1. $ACHN $YELP covered , no pos.

  2. $ACHN $YEL

  3. $ARWR $ACHN you are awesome. Can both reach 25?! Yes.

  4. $ACHN LOD

  5. $ACHN ...

  6. potential descending triangle BO on $ACHN http://y.ahoo.it/OellIjJr


  8. $ACHN you guys are funny

  9. $ACHN boy glad I didn t sell after someone tried to warn us all

  10. $ACHN shorts should start covering at $14 )))))))))))))

  11. $ACHN intra nice, vers intra red spy/qqq, poss hod play 7.47 http://y.ahoo.it/HpI8akGl

  12. $ACHN going over 7.50 today

  13. $ACHN Next. $TXMD 40million Stock offering. SELL SELL SELL dilution:D

  14. $ACHN shorted some more. Average 7.17.

  15. $ACHN Obummer

  16. $ACHN will fade by EOD as usual

  17. $ACHN boring ...

  18. @studatnu2002: $ACHN apparently hepatitis is the place to be $GILD $ARWR - I ll add burritos to that list as well

  19. $ACHN apparently hepatitis is the place to be $GILD $ARWR

  20. $ARIA $ACHN traders take some profit, Yoda is speaking tomorrow

  21. $ACHN setting up nicely )

  22. Just as I called $ACHN money making up and down. $TXMD is only going up

  23. $ACHN I LOVE THIS STOCK 5 days up 5 days down. Daytraders dream for the past month

  24. $ARWR on the move. Worth looking on $ACHN. Good Hep pipeline and takeover candidate. Long both.

  25. $ACHN moving higher looks good