1. $AA Breaking above cloud. http://stocktwits.com/message/31780276

  2. $AA Finally over 16. Please leave no gaps, just go up nice and slow. Unrealized gains at 16.60 feb 20.

  3. $AA Technically this is a win today, 16.02 was a tough cross

  4. @antenapips: $AA Long trade in play. #stock #cfd

  5. $AA This thing have resistance every few cents...

  6. $AA aerospace manefacturing growth looking good for 2015. As is construction equipment production, and overall alumina-based production.

  7. $AA Nice!

  8. @cmcassidy There is a lot of resistance at $16.00 though which is discouraging. $AA

  9. $AA Time to break and hold this headache that is 16 dollars.

  10. @cmcassidy Last year, I was buying shares of $AA sub $10... it has rallied like over 60%.

  11. @Atlantic_Equity That s what I m thinking as well. A rally is in store for $AA

  12. $AA But the market seems to be getting top heavy and is a house of cards waiting to tumble? Who really knows?

  13. $AA Love this company. If the market can break out of this sideways action towards the upside, Alcoa should fly to over 20/share EOY

  14. Car industry and the packaging sector have supported demand on aluminium. $AA $CENX - up 8.86% in 12 days http://www.trendsinvesting.com/motif-details/4@154/weeks/absolute

  15. $AA Out of July 16 calls for time being when it went through 16.03 switched into $tsem july 14 calls, like momentum.Will revisit AA >16.60

  16. $AA great price action, looks like it s headed back to $16.50 or higher

  17. $AA That was the fastest resistance break pass $16 ive seen with Alcoa!

  18. $AA What to the JP Morgan upgrade???

  19. WL: $AAPL, $SPY, $AA, $BABA, $BUD, $HA, $JBLU, $KLAC, $MDLZ, $PBR, $TWC, $XLE, $XLY

  20. $AA Ugly day today, probably down 49 cents

  21. Looking to get in, can I get some feedback on buying now... $AA

  22. Alcoa Inc. Receives a Buy from J.P. Morgan $AA $JPM http://www.analystratings.com/2015/01/25/alcoa-inc-receives-a-buy-from-j-p-morgan/

  23. $AA I still would have no interest in shorting this at 16.10.

  24. Stocks on watch for week 1-25 $SPR $OSIS $SIMO $PAYC $MBLY $CY $TSM $AKRX $AYI $SYY $WSM $AA $SPLK $STE $FEYE $CELG

  25. $AA Stock looks very top heavy on daily & weekly charts and has rallied into resistance at the 50 DMA.