1. $ACAD trade idea from last week - was too early and stopped out

  2. $ACAD What a freekin day. We need to get back through 40. Priority review would do it. Bought a bunch more at 32.

  3. 💊Biotech 10/02/15 closed DOW▲200 NAS▲80 S&P▲27 $BIB▲3 $IBB▲10 $XBI▲3 $ABBV $ABMD $ACAD $AGN $AKRX $ALGN $ALNY $ALXN

  4. $ACAD it should hit 40 next week

  5. $ACAD it should hit $35 today

  6. $ACAD - NEXT WEEK - NDA accepted and Priority Review status granted. Stay Long

  7. $EDAP think i remember $ACAD having a bs dip right before it tripled. Thanks for the discount in pre market! $SYN AVXL CTIX $NAVB $CRBP

  8. $ACAD Institutional ownership up 2.84% Q/Q, with 1,966,550 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/ACAD

  9. $CEMP Well $CEMP $ACAD $HZNP and $CELG have all proven to be good adds off Tue lows. And think they have room. Seem resilient last few dips

  10. $ACAD added some at 34.break out is at 38

  11. $ACAD hit 36 today baby!

  12. $AEM $TLT $VXX ... all I want here - and $ACAD $CTSO ... NICE!

  13. $ACAD rating https://www.vetr.com/research/NASDAQ:ACAD

  14. $ACAD why there was a drop with a big buy/sell after hour?

  15. 💊Biotech 10/01/15 closed DOW▼12 NAS▲6 S&P▲3 BIB▲1 IBB▲1 XBI▲.18 $ABBV $ABMD $ACAD $AGN $AKRX $ALGN $ALNY $ALXN

  16. $ARWR $EXEL $ACAD guys what happened to biotech_pro ? The arrogant guy who came in August and insulted everyone and made bad trades? Gone!

  17. $ACAD http://psychcentral.com/news/2015/10/01/antipsychotics-for-parkinsons-psychosis-may-be-dangerous/92944.html

  18. $ACAD how long does the NDA Approval process take once the application is submitted?

  19. @tautog: $ACAD This story still intact. Post approval, should see pps 70+ drug has implications in multiple areas, approval is formality.

  20. @tautog: $ACAD Post NDA approval, I don t think ACAD will go it alone, they will team/merge prod/sales costs. poss. buyout

  21. Shorting $ONCS is my current #1 play in the market. I d highly advise all to short this bloated pig. $IBB $SYN $RXII $XBI $ZIOP $ACAD $MRK

  22. 💊Biotech 09/30/15 closed DOW▲235 NAS▲102 S&P▲35 BIB▲4 IBB▲13 XBI▲2 $ABBV $ABMD $ACAD $AGN $AKRX $ALGN $ALNY $ALXN

  23. $ACAD wait til announcement $$$$$

  24. $ACAD this is a start but down considerably from last weeks $43 pps

  25. $ACAD love it here