1. @kld $ACRX will definitely hit the 7s. We are getting too close to major events. Fireworks are just ahead. Cheers.

  2. $ACRX Next week we ll be seeing 7s.

  3. @Ashby301 $ACRX is on the cusp of receiving great news. It is a game-changing pain relief sys. that delivers better healthcare to patients.

  4. $ACRX Why did I invest in a sufentanil Pez dispenser???

  5. @Metalman24 @ahalperin1 don t worry it will reflect in sp soon. $ACRX leaders need to buy now! They need to put more of their money in!

  6. @djbxr2 @daviscupper @soho_riots yep. They r the $ACRX pumpers. Beware!

  7. @getshorty77 $ACRX According to management the meeting will be in about a month. Announcement of the actual date could come any day.

  8. $ACRX We thinking about another month until management has some sort of date to give us for a meeting with FDA?

  9. @mayaaaf how to trade $GRPN $ACRX $DRL $ACRX $FB $URBN $SHLD http://y.ahoo.it/ZTImicPn

  10. $ACRX Bought another lot @6.38

  11. $ACRX Anyone have support levels on this one please

  12. $ACRX aint nothing gonna happen with this until something happens, you know what I mean?

  13. @mayaaaf how to trade $DRL $ACRX $GRPN $TKMR $JCP $SEAS $AAPL $NFLX http://y.ahoo.it/Nw8ZnLjv

  14. Joining the stocktwits fray! Current holdings $PSDV $CPRX $ACRX $SRPT $LJPC $CYTR $DVAX. Also $UVXY puts

  15. $ACRX Booyah, Green.

  16. $ACRX not seems ok...


  18. $AAPL My $ACRX and $AAPL Doing me good! Long hold happy man ACRX holding till 20 AAPL till 117

  19. $NIHD Everyone look into $ACRX to regain losses from here.. Just research it though dont just buy its got alot of potential great long hold

  20. $ACRX Has loser BOD and a lot of pumpers! Pumpers aka bag holder makers r out on this one. Only trade this until proven otherwise. GL

  21. $ACRX Started journey with $DRTX last year, funny how time tells great stock picks. Now, pick them well!

  22. $DRL $ACRX green day for me on both of them!

  23. $ACRX it is a two-month review, they lose. At this point, they have a lot more to lose than win--in other words, more upside than down.

  24. $ACRX Short position is interesting. If acrx finds out in sept. that it is a six-month review, shorts win, imo, even if short-term. But if

  25. $ACRX I wonder if it ll hit 7 today.