1. $ABIO reminds me of $NURO right before they got news and gapped up 30% next day on Tuesday July 8th

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  3. $ABIO huge support in this area. Holding LONG

  4. Bios hot : $EXEL up 22% shorts getting squeezed / $ABIO breaks above its 50EMA and $NURO is starting to move higher

  5. $EXEL breaks above the $4 mark... major resistance lies at 4.50 ..... $ABIO gaining momentum

  6. $ABIO going

  7. $ABIO updated chart. An Undervalued Biotech With A Bright Future http://y.ahoo.it/U0lCw6Td http://y.ahoo.it/RNTJEzLl

  8. $EXEL ripping higher ...... added $ABIO at 1.51

  9. Eyes on $ABIO

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  12. $ABIO no debt; net-net investment

  13. $TXMD red to greens like this & $SMSI now & $AMRN $ABIO $TWER $VRNG $SCOK $USEG $ENG soon in order of how close to gren

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  15. $ABIO

  16. @beaky777 @zerosum24 @TheStreet have no idea what didn t happen. only one in that list I am in is $abio and that just went off

  17. $ABIO nice pop here today, good name for swingtraders to watch for continuation next week

  18. SA has the credibility of a septic tank . $KIPS $ABIO. really . please enough

  19. @alandelmz @MadMarsupial @misterfoti $ABIO

  20. Over $1.65 $ABIO can explode much more higher! On radar http://y.ahoo.it/FAQ0HMur

  21. $ABIO Take off

  22. $ABIO That 73k on the ask at 1.51 is not helping much

  23. $ABIO ..

  24. $ABIO Trading between constricted mid and upper bollinger bands and right at the 50 day MA, after a protracted sell-off and basing. Close...

  25. $ABIO Bought some today