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  2. $GILD CVS report was trying to discourage use but will have opposite effect. Combo pill once a day vs $ABBV 6 pills taken at different times

  3. @JJDDGG @Phillies @DSaran Not yet, will be FDA approved by Oct 10. One pill once a day with no side effects vs $ABBV combo 6 pills with Riba

  4. @Acetylator @AriGold Bilirubin elevation can cause jaundice during $ABBV treatment. I am just an emergency room doctor and no liver expert

  5. @Acetylator @AriGold $ABBV regimen is 4 pills plus two pills of the toxic Ribavirin which caused RBC breakdown causing Bilirubin increase.

  6. AbbVie announces quarterly dividend of $0.42. Payable on 11/17/2014. 2.83% Yield. http://y.ahoo.it/XJfJXxe7 $ABBV

  7. $ABBV AbbVie (ABBV) Declares 42c Quarterly Dividend http://y.ahoo.it/rUj9285f

  8. This will destroy $ABBV in December, multiple pills multiple times a day with 10% Bilirubin elevation and 1% Liver Function Test worsening.

  9. $ABBV That is one steep upper BB. ADX 33 & still increasing.

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  14. @EspElement $GILD drug pricing headlines, $ABBV options activity, positive drug results or a takeover bid/bidding war looming.

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  18. $ABBV.Prob going to snap up ACHN..

  19. $RPRX, $AUXL, $ENDP, $LPCN, $ABBV, $LLY FDA panel votes 20-1 to study changes to testosterone therapies

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  21. $ABBV should i worry about the bilirubin levels of HCV meds & can FDA request a further study before approval? $GILD does not that problem.

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