1. $AAPL a green apple a day keeps the doc away. Finally some upward movement!!

  2. $AAPL Nasadq 4000 has to hold.

  3. $AAPL $TSLA Sheldon Natenberg - Author, Option Volatility and Pricing, Interviewed on tastytrade.. http://y.ahoo.it/wnHWhLuk

  4. @Pridon are you talking about $AAPL or futures in apples? EPS has exceeded analyst estimates for like...last 5 quarters....

  5. @mnbvcxz Define miss . They won t miss their guidance. You can bank on it $AAPL

  6. $AAPL I think we re good to go for next week unless Putin tries to do something foolish over the weekend.

  7. @PGA4: $AAPL Need beer money? Sell this week s 525 call and watch it go the ZERO on 525 free market pin! Cheers!!! WINNER!

  8. @Investor_Wand: Is $AAPL a BUY? Pacific Crest Securities thinks so:http://y.ahoo.it/wkhNoUpg

  9. Is $AAPL a BUY? Pacific Crest Securities thinks so:http://y.ahoo.it/LBhLdokT

  10. @jzhen: $AAPL Valuation Models http://y.ahoo.it/hhtsh1zK

  11. @michael18561 @BeyondPale $AAPL $GOOG missed 3 of last 4 quarters. But what is a miss , sicne Google doesn t provide public guidance.

  12. @bittercheaperfaster $AAPL Except Apple missed only in the minds of mindless analysts.

  13. $AAPL china mobile deal will provide no relief, apple will have bad sales # s

  14. $AAPL apple will miss earnings and go down.

  15. $AAPL gizmodo.com/looks-like-steve-ballmers-first-tweets-are-from-an-ipho-1564530597? Say it ain t so Ballmers using an iPhone?

  16. iPod, iPhone, iPad to a large extent, all variations of the same product.. Hard to imagine a new product that will match their success.$AAPL

  17. @jessefelder “BGR: Why now is the time to buy as much Apple stock as you can http://y.ahoo.it/3IPTLe6y $AAPL”./.. not a compelling argument..

  18. Been buying $GOOGL since the split, GOOGL ER misses are a walk in the park for longs compared to $AAPL misses.

  19. $AAPL Maybe I ll switch to Motorola or Nokia...see what else is out there

  20. ALERT - RADAR $AAPL ignore #4 test test test #joinchat http://y.ahoo.it/RatthQJF

  21. $AAPL any chance iphone 6 will be released in May, announced next week? 4s is so heavy I ve developed a protruding bone

  22. $TSLA Weekly options on $TSLA $AMZN $AAPl $MSFT control prices. Either buy or shart the stocks and sell the options. Option buyers lose.

  23. @PeteO what we need is to get Putin to post on Stocktwits & let us know if he is Bearish or Bullish on $AAPL

  24. $AAPL I approve 41% bearish sentiment, due for a bounce

  25. $AAPL Average duration between each product release is 4.5 years. Tim Cook recently announced they will release new product categories 2014.