1. $AAPL 9/9/14 flint center, where steve introduced the mac... apple is building a 2001 while monolith with iwatch rising on horizon...

  2. $aapl volume dogma. My banks takes deposits from my low volume profits too. :)

  3. $SPY $QQQ $AAPL Machine Learning Algorithms: Making Computers Smarter >> http://y.ahoo.it/9RhsFBDf

  4. $TSLA now dealing with Unicom huh. very nice, China. $AAPL

  5. $AAPL On and then after September 9th, what are your predictions as to the value of the stock?

  6. I m thinking of signing up to these guys..are they any good? Cheers http://y.ahoo.it/XXAVGnmt $FB $GOOG $AAPL $HPJ $FEYE $KNDI $GOGO $GS $GPRO

  7. $AAPL Fast Money Recap: When Is the Next Market Correction? http://y.ahoo.it/liwSn181

  8. $AAPL on the new iPhone 6 with NFC and iWatch

  9. Apple to Hold Sept. 9th Event for New IPhones, Wearables http://y.ahoo.it/BdCSDMrZ $AAPL

  10. $AAPL pay your bills by iPhone.... http://y.ahoo.it/98GYz1fZ

  11. $AAPL Place your bets! In for the weekend or out? Dang I can t decide! Now $102.73!

  12. $AAPL Tim Cook pulled a quick one, everyone expected next Tuesday for invite, he dropped it right before a 3 day weekend!!!!

  13. $AAPL just had to check in here at a vital time! AAPL is at $102.70 in pre-market on low volume!

  14. $AAPL Scaled out 95% for over 100% gain 104 is my short term target however it is very heavy here

  15. BlackBerry Limited: Before You Buy Or Sell, Hold The Phone! An Algorithmic Perspective http://y.ahoo.it/U1uxfbpr $BBRY $AAPL $GOOG $AMZN

  16. @Thorgood @BullBearPig $AAPL Is going to demand the best out of $GTAT. They might learn something from this that makes them a better company

  17. $AAPL Pay by Touch - http://y.ahoo.it/8jm8GIj1


  19. $AAPL Apple works much like the US gov.; When they say they don t have a plan they mean a plan has actually been implemented.and is ongoing.

  20. @ACInvestorBlog: Happy Monday Labour Day W/L $TWTR $AAPL $LNKD $PLUG $C $MS $GS $FCEL $JRJC $GRPO $JCP $EBIX $GM $DDD $CREE $F $LOGI +++

  21. My analysis of how the iPad Pro will revive the iPad and restore its falling sales decline: http://y.ahoo.it/fYlalE7J ($AAPL, $MSFT)

  22. $AAPL Forgot to mention that I have been using Yosemite Beta on my MacBook Pro for a few weeks. It s really great. Your gonna love it.

  23. @HBayasud: $AAPL Mysterious structure being built at Flint Center for iPhone event Link: http://y.ahoo.it/y4u0iK1H

  24. $AAPL Mysterious structure being built at Flint Center for iPhone event

  25. $AAPL Just got my iPhone 5 replaced for the 2nd time no cost with AppleCare. Great service. Will be trading the new 5 in for a 6 soon