1. $AAL if 48 can hold over the next few sessions, this could form inverted h&s

  2. $AAL it s amazing how you can hate a stock & then love it and then hate it again in less than 4 hours. Married to aal @54 and want a divorce

  3. $AAL this is just getting silly now. This was only a couple dollars lower when their LARGEST expense, OIL was over DOUBLE the current price

  4. Been seeing a lot of bears growling about the airlines on my stream. Don t really understand it. They re range bound... $AAL $UAL $DAL

  5. Analytic Investment holds an allocation of 1.3% in $AAL in his Earnings Growth Investment Portfolio

  6. Relative strength scan: $AAL $UAL $BIDU $PXD $CXO $RSX

  7. $DAL wkly 45 calls went a quick double since am $AAL $ http://stocktwits.com/message/33445996

  8. $AAL Get thee to $54 where thoust belong....

  9. $AAL nice action. I guess open low helps

  10. $AAL patience.

  11. $AAL $VA $LUV $JBLU good to see the airlines decouple from oil the last few days

  12. $AAL Will generate over $10 of earnings in 2015. Q2 earnings estimate is $3.29

  13. $AAL Current median PT is $69, 43% upside to current share price. Highest PT= $92, over 90% upside. Massive JF savings + share buybacks!

  14. $MU Interesting. A lot of fans for some solid names. Count me in. $AA, $AAL, $DAL, $MU. http://money.cnn.com/2015/03/01/investing/stocks-to-buy-march-investing/index.html?source=yahoo_quote

  15. @TheStreet: Like American, Spirit Is Downgraded Due to Dallas Price Wars $AAL http://www.thestreet.com/story/13063539/1/like-american-spirit-is-downgraded-due-to-dallas-price-wars.html?puc=stocktwits&cm_ven=STOCKTWITS&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=stocktwits Becker sees 15 EPs at 5.xx. Wtf!?

  16. One Airline Makes WAY More per Employee Than the Rest http://lite.capitalmarketlabs.com/cmld3b/mc.php?company_id_list=DAL,UAL,AAL,JBLU,LUV&financial_ratio=Revenue/Number+of+Employees+(TTM+US$+Millions)&start_date=01/01/2000&end_date=03/02/2015&sk=36b1b510d07a5536a422238a9de9b9a4 $DAL $UAL $AAL $JBLU $LUV

  17. $aal using it no hedge fuel windfall to pay for its new fuel efficient fleet that will be its windfall when oil recovers

  18. $AAL like all great sales, better get them before they go back to regular price, sale ends soon

  19. $aal, nice action into close, should pop big. will be in 50s by friday

  20. $AAL Strong finish into the close...could this be the start to reclaim higher ground in the March to $60...IMO

  21. Gotta think $AAL can t stay so beaten down for too much longer. Fair amount of bullish OTM call activity today.

  22. $AAL Bulls should hope they are buying back the 2 bill, but volume has been lower than other leg airlines, so I don t see that right now

  23. $AAL barely holding onto 48, and is now in another down channel

  24. $AAL this will underperform until they release # s.

  25. $AAL subject to short-term energy volatility and traders. I m in this for the long term