1. The INK Canadian Insider Index finished at 1033.32, up 4.75 or 0.46%. Leading: $ESI.CA +3.4%. Lagging: $ACQ.CA -2.8%.

  2. Earnings announcement: $ACQ.TO is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, Mar 19 2015

  3. $ACQ.CA haircut and a shave. No, on second thought, chop it all off. Yikes.

  4. $ACQ.CA Considering this company but what happens to car sales in Alberta with $35 oil?

  5. Gasfrac Energy Services Inc $GFS.CA Leads with 48% Gain! $MBC.CA $ACQ.CA Read Daily Canadian Box Score: http://www.smallcappower.com/posts/canadian-box-score-05-01-2015

  6. The INK Canadian Insider Index closes at 1035.81, up 2.47 or +0.24%. Leaders: $WRG.CA +4.7%, $CAS.CA +4.1% & $ACQ.CA +3.5% #INKCIN

  7. $ACQ.CA Andrew on BNN keeps was hating on this stock yesterday. Since then it s up 8%. Low rate of 1% maintained, strong sales in the US.

  8. $ACQ.CA April and December tends to be the best months for this stock.

  9. CRH Medical (TSX: CRH) Leads with 43% Gain $PNP.CA $ACQ.CA ! See Canadian Box Score: http://www.smallcappower.com/posts/canadian-box-score-top-story-03-12-2014

  10. The INK Canadian Insider Index closed up 1.12 to finish at 1020.21 (+0.11%). Top gainer: $ACQ.CA up 6.7%. Laggard: $ESI.CA down 3.8% #INKCIN

  11. $ACQ.CA Up 7.5%. GM and Chrysler had better sales due to the low oil price?

  12. $ACQ.CA 49% of dealerships located in or near Calgary or Edmonton. Thus the sell off.

  13. $ACQ.CA Usually falling oil is good for car sales, especially when supply driven, not by lack of demand.

  14. $ACQ.CA Getting very close to that $45 level I mentioned in late Oct. Could we spike down to $39 ?

  15. $ACQ.CA Sell of must relate to concern of lower oil in Alberta where 50%+ of their dealerships lie.

  16. $ACQ.CA Anyone know what s going on?

  17. $ACQ.CA Increased position by 10%. Am I alone?

  18. $ACQ.CA Picked up more of this -4.2% down.

  19. @canadiant Increased my position by 10%. Tax loss selling in the last business days likely. Low oil, low yields, easy to sell cars. $ACQ.CA

  20. $ACQ.CA Great company with a solid business model. It s nice to see a company like this on the TSX that isn t largely over valued.

  21. AutoCanada Announces GM Canada Approval of Investment in North Battleford Chevrolet Buick GMC Dealership http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryc/?id=1271150 $ACQ.CA

  22. $ACQ.CA Added another 8% to my position. I really like the CEO and how much the stock oversold. Tax selling must be a big part of it.

  23. $ACQ.CA looking quite oversold. Caught some demand at 50 and looks to be headed back down there. Due for a pop.

  24. $ACQ.CA will consider entry @ 49er

  25. @juicebox $ACQ.CA Added 10% to my position. Last quarter was not bad at all. Overreaction or tax loss selling.