1. $ADXS 3 bound anytime now.

  2. $ADXS What happened to the board?

  3. @DanPfeifer Finally! Thank you for getting something to come through. :-) $ADXS

  4. $ADXS testing

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  6. $CYTR $ADXS $ARWR $TKMR $CPRX $NVAX : heavy loaded

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  14. Tuesdays Watch Plug Power ($PLUG) Primco ($PMCM) Advaxis, Inc. ($ADXS) CombiMatrix Corporation (CBMX)

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  19. $ADXS $HDY $SNTA $ZGNX hdy and snta getting action in after hours. Looking for big moves

  20. $IBB damn you Yellen! Bios look sickly today. Friday was a head fake. Sitting on my hands stalking $SSH $RMTI $RNN $ADXS and a few others

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  23. @ANDISIK @jrstach Why? There are some other great buys like $ADXS. Huge potential! Or $SNTA, $ONCY $HDY $ZGNX.

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  25. $ADXS $SNTA $ZGNX All extremely oversold with news pending on previously determined successful drugs. I m long & going longer