1. $ADEP ehhh just sold... im going to wait this one out... it really just looks like a bounce and fall today....

  2. $ADEP today might be the day for a good turn around with $ADEP

  3. $ADEP Up and down. Majority of action is day trading. Pure robotic play that will much higher in the months to come. Great entry point now.

  4. $ADEP Time to bail out

  5. $ADEP i am hoping this closes at 15

  6. $ADEP What is going on here

  7. started positions in $ARCW and $ORB. Added to robotic stocks $ADEP $IRBT $KUKAF

  8. $ADEP ummmmmmm ook?

  9. $ADEP this company is worth way more than 16 lol

  10. $ADEP Easy money right now. Will sell between $18 and $19.

  11. My Last 20 short trades #timestamped 90% $JOE $HSC $QQQ $YELP $GM $DMND $DB $SWY $HLF $CAS $REV $ADEP http://y.ahoo.it/9qxMZNcM

  12. Last 20 short trades #timestamped 90% $JOE $HSC $QQQ $YELP $GM $DMND $DB $SWY $HLF $CAS $REV $ADEP http://y.ahoo.it/kMQYIGVK

  13. $ADEP A 5 dollar stock

  14. $adep testing the falling channel lower boundary http://y.ahoo.it/FZM4HQyb

  15. Diversified Machinery Volatile Stocks: Adept $ADEP, THT Heat Transfer $THTI, Tecumseh $TECUA, CVD Equipment $CVV http://y.ahoo.it/trh3T8qo

  16. Diversified Machinery Top Losers: China Ming Yang Wind Power Group $MY, ExOne Co $XONE, Adept Technology $ADEP, $THTI http://y.ahoo.it/2HjVb70s

  17. $ADEP Adept Technology Names John Villadsen Vice President of Global Operations.. http://y.ahoo.it/JHLiYRdR

  18. $ADEP $ARWR $YELP Im scared to sell or play shorts bc any day they could pull a full reversal

  19. $ADEP Another good day to pick up more if you missed yesterday.

  20. $adep minimal damage thus far. light volume bounce closed at the 10D. http://y.ahoo.it/e32dy9y4

  21. $ADEP yay my purchase yesterday at 17.05 is paying off wel. only room but up for this company! i would buy more if i didn t buy YELP today.

  22. $ADEP Buying again today at 17.20 this always pays (hope do it again), just patience and be ready for volatility, great stock IMO

  23. $ADEP just imagine if they grow large enough and start making household appliance robots! VERY COOL! HIRE ME! lol

  24. $ADEP This stock will be worth 70+100 dollars a share one day. and will be a name everyone knows.

  25. $ADEP This is the only industrial stock i feel very safe with they have a clear future with todays tomorrows market production