1. $ACI Possible short squeeze. About 71% undervalued + high float short.

  2. $ANR $ACI ...trade idea: Any time these spread apart, short the higher one and long the lower one since they re fixed to trade lock step.

  3. Appears someone floating $ANR at expense of $BTU $ACI...interesting.

  4. $WLT $BTU $ACI $BTU$CLF$WLT Anyone know which company supplies coal and methane gas to utilities like $SO $EXC $DUK $es

  5. 3 White Soldiers http://www.dailystockplays.com/3-White-Soldiers-2015-03-25.html $ACI $AKS $CLF $CRK $MCGC $MPG $PTEN $QID $VVR

  6. $ACI 4Q14 Call Q&A – Justine, Goldman Sachs: Liquidated damages for 2014? John, CEO: The number for 2014 was 37%.

  7. $ACI 4Q14 Call Q&A – Jeremy, Clarkson Capital Markets: Liquidated damages for 2015? John, CEO: Midpoint of about $55MM.

  8. $ACI 4Q14 Call Q&A – Evan, Morgan Stanley: Working capital in 2015? Paul, COO: Looking for opportunities to improve working capital.

  9. $ACI 4Q14 Call Q&A – Caleb, Simmons: PRB tonnage commitment for 2016? Paul, COO: Currently 54 tons committed to PRB.

  10. $ACI 4Q14 Call Q&A – Brandon, TPH: Market acceptance of Leer product? Paul, COO: Great acceptance both on domestic and international side.

  11. $ACI 4Q14 Call – Paul, COO: Diesel consumption forecast for 2015 is approx. 60-65MM gallons; 80% of it to be used in the Powder River Basin.

  12. $ACI 4Q14 Call – John, CFO: 2015 cash cost guidance: PRB $10.5-11 per ton; Appalachia $57.7-61.7 per ton; Bituminous thermal $22-26 per ton.

  13. $ACI 4Q14 Call – John, CFO: ACI’s decision to freeze its employee pension plan resulted in a pension curtailment gain of $27MM during 4Q14.

  14. $ACI 4Q14 Call – John, CFO: As part of the ongoing financial strategy, ACI decided to suspend current dividend at this time.

  15. $ACI 4Q14 Call – John, CEO: Total US coal consumption in 2015 expected to be down between 50MM and 60MM from 2014 levels.

  16. $ACI 4Q14 Call – John, CEO: Record adjusted EBITDA of $116MM. Ended 2014 with total liquidity position of more than $1.2Bil.

  17. $ACI 4Q14 PR: ACI expects to sell 124-136MM tons of thermal coal and 6.3-7MM tons of metallurgical coal during 2015.

  18. $ACI 4Q14 PR: Segment cash margin per ton: Powder River Basin $2.05; Appalachia $9.90; Bituminous Thermal $9.80.

  19. $ACI 4Q14 PR: Net loss was $240MM or $1.13 per diluted share vs. $97MM or $0.46 per diluted share in 3Q14.

  20. $ACI 4Q14 PR: Revenues of $745MM vs. $742MM in 3Q14. Full year 2014 revenue totaled $2.9Bil.

  21. $ACI Double you!

  22. $ACI Nice so far but would like to see more volume to confirm uptrend

  23. $ACI $1.11-$1.18

  24. $ACI Is this the beginning of a new uptrend. Chart is looking

  25. $ANR $ACI $BTU this must be the perfect time to bet against all these stocks. Surely when Bejing closes its last coal plant coal will die