1. $ACI $CAT http://www.constructionequipmentguide.com/story.asp?id=26143 cat partnering with $ACI

  2. $ACI buy WRES , another option

  3. $ACI Will be dead money for a year or two after these shenanigans.

  4. $ACI Stock Plunges on Bearish Coal Outlook http://www.thestreet.com/story/13278516/1/arch-coal-aci-stock-plunges-on-bearish-coal-outlook.html


  6. $ACI 5.50 touch now alnost 50% off high Is that a reversal > if people listened to me at 10.25 and started to sell into rallies. Wow

  7. Losers $VNCE -41%, $ACI -16%, $STXS -14%, $UTIW -14%, $XCO -14%, $OGXI -11%, $KEG -9%, $TCK -9%, $BLOX -8%, $FORD -8%, $VIPS -8%, $GEOS -8%

  8. $ACI insane volatility , lower share float post split all action by way of options

  9. $ACI $5, $4, $3, $2, $1, 10 cents. 20 days.

  10. $ACI Arch Coal - Bond Exchange Is A Win-Win http://seekingalpha.com/article/3312135-arch-coal-bond-exchange-is-a-win-win

  11. $ACI watch for a bounce. In at 5.50

  12. $BTU lagging $ACI from lows. Options activity high in $BTU today. On watch. Dec 4 calls.

  13. $ACI down 45% since failing at 200DMA resist on Monday s intraday hi. Trading like a manic biotech. Still up 450% from low. $BTU lagging.

  14. $ACI could get interesting into close

  15. Limousine Bolsheviks And The Coal Industry $ACI $KOL http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/limousine-bolsheviks-and-the-coal-industry?post=72796

  16. Top % Losers: $VNCE -40%, $ACI -14%, $STXS -14%, $UTIW -14%, $ROIA -13%, $BRZU $YINN $ALN $THM $OGXI $INDL $AXX $JPNL $AXPW

  17. $ACI $BTU here!

  18. $ACI might bounce ...on radar...

  19. $ACI could bounce hard here...on watch !!

  20. @KCapitalAdvisors $CRWN Mid point of breakout candle buying opp for swing $FB $TWTR $ACI

  21. Eyes on $ACI potential EOD bounce.... sympathy play of $BTU

  22. $BTU $ACI Crazy Call volume for Dec.16h $4 strike but even crazier volume for Jan.16/2016 $4 strike for BTU. Nothing but crickets on Puts

  23. Long $ACI @ $5.55 http://independentcapitalist.com/2015/09/04/long-aci-5-55/

  24. $ACI finally coming back to earth....bogus run up...... $SPY

  25. $ACI This thing is going green. No pun intended