1. $ACI Caution. Coal stocks have been getting decimated.

  2. $ACI Weekly. Dumpster Dive Setup.

  3. $ACI DD https://recognia-chart-links.s3.amazonaws.com/3zY.png

  4. $ACI new bottom needs to be tested twice before it s called a bottom.

  5. Best stocks under $10 (Nov 27) : $TNK, $AXN, $CCM, $BCLI, $ACI, $RAS http://www.stock1010.com/quote.php?symbol=TNK

  6. $ACI keeking close eye on this 1, would love to cover the loss i took from 3.90 to 1.60 and the 1.74 to 1.38

  7. $ACI is a binary option: debt agreement = skyrocket // no debt agreement = Ch11

  8. $ACI I dont think any news will affect this one except the news about loan and BK

  9. $ACI guess today was a waisted day here gonna close right where it was wed lol

  10. $ACI wonder why stock was trading 1.20 after hours on WEDS.

  11. $ACI doesn t look like the article affected it much right? still could see gains what do u guys think?

  12. Watchlist for November 27 $BCEI $PBMD $ACI $MCUR

  13. $ACI Don t worry bears. AH jump was before the bearish news was released

  14. $ACI low on money and new investment halted that is bullish we ll see $2 tomorrow at least

  15. $ACI - Railroad to transport coal from Arch mine suspended indefinitely Nov 25 2015, 19:15 ET http://seekingalpha.com/news/2952746-railroad-to-transport-coal-from-arch-mine-suspended-indefinitely

  16. $ACI was ACI after up hours because of the news of the cancellation of the 400 million joint venture between ACI and BNSF. Any thoughts. ?

  17. $ACI quit feeding into this. Trade it cool but there is nothing bullish here but speculation. Fundamentals over charts here.

  18. $KBIO vs $ACI (4 months ago) . Same topping candles and extreme RSI reading

  19. $ACI

  20. $ACI Nice AH.

  21. $ACI Railroad to transport coal from Arch mine suspended indefinitely http://seekingalpha.com/news/2952746

  22. $ACI - breaking EMA 8 @ 1.14 on the daily chart AH s - key level to close above on Fri. - the middle Bollinger Band @ 1.39 is level 2 break

  23. $ACI Chart -closed @ 1.09 -sweet follow through after breaking 1.00 - hitting 1.25 n AH s trading -Congrats on move

  24. $ACI wah... didn t think aci still in business

  25. $ACI 1.25 AH what s going on?