1. How Stocks Hit New High Range – $AA, $ECA, $HES http://y.ahoo.it/ceD7fuuY

  2. $AA will see 14 s tomorrow

  3. Couple of new 52-week highs from last week to slap on your radar: $AA $TSM $XLE $CODE & $KNL http://y.ahoo.it/i8toVetk

  4. @Cacophony: based on everything, I think $AA Could go to 25-30/share by end 15 or 16. But I am a rookie so what do I know?

  5. [VIDEO] Weekend Stock Market Analysis April 19 2014 [PUBLIC] $BAC $QQQ $FB $WB $CSCO $JPM $ZNGA $GM $INTC $MU $AA http://y.ahoo.it/VWrLafhc

  6. $AA Aluminium stocks picking up... $MCP Time for Rare Earth to move higher? Trading at multi-year bottom.. Next week would be interesting!

  7. I moved some in $AKS $AA seems expensive IMO but it s still going up so hey

  8. @Cacophony I am all in on $AA and I still think it will go mucher in time

  9. $AA tgt 14.2 on wednesday watch it

  10. $AA Looks like its on a mission to test its 2011 high of 17.50ish. Pullbacks look buyable here http://y.ahoo.it/2NEr680P

  11. $NQ Weekly review http://y.ahoo.it/PVE3QYfd $FANG $AA $AER $PLUG $XCO $VLP $TWTR $SAIC

  12. @Cacophony: @chaku I am up 39% on $AA And am long. Don t have time to research other options with 2 little kids.

  13. @teddybearisbroke seem to remember u said same about $AA but you ve conveniently forgotten about that one +7%. should ve opened a chart

  14. @Robbiethetrader wanted to average down my $NBG & $JCP & $NIHD - so, sold all $AA .. I miss Alcoa, if ever it comes back to 12.50, I buy

  15. @chaku: $AA still don t know why you sold out!

  16. $AA I m still tring to sell my April 11- $12 puts. The $$ value may be worthless but the sentimental value is through the roof. Message me

  17. What s Up with $AA? #AA

  18. Updated cost basis for our portfolio: $AA-$12.02, $BLK-$286.92, $CLDX-$17.32, $GE-$26.91, $JNJ-$83.54, $KO-$36.78, $V-$175.95, $XCO-$5.84

  19. Closed the week with these longs: $AA $BLK $CLDX $GE $JNJ $KO $V $XCO

  20. $AA miss my alcoa.. :(

  21. $AA melt up time!!!

  22. Twitter Top 10 portfolio continues to lag the market. $aa $bidu $f $gmcr $gtat $himx $k $kndi $msft $qcom http://y.ahoo.it/WMkK13zo

  23. @MarketSwingPlayer yep. have a surgery next week. so will monitor once a day or twice. Just have a few swing longs. $IBM, $AA, $JNJ, $INTC..

  24. StockTwits Top 10 Portfolio flat on the month. $aa $amd $f $ge $jpm $msft $mu $spwr $t $z http://y.ahoo.it/cQwMTt6J

  25. $AA lots of pumping, looking for a $13.6 close. Everyone must be happy on Good Friday and Easter. Stocks go up, yay!!!