1. $ADAT If you missed the conference call today, it will be replayed through Feb 16. See the attached info.

  2. $ADAT does not trade after hours on OTC as far as I know. maybe seen another symbol

  3. $ADAT: New SEC Filing for ADAT: Form SC 13D/A, No. 0001079973-16-000782 http://stocknewsflow.com/885074_000107997316000782_0001079973-16-000782

  4. Lazarus Macro Micro Partners LLLP just provided an update on activist position in Authentidate http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/13D/summary/?id=2386724 $ADAT

  5. $ADAT just saw in CNBC after hrs this is up by .64 to 4.06 pps might b interesting morning

  6. $ADAT Tracker7 hasnt pumped. You have posted more in the last week than he has in the last 2 months, Universe. Who s pumping? I bet ur short

  7. $ADAT the charts don t lie: I did not listen to the CC but its easy for ANY beginner to know where this stock is heading next: $1

  8. $ADAT I haven t blocked you Universe, But I don t get why you bearish unless you have a short position. This is going up after dust settles.

  9. $ADAT it s about time those who put their heads in the sand will look at the current situation and see where its heading: to $1 fast

  10. $ADAT we are now in the DUMP phase and we are heading fast to $1

  11. $ADAT this was a PUMP-n-DUMP plan with Cracker7 bulishiiing it to the max with >3,000 messages started Sept 2015 one wk before the big run

  12. $ADAT For someone who stated they re holding TONS of shares, almost sounds like someone works for ADAT s competition.

  13. $ADAT if it was to trade after market close it would be $1 TODAY, but don t be so happy, it may come as soon as tomorrow

  14. $ADAT anyone who think this was a scam is welcome to share his view, I know I am not the only one

  15. $ADAT Smh

  16. $ADAT sitting out of the Nasdaq, no support, no buyers, tired long holders, bad business management, bad R/S, bad situation no relief coming

  17. $ADAT under 3 and dropping ... already got my stop-loss on this POS stock

  18. $ADAT ALL of you long holders were taken for a ride, shame on those pumping the stock and shame on the incompetent managers

  19. $ADAT worst mistake was to hold on this ... should ve left b4 r/s.


  21. $ADAT I did not listen to the CC but it seems unable to hold $3. sell while you can. next stop $1

  22. $ADAT dead money, bad stock. going to $1

  23. $ADAT i wish i wasnt too lazy to trade OTC because this one is going places, i m sure of it

  24. $ADAT Stated 90 days at the soonest. Probably after May 26 stockholder vote and pretty much immediately after.

  25. $ADAT Think I should just average down and hold long?