1. $AAL adding here

  2. $SPY I can tell you it s crude. Why, my $AAL is still trending higher.

  3. $AAL forward p/e actually closer to 5

  4. $SPY It was either $AAL or $DWTI to play the crude neckline break today. But I was too much of a wuzz to trade $DWTI.

  5. $AAL Getting ready to sell.

  6. $SPY Waiting on a 28.60 crude bounce at the same time $AAL trades at 36.50 to take profits on $AAL.

  7. $AAL Nice little bull flag like I projected. Target 36.50.

  8. $SPY Looking for 28.60s crude. Glad I went with $AAL today.

  9. $SPY I caught the Honey Badger today. $AAL. Thanks for breaking the neckline crude.

  10. $AAL Lol, I guess it does like crude s fall. $SPY

  11. $AAL to me this seems like one heck of a mis-priced security. Trading around 3 p/e?

  12. $SPY Do airlines still react to crude s tanking like they used to in 15? Long $AAL today.

  13. $AAL higher from here, oil bounce to 40 soon

  14. $SPY $AAL Darn, just when I started playing my jams...

  15. $AAL Dont know if I ve ever been in a more bullish stock looking good,

  16. $AAL Lets go !!!!

  17. $AAL Resistance is at 37.31 from the spike up in pre market couple days ago, just a guess though heed

  18. $SPY I m chilling over with $AAL. It s calmer...

  19. $aal here comes the big rip

  20. $aal we might see 37 today!!

  21. $SAVE Lots of Volatility, $AAL going back to 37

  22. $AAL Added.

  23. $AAL I m not selling under 36. 35 avg. started today. Looking for it to fill gap, I hope today... Daytrader.

  24. $AAL this is usually good for $2 share when 12/20 dma cross the 50 swinging the 50 over the 100. Just saying

  25. $AAL due for a 9% day dont you think]