1. $ADHD strong accumulation. strong.

  2. $ADHD Alcobra Ltd. to Participate at Two Conferences in May http://stocknewsnow.com/news/NEWSID27042015100007/Alcobra-Ltd-to-Participate-at-Two-Conferences-in-May

  3. Probably more similar tomorrow. @Moench: $CLDN chart looks exactly like the $ADHD chart to me.

  4. $CLDN chart looks exactly like the $ADHD chart to me.

  5. Great Point Partners Trims Its Stake In $ADHD http://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/great-point-partners-trims-its-stake-in-alcobra-ltd-adhd-343561/?singlepage=1#PCsdsoSafTfkm5Yh.99 $ADHD, $CNXR, $HPTX, $ALIM, $OCRX

  6. @notme $ADHD what a big buy! wow. could be that $teva will buy it too now.. or something def brewing.. Shut up u sound stupid

  7. $ADHD what a big buy! wow. could be that $teva will buy it too now.. or something def brewing..

  8. $CLDN data will disappoint. Same thing happened with $ADHD last October. Too much hype

  9. $ADHD phase 2 Fragile X Syndrome results in Q2 ???

  10. $ADHD something is brewing for sure

  11. Earnings announcement: $ADHD is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Wed, May 6 2015

  12. @Think4self been reading on $ATHX with this event. All I can say is: if u felling froggy, then jump. #lotto #biotech $CANF $ADHD $CNAT GL

  13. $ADHD: New SEC Filing for ADHD: Form SC 13G, No. 0000930413-15-001789 http://stocknewsflow.com/1566049_000093041315001789_0000930413-15-001789

  14. $ADHD something good will happen here soon. i feel it based on the tape the past few days.also $orpn will move then more

  15. Earnings Today $ACTG $ADHD $ADS $AMD more.. http://tqequity.com/?p=357 #oil #stocks #equity

  16. Earnings Today $ACTG $ADHD $AF $ALSN more.. http://tqequity.com/?p=351 #oil #stocks #equity

  17. $ADHD it will go higher. it will.

  18. Earnings Today $ADHD $ASRV $BPFH $CAW more.. http://tqequity.com/?p=345 #oil #stocks #equity

  19. Earnings Today $ADHD $CBAK $CBSH $KMI more.. http://tqequity.com/?p=344 #oil #stocks #equity

  20. Julian Baker s new buys gained 20% YTD as a group of 12 stocks. Top gainers $ADHD $PRTO $CLVS http://hedgemind.com/hedge-fund-portfolios/Julian-Baker

  21. $ADHD it is now accumulated heavily. it will pop soon imo. good entry point. again my opinion.

  22. $ADHD mother ship took off this morning. it will benefit $adhd as well i think

  23. $ORPN i think this will bring up $adhd as well. has to in my mind

  24. $ADHD interesting last minutes action.. was it a short cover?

  25. $ADHD i mean this stock was a give away.. 2 conferences.. buy sign no? am i not right?