1. $ACUR Finally some movement i am seeing...Keep going till 5th of August...!! GLTA

  2. $ACUR Has anything changed in the last 2 years.

  3. $ACUR - ok, looks like August 5th we will get an update....really want to hear about a partnership

  4. After-Hour Losers-2 7/24 $STT -5%, $FSL -5%, $SMFG -5%, $KLAC -5%, $EPR -5%, $ACUR -5%, $COLB -5%, $CA -4%, $MTSN -4%, $WIRE -4%, $TRLA -4%

  5. $ACUR Acura Pharmaceuticals to Host Second Quarter 2014 Financial Results Conference Call on August 5,.. http://y.ahoo.it/iUo9K9ce

  6. $ACUR Get ready. This one is moving as fast as a speeding snail.

  7. $ACUR - hello hello hello...is there anybody out there? just nod if you can hear me...is there anyone at all

  8. $ACUR - who is the fool that keeps loading the ask...this would be at 1.10 today if they would just let it rip...

  9. $ACUR - what I am waiting for is some type of partnership news - the anti-abusable formerly known as oxecta should be partnerable

  10. $ACUR - seems to have good support at these levels, have seen some nice bid size, but a big seller keeps showing up at 1.03/1.04...WHY?!?!?!

  11. $ACUR This is painful to watch - they have an FDA approved drug, nexafed is in stores now...why on earth is there such sell pressure?

  12. $ACUR Anyone think this will increase soon?

  13. $DNDN, $AMRN, $RNN, $ACUR - loser s club. None of those will achieve profit in next 50 years.

  14. $ACUR Same old, nobody move, nobody gets hurt applies to this stock.

  15. $ACUR Never seen such no interest stock no movment. No news

  16. $ACUR what happen today???

  17. $ACUR nice

  18. $ACUR BORING! Same old nothing happening and management is happy gliding along as is.

  19. $ACUR Some upward movement. How long will this last?

  20. $ACUR What is with this company? It just sits there and nothing new goes on. Is management just collecting a paycheck?

  21. $ACUR What is this companies future? Who are it s competetors?

  22. $VELT Its ok, really. I talked to myself for two months on $ISR & $PPHM boards before they went to $3. $MSTX $PRAN $ZGNX $ARIA $ACUR $POWR

  23. $ACUR I hope the don t do reverse split

  24. $ACUR on the move

  25. $MNKD making me back what i lost in $ACUR :)