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  3. @FonsieTrader $ABIO found the note in a SEC filing from Feb 1 2013 Page 2 1rst paragraph http://www.nasdaq.com/markets/spos/filing.ashx?filingid=8647049

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  6. $ABIO Note Being Passed Around Says Vaccine Safely Tested in 700 Human Patients; May be Used for Ebola, Hemorrhagic Fever

  7. $ABIO Spikes Higher

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  12. $ABIO Does anybody know when is the next catalyst expected? Thanks

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  14. 100k to sell on the offer even here in after hours? Wow, don t think this is going up any time soon $ABIO

  15. $ABIO needs the pumpers to come back in, u know the: there goes $ABIO, Pop, Weee, watch $ABIO, added $ABIO holding overnight ?etc smh

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  17. $GTXI Only me here? Looking bullish today. Watching $DRL, $ABIO, $SARA and $DARA. $GTXI way oversold. Noone likes these bios till they jump.


  19. Insider Transaction: $ABIO Automatic Sale at $1.30 per share of 13853 shares by Officer Bristow Michael R on 2014-09-18.

  20. Insider Transaction: $ABIO Automatic Sale at $1.31 per share of 8246 shares by Officer Wheeler Patrick M on 2014-09-18.

  21. everything I touch is bad stuff... $DARA , $ABIO , $DCTH.

  22. @micheleciani, thoughts on $ABIO?

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  24. Arca Biopharma CEO Michael Bristow Sells $18,009 in $ABIO http://y.ahoo.it/TOUuQIjc

  25. Arca Biopharma CFO Patrick Wheeler Sells $10,802 in $ABIO http://y.ahoo.it/d7JtBeYi