1. @SippinCoughy $ACAD Has an inside month, inside bar on monthly chart.

  2. $ACAD Waiting for that 15% PoP! Anyday Now! Dads Long 10K

  3. Time for a new phone--I m thinking this: http://y.ahoo.it/m6Ox9u6L $ACAD $HAIN $AXP $TWTR Any other #long #optionideas ?

  4. $ACAD great stocks. Acad. Blue. Isis. Keep rolling

  5. @ckbike ..streamline $ACAD too,and SRPT while r at it...

  6. @SippinCoughy LOL!!! $ACAD Late to this puppy but from my snopping and your napkin props- this looks like a back the truck up equity LT.

  7. @SippinCoughy ...$ACAD i have 3k...$32+ by this EOY,$157 by EOY 15,$257-300 by EOY 16,unfortunately probably gets bot around PDP late 15

  8. $ACAD Top Napkin Pick. $ACAD http://y.ahoo.it/n5ZYWwBt

  9. Crazy Chart: $ACAD $MYL $PRTX $NNVC $UTHR $ASTI $IVAN* $RPI* $IL $CHOP* $PLX* $XGTI #tradeideas #long

  10. @KangarooMan $ACAD It s been grinding in a $5 range since the end of May,now looking at a 2nd attempt to break $25. If pull back,very small

  11. $ACAD Is it too high to get in now? Any possibility of big pullback in the coming weeks?

  12. @Gooberfish24: $ACAD is the best biotech going forward.

  13. @Gooberfish24 $ACAD Your reasons?

  14. $ACAD is the best biotech going forward.

  15. $ACAD Exited my calls today.Will be looking to buy some far out of the money 2015 s when the MM flash the sp down to steal shares bfore FDA

  16. $ACAD For those new to this amazing bio. Here are a few interesting facts...

  17. $ACAD Good Day-We were born successful n joyful. Let nothing to contaminate US. Being fearless is our natural stay

  18. $ACAD Bring on NUPLAZID!

  19. $F $ANF http://y.ahoo.it/kcepdy0W BULLISH 20 sma crosses up over 50 sma alerts $DAL $ACAD $RPTP & more http://y.ahoo.it/q2VqCpn5

  20. $AMRN Shorting 20.000 shs and 20.000 shs short $ACAD

  21. GM Tues. WL: $AEGR $ACAD $ISIS $RMTI

  22. Moved Upper Bollinger Band 1/2 $ACAD $AMG $AMGN $AMKR $ANV $ARIA $BLOX $BRFS $BSMX $CIEN $CLDX $CLVS $ECA $FB $FNSR http://y.ahoo.it/vkVT9VE0

  23. @TradingJones G, $ISIS was on my WL n took it off, $CLVS is a winner if u r long, I reviewed $ACAD $INSY $MDVN $ALNY $AEGR ...

  24. @StockSpartan $ACAD problem as i see it is a BO will short change the huge potential for LT investors like me,& BO VERY pos.

  25. @StockSpartan yes/really,once PDP is appr its blast off,no med exists w/o terrible SE for psychosis,Pima will clean up,pos 5-10B revs $ACAD