1. $AEO: Poised for A Good Holiday Season?:https://www.mptrader.com/sitehistory/middayminute.php?url=AEO-Poised-for-A-Good-Holiday-Season-201411202935.html

  2. Crow Point Partners, LLC appears to have added to its $AEO position in the most recent quarter http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryh/?id=1281291

  3. $AEO: Poised for A Good Holiday Season? https://www.mptrader.com/middayminute/AEO-Poised-for-A-Good-Holiday-Season-201411202935.html $AEO has set up a year-long base-like pattern, which fits inside of a...

  4. Equities tagged #undervalued - $ABX $AEM $AEO $AGI $APAM $ARTX $ATW $BDBD $BHI $BIIB https://closingbell.co/search?reason=undervalued

  5. $URBN - Has had a bullish On-Balance Volume for a long time. $ANF $EXPR $GPS $AEO http://stocktwits.com/message/29371477

  6. Urban Outfitters Profits Stumble But Online Business Keeps Hope Afloat http://www.trefis.com/stock/urbn/articles/265847/publish-todayurban-outfitters-profits-stumble-but-online-business-keeps-hope-afloat/2014-11-18 by Trefis Team $URBN $GPS $AEO

  7. $URBN at only 15x P/E its nothing like $AEO trading at 56x P/E

  8. Once again, Urban has too much inventory & says gross margin will fall on top of prior falls. Looking more & more like Am Eagle $AEO $URBN

  9. If you have to buy teen apparel, just go ahead and buy H&M or Zara s holding co in pinksheet instead of junk like $ARO $URBN $ANF $AEO etc

  10. $ARO,$AEO,$ANF,$JCP,$M,$GPS,$LB, $JWN. Contrary to what are told, I believe this will be the best X-mas season in years. Gas, employment....

  11. Urban Outfitters Earnings Preview: Foot Traffic Declines And Namesake Brand Weaknes... http://www.trefis.com/stock/urbn/articles/264709/nov-17urban-outfitters-earnings-preview-foot-traffic-decline-and-namesake-brand-weakness-to-weigh-on-results/2014-11-14 by Trefis Team $URBN $ANF $AEO

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  13. American Eagle Gains 10% On Upbeat Q3 Earnings Guidance $AEO

  14. $AEO: CNBC: American Eagle Outfitters comes to Europe http://stockcomments.com/aeo-cnbc-american-eagle-outfitters-comes-to-europe/

  15. American Eagle Gains 10% On Upbeat Q3 Earnings Guidance $AEO

  16. Of course less bad does not make good - these results just confirm most apparel retailers remain in funk $M $JCP $KSS $URBN $GPS $ANF $AEO

  17. Teen retail stocks @agfinancialmgt: $URBN $ANF $ARO $AEO 10yr chart comparison. Recession in gray. What a mess. http://stocktwits.com/message/29189122

  18. $URBN $ANF $ARO $AEO 10yr chart comparison. Recession in gray. What a mess. $STUDY http://stocktwits.com/message/29189122

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  21. Earnings announcement: $AEO is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, Dec 4 2014

  22. $LULU people finally understanding the secular shift from jeans to leggies among the teenage populous $UA $NKE $VFC avoid $ANF $GES $AEO

  23. MACD(12,26,9) Bull Crossover Stocks (Nov.12): $ADX, $AEO, $VGGL http://www.ninestocks.com/2014/11/macd12269-bull-crossover-stocks-nov-12-3/

  24. American Eagle: Results Of Operations And Financial Condition http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1259719 $AEO

  25. Gainers-3 $ISNS 12%, $VRML 12%, $DRRX 12%, $WUBA 11%, $CRCM 11%, $THTI 11%, $MTEX 11%, $PZG 11%, $PE 10%, $ANIP 10%, $AEO 10%,