1. $ABIO desperately need to break a long and old trendline. Every time it comes near it falls.

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  8. $ABIO - A good entry here at 1.13; chart looks alright, for at least a bounce.

  9. $IBIO $APT $NSPH $ABIO please spread the chart below /

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  13. Pre-Market Losers $NSPH -29%, $IBIO -20%, $APT -18%, $CDXS -18%, $AHPI -17%, $LAKE -8%, $ABIO -8%, $CEMI -6%, $AMD -6%, $HCBK -5%, $CPRX -4%

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  21. @Think4self Possible turn around candidates $AMRN,$ABIO,$ONCY,$KBIO,$CYTR,$ECYT, $INO

  22. $ABIO $PLX $VSR

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  24. $ABIO So if hipsters continue to get ebola because it s trendy then $ABIO will go up...but what s the stability forecast if the fad fades?

  25. $HEB +6.84 AH $VSR +20.83% AH $ABIO +2.33% AH!! They are ready for tomorrow