutual FundDUS
    WZEB.SWUBS(LU)EF-SC USA P678.50Mutual FundEBS
    WZE6.HMUBS L EQ RUS PC59.75Mutual FundHAM
    WZE4.SGUBS L EQ USA G PC20.83Mutual FundSTU
    WZE6.SWUBS L EQ RUS PC74.75Mutual FundEBS
    WZE5.BEUBS L EQ S GL L PC173.04Mutual FundBER
    WZE1.BEUBS LKS GL AL E PC13.58Mutual FundBER
    WZE9.DUUBS LB AS LCB HPC100.35Mutual FundDUS