1. $AAPL http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-01-27/apple-s-record-iphone-sales-top-estimates-for-holiday-quarter

  2. $AAPL no need to day trade this, save that for other stuff, play this with no stress

  3. $AAPL I really just hope this isnt overhyped for all of you I hope you do get the bump you want but I don expect it will be as much as you

  4. $AAPL funny Our results would have been even stronger, absent fierce foreign exchange volatility.

  5. $AAPL Now that $aapl holds the net income record, it is poised to become the first $1T company http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/b3bb354a-a666-11e4-89e5-00144feab7de.html

  6. $AAPL anyone thinking 130 tmrw ?

  7. $AAPL Christmas Eve feeling. Hope there are killer presents under the tree tomorrow. ????????????

  8. $SPY $VOO $DIA $AAPL here s the pennant we find ourselves in. I bet it resolves up. http://stocktwits.com/message/31851998

  9. $OTIV Thank you $AAPL! Let s go! #applepay

  10. $AAPL Huggies anyone? http://stocktwits.com/message/31851898

  11. $AAPL What a monster day. Good golly Ms. Molly. I m hoping for the same for $BABA and my girl, $GILD.

  12. $AAPL: Apple’s Security Audit in China – TWiT Netcast Network http://stockcomments.com/aapl-apples-security-audit-in-china-twit-netcast-network/

  13. $AAPL How many days before Uncle Carl goes jumps up and down demanding a massive one time Payout or huge buyback ? I give it until Friday.

  14. $AAPL Big Fat Green candle

  15. @chrisp390 $MSFT is currently a very broken and segmented company. give them a few years to bounce back, but they will need to chase $AAPL

  16. @Swm @Mk48_ADCAP $AAPL sucks I hate em Chinese slave labor and Snowden says he won t use an IPhone because of all the spy crap in it-

  17. This Is The Year of #ApplePay Says @Tim_Cook $AAPL #Earnings #iPhone6 #iPhone6Plus

  18. $AAPL next quarter will be a challenge, beyond that, if they use that cool sapphire and other tweaks, a monster quarter we may seek.

  19. $AAPL has saved $GRPN from going under 7 tomorrow I think

  20. $AAPL the expected ramp up to 150 is going to be a joy to play.you got a Segment leader & rabid fans, so pay up , go ITM and easy peasy.

  21. $UVXY POS is going hard. $AAPL just saved nasdaq

  22. $AAPL the bad news bears lose yet again! Bought this in Sept 14, holding 4 years/retirement.Record#s, many upgrades for years to come!

  23. $AAPL We ll msft didn t go as planned. Had a little in here. But what next? They can t sell that many phones again..I watch??.... Ummm no.

  24. @kesef: @DBuikes: @kesef Nice work! Thank You $AAPL :// kesef is the Man!

  25. Pick up some $BABA $UPS $FCAU $AAPL $LC today during noon. Obviously I hit on the $AAPL one after the trading hour.