1. Investor question - $AAPL Earnings fiasco http://eutheniainvesting.com/?p=1475

  2. $AAPL guess the big boys are already in the Hamptons.

  3. $AAPL I rememberthat one day on expiration where all of a sudden stock shot up like a rocket.

  4. $AAPL Just picked up the S6. My last selfie with the Iphone5

  5. $AAPL probabaly getting pinned here

  6. So Apple Music has AC/DC....Spotify might be in trouble. $AAPL

  7. @Kala: $AAPL here comes the Yankee Doodle rally. A rally involves volume,,,,,, which,,,, there is none.

  8. $AAPL here comes the Yankee Doodle rally.

  9. $AAPL new short(er) trend chart. Bounced off breakout trend line of previous 120 high 3 times. Up or Down you Choose

  10. $AAPL If this board shows retail sentiment. Everyone is so scared. That says buy, it s going up

  11. $AAPL max pain and maybe a little lower.. every opt ex day you never see apple reverse positively.. we close down close to $1.

  12. $AAPL Both targets hit today called before the open. +21k

  13. $AAPL Picking up 130 calls

  14. $AAPL 4 months - same $hit

  15. $AAPL close that gap and lets have a Yankee Doodle rally!

  16. $AAPL Aren t you excited $AAPL is in every index? I remember Poloriod in the Nifty 50, where are they now?

  17. $AAPL Who might be consistently and systematically selling this to keep it going lower?

  18. $AAPL Who knows maybe we ll get a Yankee Doodle rally by EOD.

  19. @Bull101: @simonsaysiblog: $TWTR Last I heard was that $GOOGL was buying it then $DIS then $AAPL now $FB...did i miss one Yep $MSFT $ORCL

  20. $AAPL not a good sign. Low volume bleeding. People on vacation or afraid of the weekend events. Uvxy to the roof

  21. Greek/Puerto Rico/China concerns. May be time for a hedge. My article on how to hedge a portfolio $SPY $GREK $AAPL http://www.cabot.net/issues/cwa/archives/2015/07/options-hedge-portfolio?source=social

  22. @simonsaysiblog: $TWTR Last I heard was that $GOOGL was buying it then $DIS then $AAPL now $FB...did i miss one Yep $MSFT

  23. $BBRY With stock trading sub $8 and 3.36B in cash, Blackberry is now vulnerable to a hostile takeover. $MSFT $CSCO $SAP $AAPL

  24. @simonsaysiblog: $TWTR Last I heard was that $GOOGL was buying it then $DIS then $AAPL now $FB...did i miss one Yea Wallmart that the one

  25. $AAPL Putting order in for 119.00