1. $AA ALCOA is a new company today prints parts using 3d technologies making it a specialized producer for auto and airline industry

  2. $AA Was a 40$ stock in 2008-2009. Today with Firth Rixson acquisition will bring Mega orders from airline industry and automotive industry

  3. $AA Very bullish on aluminum http://www.thestreet.mobi/story/12968037/1/theres-no-silver-lining-in-plunging-oil-prices-but-how-about-aluminum.html?puc=TSMKTWATCH&cm_ven=TSMKTWATCH

  4. $AA reloaded today. Love the prices for my calls . Blast off on Monday.

  5. Stock of the day: $CALL (Oversold, PT=$15.50 +90%),other choices: $UPS,$FDX,$ALLY,$TSLA,$BABA,$JNPR,$CSCO,$FSL,$TEL,$JPM,$WFC,$C,$X,$AA

  6. $STUDY Note $AA conspicuously absent from the commodity selloff today. Why? It never participated in the commodity inflation cycle.

  7. $AA Waiting for news stories about increased f150 sales due to lower gas prices

  8. $AA Yup, looks like 17& below

  9. $AA what the hell

  10. $AA 17 b4 17.50 , what u think?

  11. @HarrisMarketTrends: Stocks for fri 11-28 $BRCM $AA $GPRO $DFS $AMBA $MPWR $SIRO $WWAV

  12. $AA not acting to well in the pre-market pulling it from the watch list

  13. $AA Needs to break $18 in order to really run...

  14. $AA The ol gal seems to be stuck in groundhog day like trading here lately. That s soon to change. ER only a little over a month away...

  15. SDM: awarded $59.8m EPC contract for Alcoa Kwinana Plant http://www.theage.com.au/business/markets/quotes/announcement/AA I/alcoa-inc/1579604 $AA

  16. $AA Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  17. $AA $CENX confirms each other http://sisterstock.com/post/103698136280/todays-sister-stocks-come-from-the-aluminum#_=_

  18. The Nitrous Scan 11/26/2014 http://gtlackey.com/the-nitrous-scan-11262014/ $XPH $FBT $IGX $FIW $BITA $LLTC $MSCC $AA $RLJ $ENDP $CCJ $SUNE $CMI

  19. $aa still looks expensive (rating fell to 2.3 as price rose to 17.55). #stockratings https://www.v2ratings.com/ratings/t/aa

  20. Taking 1st 1/3 of $AA off; holding balance into next week.

  21. $AA Wow...we re up 1%+ !!!!

  22. $AA Updated inverse H & S pattern. Been tracking for weeks now. Broke above neckline and holdin, need a catalyst now https://www.tradingview.com/x/CUtZlYg2/

  23. $AA Liking what I see. Hoping it can pop the box.

  24. $aa inverse head & shoulders here. i m still holding from 12s for long-term investment. http://stocktwits.com/message/29667715

  25. $AA pin 17.50. I hate flat days.