1. $AAPL I bought puts for 2.90 when price was 111.50 and now even though price is 109.61 puts are 1.90, why 1 dollar less ?

  2. $AAPL down bcoz of negative comments by J.L. Warren Capital ? i just don t buy off on Junheng Li s opinions...

  3. $AAPL WS: Tom Brady didn t replace the phone he destroyed in deflategate with an iPhone. Downgrade AAPL to sell!

  4. $AAPL looks like it s sitting on support. Should be a great entertainment of day!

  5. $aapl and look how stupid people look calling bottom in oil today extra 3.1 million barrels sitting around

  6. $aapl market can tank anytime with war

  7. $AAPL oh you were watching this too? $$$ - gotta keep an eye on those prior day untouched POCs $STUDY

  8. $AAPL market discounts cash to almost nothing. Therefore AAPL will always have a low PE because they make insane amounts of cash.

  9. $AAPL WS: the sun will exhaust its supply of hydrogen fuel in 5 billion years and collapse; no one will be left to buy iPhones. Sell AAPL!!

  10. $AAPL bet we close green

  11. $AAPL The market can sometimes be astonishingly and chronically inefficient at reflecting value!

  12. $AAPL Although I believe Tim Cook purposely lowered est for this upcoming result to fight the disbelief on China numbers, no doubt

  13. $AAPL LOD...that was it?

  14. Most Active Stocks Evaluation Reports: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/most-active-stocks-evaluation-reports-apple-inc-nasdaqaapl/1534422/ $AAPL

  15. $AAPL Out +.29 x 12,788 shares.

  16. $AAPL If you want to invest in apple, don t own any apple product, that makes you blind. I did this mistake with investing in $BBRY.

  17. $AAPL Firm buyers I believe once this trades at a 2.5 to 4 P/E, Stellar!

  18. $SPY Yikes, $FB $AMZN $AAPL $GOOG $TSLA piling on the losses today. $NFLX isn t going unscathed either.

  19. $aapl I smell major escalation of war in Syria Russians are launching missiles from their ships from caspian sea 900 miles away

  20. $AAPL scaling out in the 109.70 -109.80.

  21. $AAPL Long from 109.49 average

  22. DJIA, SPX traded right to resistance line I mentioned last night, now pback. $AAPL chart no movement unless 112 break res or 107 break supp.

  23. $AAPL Last 3 Q s have been best 3 Q s in comp history for their respective periods. Stock trading where it was 1 year ago. Ridonkulous!

  24. $AAPL has too many outstanding shares in my opinion

  25. $AAPL Continues to be a laggard. Here is RS vs SPX. http://higherlow.com/t/fb962fc0693a