1. $ADAT I feel some big upward movement coming in for Black Friday

  2. $ADAT does anyone have any input on reverse merger and how it will effect the stock

  3. $ADAT sad when market is close

  4. What do you think about the reverse stock split? $ADAT

  5. Biotechs are vehicles that transfer money from the impatient to the patient $ADAT $AMDA $GBSN $CVM

  6. Short term (now thru April) $ADAT $AMDA $GBSN. Long term (now thru 2019) $CVM. Happy Thanksgiving

  7. THank God the market is closed thurs. Go spend it with your fam and don t think about stock $GBSN $STEM $AVEO $BIOD $VVUS $RXII $AMDA $ADAT

  8. $ADAT DEFM14A is this the proxy we re looking for? https://learn.westlawbusiness.com/support/formtypes.html

  9. $ADAT any news on M?

  10. $ADAT lol really who buys 1 share

  11. $ADAT look at 8k section 7.1 especially (c) so far all events have happened according to these time lines. which is why I thought

  12. $AEZS $KBIO $ADAT Beautiful run! Incredible! I believe in the economy again.

  13. $ADAT is it worth averaging up on this prior to merger?

  14. $ADAT We have been hanging around in 70 s for 2 straight weeks. Waiting on the merger.

  15. $ADAT Bought 1500 shares at .675. It s stupid how low this went..

  16. $ADAT forming a new base, then going up. Has been doing it for months now.

  17. $ADAT $BCLI Friends, it is time for public relations to BCLI .I believe that the stock will rise to $ 14 soon. Bullish

  18. Share an idea on $ADAT no merger

  19. $ADAT OK I confess. I had to sell some shares to pay for the condo rental for my upcoming Christmas vacation in Florida.

  20. $ADAT This one takes some patience which is the opposite of a penny stock trader.

  21. $ADAT Makes no sense to me. I guess people want to cash out for Thanksgiving... Silly. They might announce it before that.

  22. $ADAT look at the 6mo and remember why you re holding lmao

  23. $ADAT when open red close green at 4pm

  24. $BIOC, $ADAT, AMDA Volume should jump on these soon

  25. $ADAT pre-merger shake out? happens with every stock be4 news so big guys can scoop up shares from yall