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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    EPSYXMainStay Epoch Global Equity Yield I19.55Mutual FundNAS
    EPSRXMainStay Epoch Global Equity Yield R619.56Mutual FundNAS
    EPSPXMainStay Epoch Global Equity Yield A19.58Mutual FundNAS
    EPLKXMainStay Epoch US Equity Yield C14.02Mutual FundNAS
    EPACXMainStay Epoch Global Choice I19.41Mutual FundNAS
    EPOCHRENDEME.TOEpoch Global Shareholder Yield - Prem11.08Mutual FundTOR
    MATIXMainStay Epoch US All Cap I29.10Mutual FundNAS
    MAWBXMainStay Epoch US All Cap B23.90Mutual FundNAS
    F00000QHKT.TOEpoch International Equity - A10.45Mutual FundTOR
    EPLCXMainStay Epoch US Equity Yield I14.52Mutual FundNAS
    F00000UH68.TOEpoch European Equity F10.05Mutual FundTOR
    TDVALGRANDES.TOEpoch US Large-Cap Value - Prem12.59Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN05M4P.TOEpoch European Equity - I19.64Mutual FundTOR
    IE00B965D461.IREpoch Global Choice B Instl Acc10.61Mutual FundISE
    EPAKXMainStay Epoch Global Choice C18.13Mutual FundNAS
    TDDERENDAMRP.TOEpoch US Shareholder Yield - I11.53Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN05N4N.TOEpoch Global Equity - I20.19Mutual FundTOR
    MAAAXMainStay Epoch US All Cap A26.79Mutual FundNAS
    F00000JS0Q.TOEpoch US Large-Cap Value Class - I19.45Mutual FundTOR
    EPSZXMainStay Epoch Global Equity Yield R219.59Mutual FundNAS