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    SymbolNameLast TradeTypeIndustry/CategoryExchange
    XJTAXNuveen Tax-Advantaged Total Ret14.37Mutual FundNAS
    XJTN17.NYMXJT Future JUL 2017 Trading Ses3.63FutureNYM
    XJTJ17.NYMXJT Future APR 2017 Trading Ses3.55FutureNYM
    XJTX14.NYMXJT Future NOV 20144.01FutureNYM
    XJTV17.NYMXJT Future OCT 2017 Trading Ses3.64FutureNYM
    XJTZ15.NYMXJT Future DEC 2015 Trading Ses3.33FutureNYM
    XJTF15.NYMXJT Future JAN 2015 Trading Ses2.96FutureNYM
    XJTX16.NYMXJT Future NOV 2016 Trading Ses3.46FutureNYM
    XJTK15.NYMXJT Future MAY 2015 Trading Ses3.02FutureNYM
    XJTX17.NYMXJT Future NOV 2017 Trading Ses3.64FutureNYM
    XJTZ17.NYMXJT Future DEC 2017 Trading Ses3.80FutureNYM
    XJTJ15.NYMXJT Future APR 2015 Trading Ses3.00FutureNYM
    XJTN16.NYMXJT Future JUL 2016 Trading Ses3.45FutureNYM
    XJTF16.NYMXJT Future JAN 2016 Trading Ses3.47FutureNYM
    XJTV15.NYMXJT Future OCT 2015 Trading Ses3.08FutureNYM
    XJTJ16.NYMXJT Future APR 2016 Trading Ses3.36FutureNYM
    XJTQ15.NYMXJT Future AUG 2015 Trading Ses3.13FutureNYM
    XJTH15.NYMXJT Future MAR 2015 Trading Ses3.03FutureNYM