1. $ACRX anyone have info on the presentation today?

  2. $ACRX ST not loading ?

  3. $ACRX slowly but surely filling gap

  4. $ACRX patience with this one will be rewarded not for those who timeframe is short

  5. $ACRX I like it!!

  6. $ACRX

  7. @Think4self $CANF got filled here. Looking for same action as $ADHD just for swing trade. $AAVL $ACRX $STML $VSTM $FPRX $FMI $EXAS GLTA

  8. $ACRX Presentation Monday June 1 at Jefferies Healthcare Conf at 4pm

  9. $ACRX That 3.54 seems to be a tough nut to crack, like what I am seeing though, maybe decent volume today

  10. @Think4self $ACRX nice action on a Friday (usually slow, low vol, boring days). $STML $TGTX

  11. $ACRX and again we will finish right where we started, but still

  12. $ACRX http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=ACRX&p=D&yr=0&mn=4&dy=0&id=p96223403245

  13. $ACRX holding strong on such a bad day

  14. @Think4self $ACRX any dip is a buy opp IMHO $VSAR i like this name also. $AKRX a little lower and am buying back in.

  15. $ACRX green on a red day

  16. $ACRX Low volume, but closed green on a red market day, fairly positive overall

  17. $ACRX closed green again, just wish that .02 was reversed!

  18. $ATNM Also bought $ACRX, RNN for trades

  19. AcelRx Pharmaceuticals to Present at Two Upcoming Investor Conferences In June http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/acelrx-pharmaceuticals-to-present-at-two-upcoming-investor-conferences-in-june-300087679.html $ACRX

  20. $ACRX this may test the $3 level again before going up

  21. @zhiyan2015 $ACRX down so much AH~ 1k shares. Just games

  22. $ACRX down so much AH~

  23. $ACRX sept/dec 2.50 calls looking attractive. Can t imagine this won t rebound by then

  24. Insider Transaction: $ACRX Purchase of 35400 shares by Officer Rosen Howard B on 2015-05-19.

  25. $ACRX liking today s action not so volatile like yesterday, seems to be setting up for a push through SMA 20