1. 6 limit sell orders $ADAT $ISR $NETE $IBIO $GALE $PPHM i hope at least 4 execute before i m dead lol

  2. $ADAT SEC filing after SEC filing. Slowly but surely.


  4. $ADAT: New SEC Filing for ADAT: Form 8-K, No. 0001193125-15-338548 http://stocknewsflow.com/885074_000119312515338548_0001193125-15-338548

  5. Entry into a Material Definitive http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary2/?id=2070226 $ADAT

  6. $ADAT C mon, make your move. I m tired of waiting.

  7. $ADAT Yes the good news needs to be shared by all, before any benefits can be gained.

  8. $NETE & $ADAT we need some PR here!!

  9. $ADAT Most likely more share options granted to directors in preparation for merger, just like late last Friday.

  10. $ADAT Another odd short pop up to 0.37.

  11. $ADAT They just started with 8 clinics together and are projecting up to 160 clinics. Long term this not going to pop. It s going to BOOM!

  12. $ADAT Good Morning ADAT! Merger on the way. Currently we are seeing small volume and trading in a sideways channel. GLTA

  13. $ADAT I agree, if you can hold for 2-4 months this is $1.00+ almost can guarantee that at this point

  14. $AMDA $ETRM $ADAT $KTWO are some of my favorite stocks And great patience plays for big gains. FYI if you care. Do Some DD on them.

  15. $AMDA FYI find a low entry into $ADAT . Should be cleaning up a merger to get SP over $1.

  16. $ADAT Told you guys to short. But all the hater Perma-bulls get mad and report me

  17. $ADAT Scottrade has this at .30?

  18. $ADAT Someone just make a trade so that I can at least the number move.

  19. $ADAT Merger appears to be in motion. SEC filing after SEC filing. Just a matter of time within couple months, maybe less.

  20. $ADAT here s to another week! Glta

  21. $ADAT who s doing DD on ADAT? Merger is to be finalized in Q4 of 2015. What s the word?

  22. $ADAT tomorrow .5??? Do u think???

  23. WatchList: $GBSN $BCLI $RXII $AMDA $ADAT

  24. $ADAT @bendmccauleyii http://www.inscrybemd.com/tabletdemo/InscrybeMD_Telehealth_Tablet_App_Demo.mp4

  25. $ADAT Why would the director be granted all these options if the SP wasn t going to soar and there wasn t news coming?