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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    CTOConsolidated Tomoka Land Co.54.96StockReal Estate DevelopmentASE
    TFA.SGTOMORROW FOCUS3.72StockInternet Information ProvidersSTU
    TFA.BETOMORROW FOCUS3.45StockInternet Information ProvidersBER
    KR5207AW8479.KSKyoboAXA PF Tomorrow Bond 351,008.74Mutual FundKSC
    KR5207AZ0663.KSKyoboAXA Tomorrow 2Star PF ELS-Deriv KH2981.62Mutual FundKSC
    KR5207AS1520.KSKyoboAXA Tomorrow 1Star ELS-Deriv 99K11,015.16Mutual FundKSC
    TFA.DETomorrow Focus AG3.73StockInternet Information ProvidersGER
    KR5207AT1271.KSKyoboAXA Tomorrow 1Star ELS-Deriv 99K31,012.64Mutual FundKSC
    KR5207AT9233.KSKyoboAXA Tomorrow PF Equity 9971.17Mutual FundKSC
    KR5207AT6262.KSKyoboAXA Tomorrow 1Star ELS-Deriv 99K41,013.89Mutual FundKSC
    KR5207AW8982.KSKyoboAXA Tomorrow PF Bond 361,002.61Mutual FundKSC
    KR5207AW8073.KSKyoboAXA Tomorrow LT HiGrd Bd K1 A21,015.80Mutual FundKSC
    KR5207AW8263.KSKyoboAXA Tomorrow 1Star ELS-Deriv 99K9998.52Mutual FundKSC
    ^OTPATGTROcean Tomo Patent Growth Index 11,186.68IndexNYS
    KR5321AP8891.KSAlphaAsset Tomorrow Energy Fdr Eq 1 S824.02Mutual FundKSC
    KR5207AW8081.KSKyoboAXA Tomorrow LT HiGrd Bd K1 CE1,013.66Mutual FundKSC
    TFA.FTOMORROW FOCUS3.74StockInternet Information ProvidersFRA
    XOTPXggenheim Ocean Tomo Patent ETF27.78Mutual FundNAS
    KR5207AW8099.KSKyoboAXA Tomorrow LT HiGrd Bd K1 S1,013.39Mutual FundKSC
    KR5207AN0642.KSKyoboAXA Tomorrow PF Bond Balanced 111,000.00Mutual FundKSC