1. $F $ANF http://y.ahoo.it/kcepdy0W BULLISH 20 sma crosses up over 50 sma alerts $DAL $ACAD $RPTP & more http://y.ahoo.it/q2VqCpn5

  2. $AMRN Shorting 20.000 shs and 20.000 shs short $ACAD


  4. Moved Upper Bollinger Band 1/2 $ACAD $AMG $AMGN $AMKR $ANV $ARIA $BLOX $BRFS $BSMX $CIEN $CLDX $CLVS $ECA $FB $FNSR http://y.ahoo.it/vkVT9VE0

  5. @TradingJones G, $ISIS was on my WL n took it off, $CLVS is a winner if u r long, I reviewed $ACAD $INSY $MDVN $ALNY $AEGR ...

  6. @StockSpartan $ACAD problem as i see it is a BO will short change the huge potential for LT investors like me,& BO VERY pos.

  7. @StockSpartan yes/really,once PDP is appr its blast off,no med exists w/o terrible SE for psychosis,Pima will clean up,pos 5-10B revs $ACAD

  8. @SyntecVentures @ronin245 I am waiting for good time to short Just wait and do later $CLVS $ACAD $ISIS $KITE $BCRX $PTCT

  9. $ACAD Just watching I am not short yet

  10. @Partridge: $ACAD ticker renamed to $A-POP Aug. 26 at 11:30 AM --> delivery #timestamp

  11. $ACAD SOLD

  12. @JesusHChrist: $ACAD come on, someone buy my sep 20 calls for 4.30$!!! come on, no premium now!!

  13. $ACAD nice breakout

  14. $ACAD ticker renamed to $A-POP

  15. $ACAD come on, someone buy my sep 20 calls for 4.30$!!!

  16. $ACAD guys. Watch this line. Eh, @PTSD_Trader - ya still like this? http://y.ahoo.it/zInSuYUW

  17. $ACAD someone just purchased 71K shares...

  18. @GratitudeUp You must have me confused with someone else. Been long $ACAD since early 2013.

  19. $AMRN $KERX, $JAZZ, $ACAD.....a few stocks left for dead that have risen from the ashes. $AMRN can be next....

  20. $ACAD touched $24... beautiful... :)

  21. $ACAD the summer low volume daytrading noise where it can jump around in low 20 s is drying up. Look forward to taking out 52H over next 60d

  22. $ACAD Good Day- Trust, Trust, Trust

  23. $ACAD The way I see it file PDP=25+,PDP appr Nov 15=100+, ADP PIII results=100 Nov 15,then Nov 16 appr =100+ more=sp of 350+ EOY 16... IMO.

  24. @diddobuyer @Devil_Dawg I m not here to lose money. I ve been playing bottom plays for a few years. $ACAD,$GALE and many others.

  25. $IDRA I still wouldn t rule out this stock repeating what $ACAD did in 2013 sometime in the next few years, but its still early