1. $ACUR chart is looking better.

  2. @GonzaloBaya: $ACUR $KOOL $BSPM $IDRA $BONE GRNH is going up today with good performance idra !!

  3. $ACUR $KOOL $BSPM $IDRA $BONE GRNH is going up today with good performance

  4. $GALE $kool $acur $bone $dcth about to just take a huge loss and go all in $BIS

  5. $IBB More Pharma down big since 2/25: $ACUR: -32% $BCRX -31% $BMRN -30% $OREX -29% $ALXA -28% $CYTX -27% $PGNX -27% $JAZZ -26% $ENDP -26%

  6. $IVR my steady holding compare to biotechs $ARNA, $ARRY, $PGNX, $MNKD, $ACUR

  7. @nighthawkjones: $ACUR sold this and VTUS for a loss early this am. Next week prolly choppy. Sold BIS to offset these bioplays

  8. Check out CEO explanations advanced on the $ACUR transcript http://y.ahoo.it/LIWNWS9P

  9. $ACUR i think the panic selling today in response to the news was a good opportunity to buy.

  10. $ACUR bought more this morning.

  11. $ACUR down today because the market is down but the news is positive for ACUR in my opinion.

  12. $CLDN will progress quickly now. Worth holding for further results this month nstead of holding barnacle covered bags of $KOOL $BONE $ACUR

  13. @Ny777 $ACUR deal is generally speaking good with possibility of being very good

  14. $ACUR What does the termination mean??

  15. @cctranscripts: Acura Pharmaceuticals Announces Return Of Product Rights http://y.ahoo.it/Ufwxurax $ACUR

  16. Acura Pharmaceuticals Announces Return Of Product Rights http://y.ahoo.it/JpJAYKT7 $ACUR

  17. $ACUR Acura Pharmaceuticals, Inc files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarter.. http://y.ahoo.it/9vMG7x07

  18. $ACUR Acura Pharmaceuticals Announces Return of Product Rights.. http://y.ahoo.it/6GuiiX0J

  19. $RMTI $ACUR $SPLK looks to be breaking out. $CUR $PTK.V New all time highs. $SSH presenting tomorrow.

  20. $ACUR it did not get to my buy order at $1.26 but I am very happy that it has turned around.

  21. @barna Oh yes, I m down $6k w/ $BSPM, $BONE, $KOOL & $ACUR - not a pretty month w/those picks... Hope you are right about them!!!

  22. @barna Oh, are you going back in? I bought it with you... $ACUR

  23. @barna What happened to $ACUR Barns?

  24. @barna What happened to your $ACUR position?

  25. $ACUR 20,000 k buy