1. Good morning. On watch for 08/04: $BA $PKI $FTR $TGT $ZION. ETFs: $IWM. Spec Play: $AAL. Macro: Factory Orders.

  2. $AAL patience. Finally seeing new money w down oil on a red day. If we can get a green mkt day, this is over 44.

  3. US Airways Ex-CEO Ed Colodny, 89, Will Fly on the Airline s Last Flight $AAL http://www.thestreet.com/story/13241548/1/us-airways-ex-ceo-ed-colodny-89-will-fly-on-the-airline-s-last-flight.html?puc=stocktwits&cm_ven=STOCKTWITS&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=stocktwits

  4. $AAL still not getting lift up to 50 bucks, what is holding it back?

  5. MACD Bull Crossover: $AAL, $CTL, $EXC, $GILD, $KO, $KR, $LXRX http://www.ninestocks.com/2015/08/macd-bull-crossover-american-airlines-group-inc-aal-centurylink-ctl-exelon-corp-exc-gilead-sciences-gild-coca-cola-company-ko-kroger-company-kr-lexicon-pharmaceuticals/

  6. End Of Day Scan: Elder Bar Green $XIV $AKS $DAL $SDS $CMCSA $AAL $JBLU $SPXU $ADSK $ISBC www.DailyStockPlays.com Live

  7. $AAL: New Insider Transaction on AAL by Chairman and CEO PARKER W DOUGLAS: http://insideri.com/1249552_000122520815016336_0001225208-15-016336

  8. American Airlines Group s Chairman and CEO just cashed-in 113,090 options http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=1891650 $AAL

  9. $AAL >>> Block trade 182,239 shares at $41.71

  10. $AAL fly fly fly away. Back to 50 by sept. Lets go!!

  11. $AAL Institutional ownership up 29.02% Q/Q, with 169,422,000 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/AAL

  12. Noteworthy Monday Option Activity: $DE, $XOM, $AAL https://www.stockoptionschannel.com/article/201508/noteworthy-monday-option-activity-de-xom-aal-de-xom-aal-AAL08032015note.htm/

  13. $AAL is going up. Thanks to Drill baby Drill.

  14. $dal $luv $aal ripping higher today

  15. Took my chances on a big jet plane. Wall Street is treating them all the same today though. $AAL $DAL $LUV $UAL up 3% as oil prices sink.

  16. $AAL doing well ..above ma50, looking good to go higher

  17. I sure hope the transports are hedging for these generational oil levels. $AAL, $UPS, etc. should just start buying it by the barrel.

  18. A few green names, if you re into that sort of thing... $GOOGL $MU $CDW $FTR $DAL $UAL $AAL $LUV $GILD $ALK $JBLU $VIPS $ADSK $FIT

  19. $AAL Such a beauty... Fading away!

  20. $SPY Thank God for dividend paying airline stocks--gotta love them! $AAL $LUV

  21. $LUV $AAL $VA no better place to be with oil like this

  22. $AAL American Airlines Bullish Technicals. $AAL is currently undervalued and has 2 bullish technical patterns. The fund

  23. Why continue to fight the slide in oil look for profit opportunities instead http://swingtradesetups.com/free-updates/with-oil-continuing-to-fall-who-stands-to-benefit/ $JETS $AAL $UAL $LUV $SKYW $SAVE $RCL gl

  24. $AAL finally fighting back. looks like 2 continuous days of up has been the trend. hope to see a little higher

  25. $AAL I guess buybacks are in full power today? That and the price of oil, at ridiculously low levels. Hoping for a week without bad news.