1. $AAL with fuel so low how can this do anything but make big money?

  2. $AAL Any body thinking this stock will hit $80 are living in another world. This stock is heading down to low $20s.

  3. $AAL this stock is trending down until rates go up and debt payment begins then its off to 80/ share

  4. $AAL Institutional ownership up 29.22% Q/Q, with 169,422,000 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/AAL

  5. Is $AAL undervalued at a PE of 8.2x? Take a look:

  6. $AAL is trading at a PE of 8.2x, and theres more:

  7. $AAL Buy now and pick up a 14% gain in about 3 weeks at earning --

  8. $AAL is reporting earning Oct 22--beat earning whisper number--DAL reports Oct 14 to start off the airlines earnings--that will be good too

  9. $AAL End of Day Scan: Lizard Bullish

  10. $AAL you won t want to sell when this is 44. I will be back to remind you lol

  11. $AAL 456K shares Bought in last 2 minutes. Would this be institutional buying? Opinions please.

  12. $AAL $DAL $UAL Wall St. is so greedy, let s see how much longer they can push these names down.

  13. $AAL If there were sellers at this price, it wouldn t be much. Shorts should be leaving towards the end of the day.

  14. $AAL lower lights lower lows. Worst stock in the market

  15. $AAL Recap of this last month. Close above $42. Bullish. Close above $40. Bullish. Close above $39. Bullish. Close above $38. Bullish.

  16. $AAL market rally and we re stuck in the mud.

  17. $AAL Coming back nicely. I believe it will return to the Pivot price for today 38.77. that s 3% up from the LOD..IMO

  18. $AAL $DAL $LUV $UAL They just had one of the best quarter. ER numbers will prove that

  19. $aal from down 4% to green in one day - possible?

  20. $AAL biggest concern will be revenue guide. I think thats the swing factor. That and capacity--I hope to see cutting capacity in LATAM

  21. $AAL I remember just a couple weeks ago thinking damn, I sold some at 44.10 and not 44.40. lol. 38,39,40 these are all discounts. buy dips

  22. $AAL http://finance.yahoo.com/news/support-seen-american-airlines-151820758.html

  23. $DAL fuel cost 1.85, what s $AAL with no hedge? good lord.

  24. $AAL Jon Najarian on cnbc. long ALL calls. fwiw.

  25. $AAL $37 is the trampoline