1. $ACUR - I d like to see someone come in and scoop up a couple of hundred thousand shares...anyone...anyone....Bueller

  2. Is $ACUR a BUY? Mcnicoll, Lewis, & Vlak thinks so:http://y.ahoo.it/e7CIvSSf

  3. $ACUR buy time

  4. @SmarterAnalyst: $ACUR Roth Capital Maintains Buy On Acura But Reduces PT To $1.50 Following FDA Meeting Outcome http://y.ahoo.it/ncwgJfQY Nice

  5. Acura Pharmaceuticals s buy rating reiterated at Roth Capital. $1.50 PT. http://y.ahoo.it/RwNm3hwp $ACUR

  6. $ACUR Roth Capital Maintains Buy On Acura But Reduces PT To $1.50 Following FDA Meeting Outcome http://y.ahoo.it/Ph8yLehb

  7. $acur FDA continues to question the relevance of abuse of hydrocodone with acetaminophen products

  8. $ACUR Acura Says FDA Indicated That Co May Conduct Additional Nasal Abuse Liability Study for Aversion Hydrocodone With

  9. $ACUR Acura Pharmaceuticals, Inc files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Reports) SEC Fili.. http://y.ahoo.it/TxBRIREQ

  10. $ACUR Acura Pharmaceuticals Says FDA Continues to Question Relevance of Abuse ff Hydrocodone With Acetaminophen Products

  11. $ACUR Acura Pharmaceuticals Provides Update on FDA Discussions Surrounding Development of Aversion Hyd.. http://y.ahoo.it/0987nDnh

  12. $ACUR - anyone have any details on the fda meeting today

  13. $ACUR Should I sell or Hold?

  14. $ACUR - the bid size is strengthening...positive sign

  15. @cloudforever - $ACUR has 10 million in debt...16+ in cash...that being said once they partner, should add another 20-30 million in cash

  16. $ACUR - certainly curious about thursday

  17. $ACUR - when people ask me what makes an unbelievable return, i think of companies like $ACUR...noone cares until all of a sudden they do

  18. $ACUR - the million dollar question for me has always been when the lid comes off..ie when does the us govt or big pharma step up

  19. $ACUR - I am not a conspiracy theory type of guy, but obviously the big pharma drug dealers are keeping a lid on the Aversion platform

  20. $ACUR I don`t get it. Great products and yet share prices are down.

  21. $ACUR - lets see if someone comes in with a decent bid today...this is looking way oversold

  22. $ACUR - would love to show some strength into the close - good volume, now lets see some upticks-lets not forget about aug 14th and partners

  23. $ACUR just another wonderful day with ACUR.

  24. Share an idea on $ACUR - I don t believe my eyes - the bid is heavier than the ask

  25. $ACUR - Is the market predicting bk? Seems highly unlikely - one approved drug, nexafed in stores and potential partnership on Hydrocodone