1. $APPY $ABIO $ARRY $CONX Colorado based bio s $ADPT also

  2. $ABIO I m thinking Pfizer is ready to pull the trigger, they have been insignificant for a while and need a BIG winner.

  3. $ABIO My guess is that investors want to get in at a low price before the vote on June 4 and likely reverse split.

  4. $ABIO what s the news here?

  5. Top % Gainers: $OHGI 137%, $CPAH 60%, $RALY 44%, $OCLS 23.5%, $ABIO 13.5%

  6. $ABIO someone knows what s coming, you just don t increase 15 cents/share after close unless you know the tide is rising.

  7. $ABIO someone has finally figured out this stock price is an absolute steal. It is so so so under valued.

  8. $ABIO has anyone heard of buyout possibilities? This will be a blockbuster if it is what they say it is.

  9. $ABIO can anyone explain the low valuation on this one? valued as cash on hand only. surprising considering given fast track designation

  10. $ABIO Just as the same as I said : Company s Old CEO and VP don t like it up before reversed split

  11. $ABIO zzzzZzZzZZz

  12. $ABIO After crepe s bull shift Blast Off, it from 0.88 down to 0.76. So amazing Blast Off !!! ~~~ HAAAA! I will buy some tomorrow

  13. $ABIO crepe s Blast Off 4 Ready is proved to be a Joke, again and again ~~~ HA ! Bull shift barking

  14. $ABIO well, that felt good, blocking negative naysayers

  15. $ABIO Where is crepe s Blast Off 4 Ready ??? Will it be a joke, today ???

  16. $ABIO: New SEC Filing for ABIO: Form CT ORDER, No. 9999999997-15-009962 http://stocknewsflow.com/907654_999999999715009962_9999999997-15-009962

  17. Confidential treatment order http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/no/summary2/?id=1714079 $ABIO

  18. $ABIO Poor Abio was suffer by its leaders and reversed split

  19. $ABIO https://www.splithistory.com/abio/ ~~~ Down 99.89% in the period of ten years ~~~~ HA!!!!

  20. $ABIO crepe bring your Blast Off to school

  21. $BIOC $ABIO $AVP $DGLY $RAD $FCEL $CDTI $PLUG $ONCY $GENE $HEB $ZGNX take a look at $APPY...goal is 100% gains from here

  22. $ABIO Today, crepe s Blast Off is huge !!!

  23. $ABIO crepe ~ I will go to school and hope you will bring your Blast Off to leave school. HA ! Blast Off today !

  24. $ABIO Last day, its leaders tell investors that they are Bull-shift !!! They just want reversed split in order to control this company

  25. $ABIO It s like the calm before a storm. Slow and steady is the course until a reverse split. Might as well wait for the vote results.