1. $AC.B.CA ...to perform. But we are getting there...

  2. $AC.B.CA ...a regularity of deliverying net income like West Jet. However, AC has done a lot to change that around and there s more...

  3. $AC.B.CA I m not sure about the manipulation idea. I think it is more a question of deliverying numbers. Air canada doesn t have...

  4. $AC.B.CA Both tecnicals and fundamentals don t work. Which means only one thing. Pure manipulation.

  5. $AC.B.CA I ve been watching this stock for quite some time. I m sorry to say that there is not logic at all to this stock.

  6. $AC.B.CA as any increase or reduction in the cad equals 45 millions, an avg of 91.89 cents brings 40millions more. We should be good.

  7. $AC.B.CA so the reduction in cost should save ac about 30 millions. With the cad at an avg of 91.89, this bring 40 millions more.

  8. $AC.B.CA the cost of the barrel went down by 2.97% (Q3 avg is lower by 2.97% vs Q2 avg). Ac spent $962 millions of gas during q2, so the...

  9. $AC.B.CA overall the avg value of the CAD was 91.89 cents US (above AC s forecast of 91) and the avg cost of a crude oil barrel...

  10. $AC.B.CA Spent a few days in the top end of the April gap under 6.75, now has bounced back up.

  11. $AC.B.CA sorry i meant $109.92 CAD was required to buy a barrel on july 1st.

  12. $AC.B.CA As of today, it now cost $92.08 Cad per barrel. This will translate in Huge saving for canadian transporters...

  13. $AC.B.CA On that day it cost $109.92 US to buy a barrel. On the last day of the Quarter (sept 30th), it cost $102.11, a decrease of 7.1%...

  14. $AC.B.CA I did a little study. Air Canada Q3 has started on July 1st. That day, the cad was at 0.9371 and crude oil was at 103.01 (cont...)

  15. Raymond James upgrades Air Canada to market perform from underperform, keeps $7.50 Cdn price target. $AC.B.CA

  16. @Heiko @gverlz yeah true but $WJA.CA is climbing... no logic in $ac.b.ca

  17. No logic with $AC.B.CA. Oil cheap and record loads.

  18. $AC.B.CA fundementals! Record load factor cheap oil cheap sp. Bullish Opportunity

  19. $AC.B.CA arghhh! oil is almost free, load factor in range, no Ebola in Canada, crncy not bad, blah, blah and this still drops?

  20. $AC.B.CA It has moved below the 200 day MA. Now very near an unfilled gap from April, 5.75-6.75

  21. WJA.CA Sept & 3Q14 load factors were 75.9% & 83.1% respectively vs 3Q14 consensus est of 82.5% - $AC.B.CA $FAA

  22. $AC.B.CA loaded a bit more on the dip earlier. waiting for this to hit 9+ again

  23. $AC.B.CA this is the one stock I will keep on buying

  24. $AC.B.CA truly a bear trap

  25. $AC.B.CA when will the bleeding stop!