1. 1234 Bearish http://www.dailystockplays.com/1234-Bearish-2015-07-06.html $FSL $PAYX $NSM $KIM $AINV $TWO $SLM $WMT $AEP $ARO $ENDP $AKRX $XLU $ODP $NAVI $CNP $QVCA $RPAI

  2. Top $XLU holdings look poised for higher here including $DUK $NEE $SO $AEP and more.

  3. $XLU FMD Capital Management: utilities look attractive at these levels http://fmdcapital.com/3-sectors-to-watch-in-the-second-half-of-2015/#.VZgGqVFjLPY.twitter $RYU $SO $DUK $AEP $EXC

  4. Many Electrical Utilities have bounced off lower T/L S and flashing Bullish MACD $AEP $EIX $ES $NEE $WEC; watch for Continuation Play

  5. 04 Jul 2015: Downtrend Stocks in Utilities $AEE $AEP $CMS $DUK $EIX $ETR $EXC $GAS $NRG $PCG http://tqequity.com/?p=2711 #oil #stocks #equity

  6. Big move from open: http://adamhgrimes.com/files/DayStats.htm, $EPD, $ACE, $ETP, $AEP, $Q, $NEE, $EIX, $CNC, $CTSH, $GRUB, $LBTYK, $ROST, $SERV, $PANW, $SUNE

  7. $XLU Patient investors will be rewarded $RYU $SO $D $DUK $ED $PPL $PEG $EXC $AEP

  8. $XLU Utility stocks about to pop http://finance.yahoo.com/video/utility-stocks-pop-182100046.html $RYU $SO $NEE $EXC $D $AEP $PPL $PEG $SRE $DUK

  9. American Electric Power Company director was just granted 708 restricted shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=1815023 $AEP

  10. American Electric Power Company director was just granted 708 restricted shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=1815007 $AEP

  11. $AEP: New Insider Transaction on AEP by Director RASMUSSEN STEPHEN S: http://insideri.com/1023674_000139888915000111_0001398889-15-000111

  12. American Electric Power Company director was just granted 708 restricted shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=1814999 $AEP

  13. Active Stocks Roundup: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/?p=14070 $AEP $WG $WYY $LMT

  14. Monday Sector Leaders: Utilities, Healthcare $ZMH $BDX $XLU $AEP $SO https://www.marketnewsvideo.com/article/201506/monday-sector-leaders-utilities-healthcare-so-aep-xlu-bdx-zmh-XLU06292015spxldr.htm/

  15. Utilities doing very well today: $XLU almost +1% led by $FE $SO $PEG $ED $D $AEP $PCG > +1% #stocks $ES_F -21

  16. Published $AEP estimate on Estimize: Our Quant models forecast a 1,52% surprise on eps and a 1,48% ... http://www.estimize.com/aep/fq2-2015/estimates/179237?utm_medium=share&utm_source=stocktwits

  17. Deep dive on American Electric Power s CEO and management, take a look at $AEP:

  18. $XLU check out the RSI and stochastics. Perfect setup for a comeback $PPL $D $ED $SO $DUK $PEG $RYU $NEE $EXC $AEP

  19. $AEP: New SEC Filing for AEP: Form 11-K, No. 0000004904-15-000024 http://stocknewsflow.com/4904_000000490415000024_0000004904-15-000024

  20. Annual report of employee stock purchase, savings and similar plans http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/no/summary2/?id=1797106 $AEP

  21. $XLU : sweating it out, but hasn t broken the trendline yet! $D $SO $DUK $PEG $NEE $PCG $SRE $EXC $AEP $PPL $RYU

  22. Big moves: http://adamhgrimes.com/files/DayStats.htm, $DDD, $NTES, $SRPT, $CHL, $DNKN, $MOMO, $SONC, $RMD, $INFN, $COG, $PM, $CLVS, $AEP, $AXTA

  23. Current Trade Stocks Highlights: http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/current-trade-stocks-highlights-youku-tudou-nyseyoku-realty-income-nyseo-gentex-nasdaqgntx-american-electric-power-company-nyseaep/1512859/ $YOKU $O $GNTX $AEP

  24. Big move from open: http://adamhgrimes.com/files/DayStats.htm, $EQT, $NI, $CEMP, $SGY, $SDRL, $QEP, $PRGO, $SONC, $PCG, $PNW, $AEP, $PEG, $DRI, $PLD, $EXR

  25. Stock Trends-Advance Warning -Pending Reversal of Current Trend $SPY $MAS $TSCO $SNPS $IMAX $AEP $PRU $VRSK $MLM $DHR http://marketswingplayer.com/StockTrendReversals.aspx