1. $AA give me an act of God.... I ll take it!

  2. $AA - the boys that are negative on this stock seem to be getting more aggressive? smart money trades against over-confidence (+ or -)

  3. $AA Time to prove some strength without giving up! Needs a sign of life here!

  4. $AA as tempting as this looks .......my god the aluminium index looks horrid

  5. $AA Anyone know the support level below $10.75...?

  6. $AA @OphirGottlieb real nice chart, thanks

  7. $AA anyone know what effect the trade agreement will have on Alum? Might be good for steel.

  8. $FEYE $AA $TC $LUV $AAPL $HES You all are looking very good my little friends

  9. $AA last chance for support is 10.75 lets see that tested and hold maybe I get back into this dog

  10. $AA big steel cannot stop progress but can do what FB does. Own the competitive threat then they are the powerhouse. Is big steel sleeping?

  11. $AA my thoughts, if alumin keeps dropping more auto execs will build more models from it. Stealing business from big steel. Look at Kodak.

  12. $AA this I thought was a stream for sharing info. To some it s childish chatter which adds nothing constructive.

  13. $CENX Aluminum itself at +2.25% right now $aa $nor

  14. $AA @investor923 Not a single bear has been wrong. Not me. Not NOHe. Not Whiteshell. Only you hyper (probably paid) pumpers have been wrong.

  15. $AA $F Hey, merge these two -- try and at least look like you re trying to do God s work and not Gekko s creed...

  16. $AA RSI at 15. This market hates anything that comes from the ground. $GLD $KOL $UNG

  17. $AA Is this going back to $8, $9 level?

  18. $AA Can this hit $9? Maybe.. But look at the charts. We do not go str8 up or down w/out contrary moves. I like ER to make that move!

  19. @accounts: $AA holy crap, I thought it was a gift at $12.50.. On my radar now. no its a gift at 8

  20. $AA now we have a trade

  21. $AA holy crap, I thought it was a gift at $12.50.. On my radar now.

  22. $AA if klaus were bullish... any insider trading? I m waiting for a bottom.

  23. Active Stocks Alert: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/active-stocks-alert-alcoa-nyseaa-xerox-corporation-nysexrx-teck-resources-limited-nysetck/1514002/ $AA $XRX $TCK

  24. $AA like I said the loudest people know the least

  25. $AA