1. $NVCN $mgt $xgti $acad $dxcm $GOOG mgt has a buying rating to $133 from CNN. CNN never lies. I will short at $133. Sounds great. You with me

  2. $NVCN $mgt $xgti $acad $dxcm $GOOG when is 10.00 going to be around for $xgti

  3. $NVCN ย The company currently has an average rating of โ€œBuyโ€ and an average target price of $10.75 $mgt $xgti $acad $dxcm $GOOG

  4. $ICPT Look what happened to $ACAD. I m long too but never know in this market.

  5. $ACAD do they launch or does someone else launch?

  6. $ACAD

  7. How This Week s Top 10 Performed - Dragonfly Capital http://dragonflycap.com/how-this-weeks-top-10-performed-may-27-2016/ $ACAD $PKOH $AVGO and more $SPY

  8. $ACAD Have a Safe and Fun Memorial Day Weekend everyone!!! $IBB $XBI

  9. $ACAD and another ACAD Friday :) Have a great weekend to all!

  10. $ACAD and again +2% :)

  11. $ACAD Where are those shorters when I needed them for breaking 36 lol๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  12. $ACAD all the chatter because of a potential buyout. Consider $CXRX in your portfolio, as well.

  13. $TTNP lesson learned from $ACAD. Hope you didn t sell too early

  14. $ACAD prediction EOD?

  15. $ACAD steady climb!!!!

  16. $ACAD even with no Big jump before June Expiration, will still pull a nice ROI and roll that into later date option.

  17. $ACAD this will beat next quarter estimates as caregivers and physicians are eagerly waiting and davis knows that..hes keeping it low..smart

  18. $ACAD this might hit $50 again, JMHO + GL

  19. $TTNP I learnt my lesson from $ACAD and $SRPT. Not selling early this time

  20. $ACAD can t wait to get back in this beast. very much looking forward to Alzheimer s data.

  21. $TTNP same thing happened w $ACAD and $SRPT going sideways for a day and then shooting off. Don t make the same mistake again. #buythefear

  22. $ACAD is looking interesting on several different time frames. Biotech name.

  23. $ACAD would you buy it now at around 34-35? thinking about buying again, but not sure about it at this price..

  24. $ACAD I wish we would hear about possible partnerships etc.

  25. $ACAD commercial launch for Nuplazid is June - 6/1 is next Wednesday.