1. $ACQ.CA +8% wow. Shows how tied to oil investors are seing this company.

  2. Announces the Acquisition of Don Folk Chevrolet http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryc/?id=1950509 $ACQ.CA

  3. $ACQ-CA Started buying AutoCanada today.

  4. $ACQ.CA acq got overdrunk today!!!!........................anyone explain results??? what would be next week like? bulls or bears??

  5. $ACQ.CA results look good despite the economy condition in AB. http://pdf.reuters.com/pdfnews/pdfnews.asp?i=43059c3bf0e37541&u=urn:newsml:reuters.com:20150806:nCNWC4961a

  6. Announces Q2, 2015 Quarterly Results http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryc/?id=1905313 $ACQ.CA


  8. $HCG.CA $tck $cwb.ca $acq.ca $eca.ca $ewc Canadian stock market looking scary. Old darlings are dropping like flies. $tsx held up by $vrx

  9. Earnings announcement: $ACQ.TO is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, Aug 6 2015

  10. $ACQ-CA watch this stock tank this fall... Alberta is not doing to good!

  11. Announces Release Date, Conference Call and Webcast for Q2, 2015 Financial Results http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryc/?id=1843360 $ACQ.CA

  12. $ACQ.CA what just happened to this stock?

  13. $ACQ.CA next week bearish or bullish?

  14. @OttoMaxInvestments any idea about $acq.ca next week??? Thanks,............

  15. INK Canadian Insider Index ends at 1,083.25 -1.40 (-0.13%). Leading $ACQ.CA +7.8%, lagging $TS.B.CA -3.7% #INKCIN $HII.CA

  16. $ACQ.CA Another 7% today. Weak hands are now sorry they sold. Very sorry.

  17. $ACQ.CA when are we back to $50

  18. AutoCanada $ACQ.CA will be removed from the INK Canadian Insider Index May 15: https://index.inkresearch.com/announce.php?id=4 $HII.CA

  19. The INK Canadian Insider Index closes at 1,084.65 +7.91 (+0.73%). Leader: $ACQ.CA +20.0%. Lagging $T.CA -1.9%. #INKCIN $HII.CA

  20. $ACQ.CA AutoCanada shorts:

  21. $ACQ.CA hat tip to my friend… took balls my man.. I have no position .. he is up about XXK today

  22. $ACQ.CA Whaaaaaat. Up 21%. So relieved. Glad I kept my trust in the management. And check this, jobs were created in Alberta!

  23. $ACQ.CA Stock is up 14% this morning. Gross profit increased by 67.0%, Increasing position by 20%.

  24. $ACQ.CA where s the earnings report?

  25. The INK Canadian Insider Index ends at 1,074.28 -15.70 (-1.44%). Leader $ESI.CA +2.4% Laggard $ACQ.CA -5.7% #INKCIN $HII.CA