1. $ABX , UNDER $15 on MONDAY!

  2. The Day On Bay: $TSX.CA Suffers Worst Loss Since Early February http://y.ahoo.it/BBijLKdQ $TRP $SU $MGA $ABX $GG $FM.CA

  3. $ABX , @OMillionaires, traderRooster; Wait till the Hedge Funds start to drop ABX and the Miners..... BIG DROP COMING!

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  6. $JNUG very bearish move on the miners .. $AUY $ABX $AEM $GOLD $NEM bear flags .. $EGO $GFI $KGC $NUGT

  7. $ABX , going lower.....sub$11

  8. $ABX Why I M Long ABX. Why I M Long ABX http://y.ahoo.it/OGmDi5Ab

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  11. @OMillionaires: Said it a few weeks back - This Drop in #GOLD and #MIners is the last straw for hedge funds ~ $GLD $DUST $GDX $ABX

  12. Heading to target $GLD $GDX $GG $ABX http://y.ahoo.it/idJBYBA6 http://y.ahoo.it/chllJwcr

  13. Said it a few weeks back - This Drop in #GOLD and #MIners is the last straw for hedge funds ~ $GLD $DUST $GDX $ABX

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  16. $ABX $GLD having a nice run up from a bounce down to lows

  17. What can i say? im a fear addict! $ABX

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  24. $ABX Usd down but gold up only 6 big deal

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