1. @Dino4050 What makes you think that isn t true? I ve been posting on here for years about $AAPL ... I am a finance professional as well.

  2. $AAPL doesn t look like the sellers [option writers] can hold this back much longer, watch 568 for breakout

  3. @BarryBye No way.. If it wanted to get that far it would have today $aapl

  4. $AAPL I can not look at thee, $FB never again (unless short). All my eggs in a big basket of $SPPI common now, get rich time

  5. $AAPL Yesterday this blog was full of bears calling for ridiculously low prices, I dared to call 550 after earnings! Lucky, may be!

  6. $AAPL and $AMZN only things holding the Qs green.

  7. @tickertutor: $AAPL Buy the 575 calls that expire tomorrow. Currently ~35% chance of expiring ITM

  8. @StrayTrader Sell when it goes up . Nothing wrong for taking 100 % profits like you did $AAPL

  9. Connect with StockTwits and #Forecast $YHOO, $MSFT, $FB, $G00G, $AAPL, $SPX, $SI_F, $GC_F, $CL_F, $ZW_F today! Go to: http://y.ahoo.it/UJHaqr3o

  10. $AAPL Without iPad mouse support, iPad is at disadvantage. AAPL likely to see sales start to erode more. Win and Android have mouse support.

  11. @misterfoti @alandelmz Sure beats $FB and $AAPL :)

  12. @StrayTrader Respectfully, I am in complete disagreement with that statement. $AAPL

  13. Remember the days when $AAPL was a market maker. +8% spy +.06%...Bios and momos leading market direction

  14. $AAPL My target is 577 eow.

  15. @Dallen $AAPL $FB bet on the wrong side twice.

  16. $AMZN $GOOG $AAPL will benefit if Aereo wins in the Supreme Court

  17. Rule #1 When your stock spikes 8%, up 42 points in one day, and holds long enough to give you opportunities to sell, you sell ... $AAPL

  18. @grannyshifter Do some ppl think their posts will have any impact by posting the same garbage over and over? / You mean like Samsung? $AAPL

  19. $AAPL iPad 6 up against Microsoft Surface running Win 8, with FULL MOUSE SUPPORT and ability to access Win8’s file directory.

  20. $AAPL Without counting all the strikes, 50k calls on the weeklies for just 3 strikes

  21. $AAPL Up another 42 tomorrow? I think so..

  22. Of course, now that I finished selling for today, the stock will rise !!! but I still have all the LEAPs $AAPL

  23. $AAPL Trying to gloat or rant is one thing. Do some ppl think their posts will have any impact by posting the same garbage over and over?

  24. @Fibline $AAPL Has the hook been set in your jaw? You just never learn do you? Being bearish is o.k., but history shows you re wrong

  25. Successfully closed out large position of July 500 $AAPL calls in thirteen separate trades of (50) contracts each without market disruption