1. $OGC.CA and $ABX <3 $GOLDSTANDARDVENTURES just fingers crossed we don t see a cheap -$TAHO <3 $LSG bo

  2. Be the first to trade like an insider: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpwguOKckpo $SPY $ABX $MUX $CIT $UWTI $QQQ

  3. STUYVESANT CAPITAL MANAGEMENT appears to have added to its $ABX position in the most recent quarter http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryh/?id=2403688

  4. $ABX reaching resistance level soon.. reduce position time

  5. $ABX GLD up almost 2%. This has a lot more in it

  6. $ABX this is going to break above a number of major moving averages to confirm a LT uptrend. don t be surprised when we eventually retest 20

  7. $GDXJ $GDX $NEM $ABX $NUGT $CEF $GNT GNT still trading at a huge discount. Sentiment change would bring it back to NAV. Wait for pullback.

  8. powerhour watch so far: $GPRO $YELP $APOL $UVXY $GME $COP $SIEN $GG $ABX $WMB $SPY $TWTR #daytrade #stocks #learn http://www.ztradeczar.com/recent-picks

  9. $sh $abx working

  10. $GDXJ $GDX $NEM $ABX $NUGT $CEF #gold Already in CEF and Miners but looking to add on a pull back that doesn t seem to be coming. Buy now?

  11. $AAPL Best looking stocks of the day: $AAPL, $GPRO,$XOM,$NFLX,$JWN, $F, $SBUX,$ABX, $JNJ

  12. $ABX $AEM $HMY Gold is shining but mostly $CLGRF $MUX $DRD. Watch out resistance in highs!.

  13. @Vconomics Gonna gun for $ABX and $GG when gold starts basing! It needs to take a breather imho.

  14. $ABX it could be very close to $20 really soon. I m half way to the moon now.

  15. $ABX hod up another 7%

  16. $ABX hod.. still wants to run up

  17. How to Avoid Dividend Cuts http://www.fool.ca/2016/02/08/how-to-avoid-dividend-cuts/ $BTE $TCK $ABX $COP $BNS $FTS.CA $CU.CA $ACO.X

  18. $ABX in parabolic mode.

  19. $ABX big gap looming above mid 13s

  20. $ABX The gold play hat trick. Neg rates, intrinsic value, and rotation favor.

  21. $ABX I heard I can hide here is that true

  22. $ABX compared to some of other gold stock, why does this seem dead.

  23. NEW PUBLIC REPORT LINK HERE>> http://www.chartfreak.com/blog-2/ << Is the bottom in? $GDX $GDXJ $GLD $SLV $NEM $ABX $STUDY

  24. @DanZanger What abou the miners? $ABX $SLW $AG $GG Seem very bullish!

  25. $ABX $NEM gapped up huge the form doji on overbought .