1. $ABIO A new day, same old thing... in the close, low volume, weak close.

  2. $ABIO Always weak in the close with very low volume.

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  4. @jeannostock: $ABIO http://sierraworldequityreview.blogspot.com/2014/11/it-takes-two-to-tangoarca-biopharma.html

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  6. Can I block all Sierra Equity related posts? $ABIO $CLSN $AEZS

  7. $ABIO It Takes Two To Tango_ $ABIO Drug Pipeline To Be Topic At Meeting w $PFE In NYC on Friday http://sierraworldequityreview.blogspot.com/2014/11/it-takes-two-to-tangoarca-biopharma.html

  8. $ABIO It s having a nice day, but it would be nice if ABIO go higher... a long road to go.

  9. $ABIO http://www.analystratings.net/stocks/NASDAQ/ABIO/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-Twitter&DefaultTab=Earnings I found only here earnings from Abio. Beats estimates.

  10. $ABIO http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/907654/999999999714015243/filename1.pdf.

  11. $ABIO This is awful, it was falling hard, did a great comeback and then it s falls like everytime. Ridiculous.

  12. $ABIO This stock is very manipulated. To rise a bit need high volume ,to drop sharply takes only a trade with a few shares...

  13. $ABIO same thing every time... down hard again.

  14. @BFerraz 0.77 up to 0.89 and now I am seeing 0.84. Getting volatile here $ABIO

  15. $ABIO Perking up... hope it last and do a reversal candlestick... Hammer....

  16. @BFerraz: $ABIO @Naturalgastwit, Every day you say the same and this is sinking realy fast, bad for me, I m long.

  17. $ABIO @Naturalgastwit, Every day you say the same and this is sinking realy fast, bad for me, I m long.

  18. @ap100 @Naturalgastwit Ha. I d rather be a long-term holder of UGAZ as opposed to $ABIO; this is getting ridiculous

  19. @Naturalgastwit: @ap100 Monster squeeze up maybe for UGAZ, but not this piece of crap $ABIO....its now down over 11%

  20. $ABIO 0,80. Wtf?

  21. $ABIO new 52 wk lows day after day...what does this co even do besides syphon people s money?

  22. @Naturalgastwit: $ABIO Fools who sell or short are being silly riiiight.has been on a downward path for over a year...wheres the upside?

  23. maybe you should blame management instead of Wall Street crooks if you are not happy, just my opinion. $DARA $ABIO

  24. $ABIO the wall street crooks are sucking the blood out of this company... they are worse than cancer

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