1. @Joekelly $AERG perking up??? Could be nice!

  2. @Joekelly $AERG 99% shorted yesterday. There is no stock available. With this news on Iraq we could see an amazing short squeeze.

  3. @Joekelly These levels could be a good strike price on $AERG.Could they be preparing the slingshot for launch? It s a fun thought either way

  4. @Joekelly Nice to hear from you. I am still holding $AERG as well. Did you read their new Q? It was released a a couple days ago.

  5. @TheForceTrader Been trying to get some more $AERG for .02 but cheap empire turkeys wont sell me any.

  6. @Joekelly The CEO mentioned Aquisition & or Merger in his Year end. which should mean great news for us for $AERG

  7. $CWTR In @ .74 out at .87. Back in @ .66 out at .77. Back in @ .18 out at .36. Good night. Bought $CSFSF @ .09. Still long $STTK & $AERG

  8. @joekelly stay tuned in on $AERG The Force might be sensing a turn around. Also, I think $STTK might be making a turn around from here too.

  9. @Joekelly Cost averaging is always a wise decision. Would like to see a good profit come from $AERG.

  10. @TheForceTrader Resistance was futile Master. I had to double up on $AERG.

  11. @the__twit @R2D2_ We will turn you from the Dark Side, The Force is strong with STTK. In $AERG & $CWTR

  12. $AERG fringe indeed..so this gets a stream but not ELTP...?!?!

  13. $AERG Fringe stream.

  14. 20 Stocks in the Technology Catching Bids $AERG $WIX $DYSL & $MU http://y.ahoo.it/s84IHmIh

  15. $STTK last chance? My weak minded minions: $AMD ;) $ARIA $SIRI $KGC $NFLX $NURO $FU $FREE $GALE $PVG $BONE $ARTH $CWTR $AERG $RVM $DNN $NBY

  16. $AERG Really feeling the love here. Perfect time to be investing in Defense stocks considering the recent conflicts Watching $ARTX $BA $LMT

  17. Stick it to Putin and the Russians. Sell Gazprom and buy $AERG.

  18. @Joekelly A 10 bagger on $AERG would be a game changer. That s for sure.

  19. @TheForceTrader @joekelly Hell yeah I m in $AERG! I think it will be your best pick yet Master.

  20. @joekelly They were just saying on CNBC that Tech Stocks are the hottest investment right now and oh yeah, we are in $AERG right? Nice.

  21. @joekelly $AERG don t be discouraged by the 400K ask size. That isn t me, as I m holding a larger position.

  22. @TheForceTrader Just stole some $AERG for .027. Feeling The Force long.

  23. @joeG69 Good play. I bought $RIOM and $AERG today.


  25. $AERG On the move +100% Gotta love this Best in class Laser Defense Sys.. $LMT $ARTX $HON $TDY $BA $GOOG $AMD $ERJ $TDG $LNGT $BIOL LASERS!!