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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    PSUNPacific Sunwear of California Inc.2.73StockApparel StoresNMS
    SWW.DESunways Aktiengesellschaft0.22StockDiversified UtilitiesGER
    SWESRIEPORTE.TOSunWise Elite Port Ser Max Gr 75/7515.43Mutual FundTOR
    SUWGSunway Global Inc.0.59StockPNK
    SUNWISEELDYN.TOSunWise Elite Dynamic Glbl Value 100/10010.02Mutual FundTOR
    SNWRFSunward Resources Ltd0.09StockPNK
    F0CAN064IX.TOSunWise Elite CI Cdn Investment Full14.19Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN05O2Q.TOSunWise CI Canadian Equity Basic21.47Mutual FundTOR
    F0CAN05NUG.TOSunWise CI Signature Dividend Full21.89Mutual FundTOR
    F00000PJDQ.TOSunWise Essntl 2 SL BlkRk Cdn Eq Bdl Inc12.58Mutual FundTOR
    F00000PJD5.TOSunWise Essntl 2 Port Cnsrv Investment12.88Mutual FundTOR
    F00000PJBV.TOSunWise Essntl 2 Cl Sig Gl Inc&Gr Inc14.93Mutual FundTOR
    F00000PJBJ.TOSunWise Essntl 2 CI Sig Div Bdle Income12.87Mutual FundTOR
    F00000JW01.TOSunWise Essntl Port Ser Cnsrv Inc13.99Mutual FundTOR
    F00000JVWR.TOSunWise Essntl CI Sgnt Divid Inc Bundle14.21Mutual FundTOR
    F000003XYP.TOSunWise 2001 PS Conservative 75/7519.70Mutual FundTOR
    F000003XU8.TOSunWise 2001 Fidelity Cdn AA 75/10020.36Mutual FundTOR
    F000003XYA.TOSunWise 2001 CI Signature Cdn Bnd 75/7515.95Mutual FundTOR
    F00000LN8B.TOSunWise Elite CI PSS i30/e70 Comb Gtee17.62Mutual FundTOR