1. $AAPL Over 20 year period no one analyst will do significantly better than another. They cherry-pick and market their lucky year .

  2. $AAPL 518 mothership in effect until proven otherwise

  3. $ssni Followers 12/39 I covr+frm opn $ssni 6% $z 3% $aapl $blox $bnft $cvt $goog $panw $pf $rh $raly $sstk And $fb & $twtr DownFrmOpen Duh!

  4. $AAPL Bernstein Research: Apple seen boosting buyback plan by $30 billion

  5. $AAPL stopped out 520

  6. @tlp @BeyondPale what s stopping you? Macs make the best Windows machines! $AAPL provides Bootcamp software for free: http://y.ahoo.it/bPlHRq5h

  7. $aapl best pin based on today s data is 520 (equal bull bear). 525+ resistance so dont chase.515 ok supprt. 510 much bettr. 500oi scares me

  8. $AAPL yup coming back down

  9. $AAPL runs up into earnings

  10. $AAPL cheesy fill of the February gap. Not tasty at all.

  11. $AAPL if we can;t stay above 521.00 soon, back to the teens in short order

  12. $AAPL raise your stops, god knows everyone else will...

  13. $AAPL C mon $525

  14. @humble747 @SOULLOR At times we are the Unmarked Grave. Expect a Tuco beating every now and then. http://y.ahoo.it/MbDc5e3a $goog $AAPL $FB

  15. I really erred in not buying some $AAPL 522.5 or 525s when she went green.

  16. $AAPL time to buy puts here! why? Because its apple

  17. TI brings Apple s iBeacon to Bluetooth products for industrial, automotive & embedded applications $AAPL ​​​#aapl http://y.ahoo.it/6cBvbYhr

  18. $aapl meant as calls are sold

  19. $AAPL hod

  20. $AAPL Just like last week. Quick head fake to make everyone believe it s going higher. Will crash tomorrow as puts are sold

  21. $AAPL sold my weeklie calls.. will wait for Yellen comments move. Watch yourself on both sides ..

  22. beauty with $AAPL earnings.. if they exceed expections just a little... it will go HERD mode quick. its worth the gamble

  23. $AAPL $REGN $AMZN $LNKD $IBB rrrrriiiipppp!

  24. $AAPL if we get $525, I m taking off weeklies…don t be greedy if short term. Take profits

  25. @goodsam Agree $MU $WAVX $INTC $AAPL $MSFT