1. $ACAD FDA meeting already happened. Everything on track with pimavanserin. Seems like one would want to own heading into the cc next week

  2. Earnings announcement: $ACAD is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Tue, Aug 5 2014

  3. July 29 2014 Candlestick Patterns: Bullish Engulfing http://y.ahoo.it/3JZQEJSr $LPI $AIQ $PE $CLDT $ACAD $PVA

  4. $ACAD working on printing a bullish engulfing candle

  5. Bio tech Sector all up $AET $BP $GLW $ETN ETR $HCA $IP $LVLT $MRK $NOV $NEE $PFE $RAI $UBS $UPS $WM $WYNN $PBYI $ACAD $PCYC

  6. $ACAD need to add more on monday

  7. $ACAD $ATRS $SRPT starting to look at these three at these levels . These are all on the radar for next week.

  8. Daily Swing Short Picks: $ACAD, $AEGR, $APOL, $CRM, $CSOD, $DG, $EXXI, $GNRC, $LULU, $SODA, $SPLK, $TWGP, $VVUS http://y.ahoo.it/XnNPXEZH

  9. $ACAD buying more , oversold

  10. @nick509610 $ACAD Co has NO earnings,but for anyone who wants to make 20-30x todays sp in 2yrs,this IS the one.Pimavanserin will b HUGE$$$$$

  11. $ACAD 81% probability for share price to go DOWN. http://y.ahoo.it/UDngaGtx

  12. @Glopolon @Chris_27 Dan Veru, Palisade Capital CIO, $ACAD Parkinson s psychosis drug satisfies a big unmet need, market size is so large.

  13. @GratitudeUp It s a deal ... Good luck and prosperity to you! Go $ACAD

  14. @Chris_27 $ACAD Yep, CNBC mention, long term value potential.

  15. $ACAD on a rip up ... NICE!

  16. $ACAD Dan Veru of Palisade Capital Management is a buyer

  17. $ACAD still waiting to get in, been wanting to get in since this was at 2.80 s

  18. $ACAD On cnbc right now

  19. $ACAD still waiting to get in..:)

  20. $ACAD Good Day- longs create the miracle....put together positive thoughts, feel good no matter what N i see you there for ACAD $40 or more

  21. @fsuizzy @Fly_ebos Think it makes perfect sense. With good p2, opens the door to p3, which requires cash. $ACAD Did a similar offering.

  22. @Doc_3377 you might be right but it s not worth it to me not to keep my core $ACAD pos all the time. We ll wake up to $26 one day b4 Oct.

  23. $ILMN $ACAD $GILD $XPO & $ICPT - my portfolio thanks you for a great day

  24. $ACAD There are NO good drugs for PDP and ADP,pimavanserin will be the one and only drug used=$200-300 at appr,like $PBYI only better.

  25. $ACAD Back in acad with size for me. This is the next pbyi. Boom.