1. today, i entered $ADXS. she might have lower bottom though. set stop at 16.60

  2. $ADXS I d say this has shown some resilience given today s blood bath in IBB

  3. $ADXS let the games be played. End of week will be 19+

  4. $ADXS at 17 i am betting on 20 before 14 barring severe overall mkt pull back

  5. $ADXS sell it! It s been a slow motion train wreck for the last three weeks. Move on.

  6. $ADXS any guesses on how far this thing can fall?

  7. $ADXS Institutional ownership up 17.1% Q/Q, with 621,820 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/ADXS

  8. $ADXS targeting 20+ for this week. Others I like: $gern $mnkd $rmti $cytk

  9. $ADXS i ve been waiting her to hit the bottom very patiently. once she hits, nobody can stop her, i guess ~♪

  10. Really only had two winners: $ADXS short (.61%) and $AMCN short (.34%).

  11. $ADXS One positive news article, squeezed hard... A bear will wake up to a blood bath margin call

  12. $ADXS 4million short increase in one month 6/15 to 7/15

  13. $ADXS WOW! 30 percent short interest!

  14. $ADXS http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/adxs/short-interest

  15. $ADXS short interest as of JULY 15 7.4 million shares

  16. $ADXS My fat fingers got me into a pickle here. If it breaks $17 then my balls will go with it.

  17. 88 Top Spotter SELL signals today at: https://stopsandtargets.com including: $MNKD $ADXS $JUNO $DRRX $CCXI $CORI $KTWO $MRK $HSKA $MCK

  18. $ADXS $MHK $OCN $PANW $TXMD and $VRX today s top Stocks to Watch gainers

  19. $ADXS thinking about buying here

  20. $ADXS Just keep accumulating, thanks. After checkpoint combination data prints, hakihika / shorts are buying me this: http://www.boattrader.com/listing/2006-REGAL-38-Commodore-102518631

  21. @hakihika $17 is the level to break... $ADXS More like going to $30, and getting squeezed

  22. Stocks With Perfect Match- $RCL $HON $ADXS

  23. $17 is the level to break... $ADXS

  24. $ADXS Sideways action, going to wait for the break of 20 for confirmation

  25. $ADXS liked the price action today. Test of 20 next few days or early next week looks plausible.