1. $GPRO $aapl If Apple were valued like GoPro, it d be $382.32 per share. *Just sayin*

  2. $AAPL 85 wouldn t surprise me. Either would 105.

  3. $TSLA totally. $AAPL is a force to be reckoned with both on usability and on mobile battery tech.Thx for showing them the way Enron Musk

  4. $GPRO $aapl was worthless and no one wanted it till the IPhone was released...not saying GPRO is an AAPL, but there is potential here!

  5. $AAPL look good, at golden cross, may go up 3% tomorrow

  6. $AAPL volatility, price, and volume

  7. $AAPL A little perspective: In 2007 If Analyst predicted AAPL would sell over 220m iPhones per year what would be Market cap?

  8. $AAPL 200d MA is above its 50d MA https://www.investalert.com/s/1177 #AAPL

  9. $AAPL This is how I feel everyday.

  10. $AAPL Want to encourage long term investing? Make dividends and capital gains TAX FREE for an asset held more than 3 years.

  11. $STUDY Daily Recap $SPY BarByBar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqwAi_48szM&feature=youtu.be $SPX $ES_F $AAPL $DDS $FB $W $QQQ $UVXY $TNA $SBUX $CRM $UNP $SVXY $XIV $SSO $DAX

  12. $AAPL added more long today at 93.xx

  13. $AAPL $10 special dividend will cause stock to rally ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ

  14. $AAPL What they don t tell you is their 1% is 95% of America.

  15. $AAPL bring cash back to USA, start paying out large dividends, buy backs not effective in bearish marketplace. Europe playing hardball๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  16. $AAPL UDS drop is great news here

  17. $AAPL 30 day and 1 year price estimates

  18. $AAPL you can be bullish all you want from a long term prospective but at the moment Asia is legging down another 600 and China is closed

  19. $AAPL democratic debate .... Pharmaceutical company need to reduce drug prices

  20. $AAPL free tuition and health ... Democratic debate now ...tax the. %1 and WS ... Live

  21. $TSLA Tesla competitors growing. $AAPL has a few tricks up its sleeve. http://ophirgottlieb.tumblr.com/post/139136179089/the-secrets-out-apples-car-will-change

  22. I wonder who bought $DIS puts... @ mkgt. Buy $AAPL puts and take you manipulation elsewhere. #earnings

  23. $GDXJ $SPY $AAPL - Am I on Candid Camera?? Come one guys, come on out...... Hello?

  24. $AAPL are central banks trying to cause a collapse?

  25. Bought $FB $AAPL $GOOG $AMZN $TLSA. FANG is old news - FAGAT is the new FANG