1. $AAL When it closes at LOD, it is a gururanteed 2% dip the next day. I will be adding weekly 34p at open tmr.

  2. $AAL testing its $35 support level on high volume. 1m trend is bearish http://y.ahoo.it/b898Cpco

  3. $AAL I gotta believe that the low volume is because a majority are holding long term and/or waiting for Q3 ER

  4. $AAL Go strong on the shortside if this closes below 35. Looking at confirmation w/ close. My guess is EOD at 34.8X will be very nice.

  5. $AAL is making a landing 2% lower on the day http://y.ahoo.it/ILkywNX3

  6. Arguably the one of the more frustrating stock to own by retail right now @etradebaby: $AAL I think this stock has Ebola

  7. @etradebaby $AAL Too soon... But correct, nothin but RED for 6 weeks now. Bleeding from every side.

  8. $AAL I think this stock has Ebola

  9. $AAL The market will recover, but not this one. Not a lot of sellers/shorts either, just no bids and no volume.

  10. @chrisp390 New $AAL planes expected to cut fuel costs by 35%

  11. @httpcwang @TheRzo384 @etradebaby Also $AAL is sitting on cash half is mkt cap, cutting fuel costs drastically w new fleet and integration

  12. @httpcwang @TheRzo384 @etradebaby $LUV is not a major threat to $AAL, they are focusing on low margin travellers

  13. @etradebaby $AAL still underperforms the most lol, comical price action today...

  14. $AAL this whole sector is hard right now, I m sidelined

  15. $AAL just broke $35. Support smashed. Could get ugly.

  16. $AAL Not tradable. dont buy into any strength, sell 37.5c/40c Oct if you have position, buy 34/34.5p weeklys to double/triple your return.

  17. @TheRzo384 $AAL ...where she stops only 31 shows. Hold there maybe, otherwise it s a nosedive to the 25s.

  18. $AAL Analyst have been saying that this stock will generate alpha, well it has generated enough, 42% vs. 6%, now it is time to normalize.

  19. $AAL down she goes.

  20. $AAL now adding 34.5p for next week, I think it went down a bit too fast, so not considering 34p.

  21. @TheRzo384 Another great news is oil has bottomed, and will be normalized back to $95. $AAL doesnt even fuel hedge.

  22. And there s the run on $AAL as overall market recovers. See if she bounces back or takes a dive.

  23. $AAL h&s on daily is complete.top 44.5 neck 39.5 = $5 drop, touched 34.5 few times. Chart wise.

  24. Gator Capital holds an allocation of 5.1% in $AAL in his Small Cap Investment Portfolio

  25. $AAL Market maker cannot control the price, marginal buyer does. Stock price is reflecting the fundamentals, no manipulation.