1. $ABIO new uptrend confirmed

  2. $AAPL sold Apple bought $ABIO

  3. $EFUT $KBIO $AEZS $CLBS $MCUR $MNGA $VLTC $CANF DONT FOTGET $ABIO - GS noted that abio will triple

  4. $ABIO bullish on $AAPL $NFLX $DJIA but the X3 on the money will come from abio

  5. I am bullish on $ABIO with a target price of $7.72 in 1 mo. on Vetr! https://www.vetr.com/posts/6984249351

  6. I want to give thanks for $ABIO $AEZS $CLDN $STRP $VLTC shorts & my +132% prof for this week and for the ppl that share positive info. HTG!


  8. $ABIO Biotechs Under 20 Dollars Poised to Breakout http://finance.yahoo.com/news/biotechs-under-20-dollars-poised-200700004.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory&soc_trk=tw vía @YahooFinance

  9. $ABIO wow what was that spike ??

  10. MACD, Histogram, and Stoch RSI signalling bullish uptrends & pps appreciation: $ABIO $ACTG $CLDN $DMRC $ELTP $ESI $SGNL $STRP

  11. $ABIO this is how perfect trade looks like. Whole plan ahead of time + perfect profit taking at the top before crash

  12. $SUNE, $ABIO, $GBSN all

  13. $ABIO This will catch fire soon. Should make a run towards 10-12 in a flash.

  14. $ABIO Institute ownership 66%. Pretty decent stock. Not a penny stock. Low float. Market cap is a bit large 50+ but still got room to run.

  15. $VLTC $AQXP $KBIO $ABIO $AEZS your way to late.

  16. What s the next penny stock to pop? $VLTC $AQXP $KBIO $ABIO $AEZS

  17. $ABIO covered. quick 5% short scalp.

  18. $ABIO easiest short of the day imo.

  19. $KBIO Martins still buying, last at $38. Should buy $ABIO, a lot cheaper

  20. $ABIO worth no more than $10. Fundamental changes since the manipulator bought shares? not even $5

  21. $ABIO In @ 6.15

  22. $ABIO huge hits coming in get ready to retest for highs


  24. $ABIO Target Price 26.25