1. ugly week but no exits hit...long $ACAD $AFFX $ALKS $ASHR $BSX $EA $ENDP $EPHE $EPI $FTNT $FV $HOLX $IPXL $ISIS $IYR $NDX $SIMO TSRA $VTI

  2. $ACAD http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000350727 remember this? back to the level she was buying, talked about numerous acquisitions !! will be back up

  3. @Joe_Mama: $ACAD and ? what s up?

  4. $ACAD YodaYellen speaks in 15 mins. Anything can happen...

  5. @Partridge: $NLNK $JUNO $RCPT $KITE $AKRS $SBIO $ACAD $XON $HALO --got some balls fur balls? Mar. 27 at 7:53 AM #timestamp for you lazy

  6. $ISIS $ACAD $ZIOP here s what s happening today http://cnafinance.com/biotech-stocks-are-starting-to-recover-orex-mnkd-icpt/2629

  7. $ACAD $CTSO $SLTD green islands in a sea of red in my account. $TSLA we are no longer friends!! @WontonTX @Carl_Icahn $IBB

  8. $ACAD good volumes on Jan. 15 2016 calls

  9. @Partridge: $NLNK $JUNO $RCPT $KITE $AKRS $SBIO $ACAD $XON $HALO -- weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! booooooom old wolf bank

  10. $ACAD the ones who took profit at higher levels are back!!!!welcome aboard

  11. $acad come to Papa

  12. $ACAD As COO Dan Soland got Cinryze done for ViroPharma, not long after production began it sold for $4.2B to Shire. Google it up 4 a read

  13. $GILD Saws One More Success About Sovaldi Approval- $ACAD $KITE http://www.streetwisereport.com/gilead-sciences-inc-nasdaqgild-saws-one-more-success-about-sovaldi-approval-acadia-pharmaceuticals-inc-nasdaqacad-kite-pharma-inc-nasdaqkite/113002/

  14. Biotech Tweets of the Week posted: http://www.biotechduediligence.com/blog $BIIB $VRTX $MEIP $ESPR $PTCT $ACAD $CNAT $TRIL $KITE $JUNO $GNFT $ICPT $BMRN

  15. $ACAD what is your best opinion for ESignal services? i never used their services, how good they are for you

  16. $ACAD Little Ducks lining up-all in a row....Finally!!!!

  17. $ACAD = NUPLAZID ... that is all ... Very

  18. $acad long here

  19. $ACAD NUPLAZID helps correct Daytime/Nighttime sleep reversal, Huge benefit for Caregivers,if you ve ever cared for ALZ relative you get it

  20. $NLNK $JUNO $RCPT $KITE $AKRS $SBIO $ACAD $XON $HALO -- weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! booooooom boooom! got some balls fur balls?

  21. $ACAD Any good news and this is 40 again.

  22. $ACAD need more volume

  23. @Partridge: $IBB are you making money fur balls? because wolves do … a lot $$$ $JUNO $ACAD $KITE form the bottom Mar. 26 at 11:43 AM bank

  24. $ACAD Good Day Money cannot buy Happines or Health or Love but It can buy Lots of ACAD n AMRN -good Trades for you All

  25. $TSLA crushed on my $TSLA at 203, $UPRO, and $ACAD, barf! @JimCramer you think $CTSO can clear $25 after ER next week?