1. $ABIO We can go higher

  2. $ABIO Abio can go well above 10 with drug approval

  3. $ABIO We can move above 10 with drug acceptance

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  6. gonna block this pumper @naturalgastwit predicting a 900% move in $ABIO. Ha, absolutely ridiculous

  7. $ABIO Abio above 10 Possible.

  8. $ABIO Can go above 7 to 10 quite fast.

  9. $ABIO So strong in some parts of the day and closes so badly. A bit of disappointment.

  10. $ABIO We see abio historic move up above 10 in a short period of time.

  11. $ABIO awful day.

  12. $ABIO : http://finance.yahoo.com/q/h?s=ARIA+Headlines

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  14. $ABIO still trying to break that trendline. Positive divergence on MACD. http://stocktwits.com/message/28365436

  15. $ABIO This is on sale. Should be much higher then this. When it breaks that trendline it will fly...

  16. $ABIO desperately need to break a long and old trendline. Every time it comes near it falls.

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  18. My current cheap bio watch list: $TRGT $RGDO $REPH $RIGL $ABIO $ECYT $CPIX $OXGN $CNDO $AVEO $OCLS

  19. this exclusive government drug labs production news . did not mentioned company .speculation is $GSK . not $IBIO $ABIO or any other bio.

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  21. @1986iamwallstreet CDC lying? Ebola is here to stay for awhile. Buy the volatility and dips. $APT $LAKE $ABIO $VSR http://theantimedia.org/cdc-admits-ebola-airborne/

  22. $ABIO rNAPc2 is going to be big some day... Read treatment - http://www.enetmd.com/content/filoviruses

  23. $ABIO - A good entry here at 1.13; chart looks alright, for at least a bounce.

  24. $IBIO $APT $NSPH $ABIO please spread the chart below /

  25. $IBIO $APT $NSPH $ABIO First of many, This comes by way of WHO Situation Reports.. Charted. http://stocktwits.com/message/27948188