1. when $ACWI down for 4 days in row , 31/33 wins for longs in last 4 years -> http://paststat.com/backtest-report/trading-strategy/ACWI/4-Consecutive-Down-Days&/first-positive-close-5-days/2012-04-26/2016-04-26

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  5. $ACWI #breakout #resistance 56.97 detected 4:25 PM, Apr 18 EDT; recent #support 54.87

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  10. The Bad $EWJ $XME-1.5% $GDX-1.3% $KRE $EFA -1% $FEZ-0.9% $XLB-0.8% $XLP-0.6% $AAPL $SOXX $ACWI -0.5% The Ugly $EWZ-2%

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