1. Share an idea on $ABIO sold at 1.17 bought back in at 1.06 looking to sell around 1.25

  2. $ABIO Watching closely for Monday. A break over $1.25 can spark a move to longer term resistance in low $2 s. Seems strong end of day.

  3. NASDAQ Stock’s Buzzers: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/nasdaq-stocks-buzzers-peregrine-pharmaceuticals-nasdaqpphm-arca-biopharma-nasdaqabio-net-1-ueps-technologies-nasdaqueps-celldex-therapeutics-nasdaqcldx/1514360/ $PPHM $ABIO $UEPS $CLDX

  4. $ABIO thinking about taking some profits and buying back in.

  5. <$3 ideas to keep an eye on... $ABIO , $BALT (my fav for today) , and $PIP ... do due diligence.

  6. $ABIO my 2000 shares is like needle in a hay stack

  7. $ABIO RA Capital Management, LLC holds 5,678,592 shares

  8. $ABIO Growth Equity Opportunities Fund IV, LLC holds 14,310,051 shares

  9. $ABIO Venrock Healthcare Capital Partners, L.P holds 10,789,3242

  10. $ABIO for some, thos is going to be a surprise.... for shorters, it is going to ne a disaster, for longs, simply a good fortune

  11. $ABIO Buy, hold it and buy more.

  12. $ABIO

  13. $ABIO I want to sell and rebuy on a dip...but what if she just keeps going..hmmm what to do

  14. $ABIO keep climbing baby, nice and steady

  15. $ABIO

  16. $NQ $ABIO will be above $3 by YE, chart looks great, pipeline and recent 13G is the tell



  19. $ABIO http://www.octafinance.com/why-growth-equity-opportunities-iv-just-disclosed-huge-new-arca-biopharma-inc-stake/87228/

  20. <$3 ideas to watch today... $ABIO $BALT $GIG $PIP ...do due diligence.

  21. Watch list video for July 1st: $HTZ $CBLI $ABIO $FREE $NAV $CYBR $SGYP $RCAP $SGNL http://ticker.tv/greatstockpix/5593452a72fa091631fde190

  22. $ABIO, $ANTH (> 8.7), $LPTN, $ARNA, $BDSI, $GNCA, $PFNX

  23. $ABIO If hits support at low 1s the trend would be over...every chart point to uptrend..target price 1.65

  24. $ABIO looking at the daily chart , this has a better chance of hitting support again at low 1 s than breaking resistance..I hope I m wrong

  25. End Of Day Scan: Over Keltner Channel $WMB $SGYP $NVAX $ABIO $SREV $HCKT $COVS $VNM $AKBA $PAHC www.dailystockplays.com