1. $HA reminds me of $SAVE when it traded in the teens back in 2011,2012, everyone loves Hawaii, watching $AAL $DAL $LUV

  2. NEW POST: Late Night Strategy for Monday http://y.ahoo.it/Ll7xHe19 $AAL $JMBA $QQQ $SPY $STUDY

  3. Top Expert Consensus for $AAL is Strong Buy http://y.ahoo.it/g24kYfGj

  4. $AAL We re in a wedge. http://y.ahoo.it/4yFy6kKd

  5. 3 Ways American Airlines Group Could Fly Higher in 2014 and Beyond: http://y.ahoo.it/onVFfNLO via @themotleyfool $AAL

  6. $AAL trying to decide to add more here or delta .... im thinking delta .. but price is little high ... but i see new all time high soon

  7. Was $AAL a good buy on recent dip? #finance

  8. @BamBam007 EOY nobody knows. But when $AAL reports FY2014 results the price should be around 10 times EPS (currently estimated at 5.39).

  9. @StockBoom99 $MNKD $AAL are having downward momentum, they are all good LT hold though, I am talking about really LT like 5-6 quarters ahead

  10. Top Expert Consensus for $AAL is Strong Buy http://y.ahoo.it/yUnsGu4c

  11. Currently holding $kndi $mnkd $aal and $dal all with loss. Any of these are good candidate 2 b sold & use that $ for $baba ? Your opinion.Tx

  12. $AAL Price target for EOY? Thoughts anyone?

  13. @BuyItOnSale They were giving me around 73 $AAL a mouth about for 4 months in a row, thousands $ each time, more coming I here.

  14. @DNev47 $AAL me too at 3.50 but I consider this a separate trade as I sold on the last day to get into new $AAL. Has been great so far!

  15. @BuyItOnSale I was in $AAL before the merger @2.50 ;)

  16. $AAL Bot jan calls. This is the day when you buy. Bottom.

  17. @BuyItOnSale $AAL I do own that one, get ready for more of that new plane smell.

  18. @DNev47 The article makes a lot of sense. After $AAL reports FY2014 earnings the PPS will be where it belongs > 50

  19. $AAL It will go down further and it s great opportunity for long term investment.

  20. Six Reasons Why American Airlines is Falling…and Why They Don’t Matter http://y.ahoo.it/QBMPz9u8 via @barronsonline $AAL

  21. $AAL couldnt bounce with the sector, suggest further weakness into next week, oct 37.5/37p is still in play.

  22. $AAL I am not bashing the stock, I am more than right every time when I make predictions, follow my trade at your discretion plz.

  23. $AAL - Hitting new LOD @ EOD while other airlines actually in the green... are they going out of business?

  24. @readytoinvest wkly stochastic bottomed $DAL 6 weeks ago, going higher BO soon, $AAL is following weekly stochastic close to turning up

  25. $AAL - Gonna be passed by $LUV for stock price if this keeps up.