1. Cowen Analyst Likes Intercept Pharmaceuticals, ACADIA Pharmaceuticals And Raptor Pharmaceutical http://www.benzinga.com/analyst-ratings/analyst-color/15/02/5198660/cowen-analyst-likes-intercept-pharmaceuticals-acadia-pha $ICPT $ACAD $RPTP

  2. $ZNGA Bounce watch - $ACAD $ADP $DD $DIS $F $HA $IVV $IVW $IWM $KMX $LMT $PFE $PHM $RHT $SAVE $SUNE $SYMC $ZNGA - http://www.tradewithjoe.com/possible-bounce-plays-212015/

  3. @AH304 @WorldsWorstTrader $ACAD will have years of revenue without any competition. Profit margins can expand as much as they want

  4. @WorldsWorstTrader And what does this supposedly mean for $ACAD ?

  5. $ACAD - Seroquel, the current gold standard treatment for PDP, failed to demonstrate efficacy in all three placebo-controlled studies

  6. $ACAD - The last reply at the bottom by Yahoo! user spcshtle • Jan 29, 2015 10:47 PM

  7. $ACAD - Yahoo post with details of Jefferies rationale for $50 price target on Parkinson s alone http://finance.yahoo.com/mbview/threadview/?&bn=65c57c59-b1c3-36fb-8bee-33d21a7fe822&tid=1422573689812-fd50e15d-3478-4514-9319-d82693fc9250&tls=la%2Cd%2C14%2C3

  8. $FOLD $ACAD $TGTX $FPRX Bios all solid, all on sale for next week. I ll be adding to my positions on all. Go Seahawks

  9. @rtg ...ALWAYS do your DD,but when all the dust settles from now till appr,$ACAD will be even a bigger winner than it already has been,IMO.

  10. @rtg Whatever u decide make r decision on r research,not what somebody @ ST says.I have 1/2 my port in $ACAD & believe it will 2-3x this yr

  11. @rtg $ACAD Co has done everything FDA wanted them 2 do 4 early appr for unmet need,as much as appr already,getting there is only issue IMO

  12. $ACAD CNBC pumped this last night on FM. Looks like a moon rocket to me

  13. weekly system remains long $ACAD $AFFX $ALKS $BSX $DEPO $EPHE $EPI $FV $GFI $GPT $HOLX $IPXL $ISIS $IYR $NDX

  14. @BioMedInvestor $ACAD Up 2% AH,really doesnt mean much,but better than down...LOL...going up no matter what happens daily,40,50,60,70 coming

  15. $ACAD Share price going way up in near term,way way up long term...up...up....up...if you cant handle a few down days,BYE!,tutes will oblige

  16. $ACAD now is going down...

  17. $ACAD im contacting Lisa Barthelemy the Dir of Investor Relations @ $ACAD about NDA. Everyone else should do same to try put some pressure

  18. $ACAD the news was a glowing buy on cnbc

  19. $ACAD News? +2.00 AH

  20. $ACAD it pays to do your own homework-don t wait for Adami to pump..you re just chasing..you should be long already

  21. $ACAD hope this stock goes up like KITE or BIIB or ICPT

  22. $ACAD if not in you ll have to pay up for it up almost 2 after hours. Call premiums will inflate too

  23. $ACAD hope it goes up 100 next week... that just a wish though

  24. $ACAD Fast money just repeated what those long already know. Guest gave $46 dollar price target, but Adami said it could double $46

  25. $ACAD Adami just kicked her up a notch..long GUY..lol..LONG