2. $Aeri thinking about starting position around $18 $blue $kite $juno $ibb

  3. $AERI pump and dump


  5. Tomorrow after great close above 21 I ll double my position in $AERI , it ll be more expensive than one week ago but now it s so strong!


  7. $AERI This should actually be about $40 a share. $35 before P3 data 2x (multiple de-risking events). Though, biotech crash recently. Still..

  8. $aeri made my day

  9. $AERI

  10. $aeri rocket today holding from $16 will swing it over $21-22 area

  11. $OPK $CANF $AERI $CTRV my watch list and priority for today

  12. $juno holding it from $39ish level and $aeri from $17 $bidu from $136 , $fdx from $142 , $csiq and $jks from $-15-$16 level, $fcx from $8

  13. $JUNO in BREAKOUT MODE !!!!!! $AERI could pop...

  14. $AERI surged in the final hour of trading and closed back over the 200-day exponential moving average = Bullish

  15. Stocks to Watch for October 06, 2015 http://www.ac-investor.blogspot.com/2015/10/stocks-to-watch-for-october-06-2015.html $AERI $BITA $RBCN $VVUS $X + after-hours movers $ARNA $REXX $VSAR $SCTY

  16. $BDSI up 2.3% today up 15% from position slowly heading up just like $AERI did before approval and 100% jump

  17. $AERI back over $20

  18. $AERI Will this rise past $20 and punch remaining retail shorts in the gut? Good chances on a Monday to go past options price pivots.

  19. $AERI $HRTX Friday s predefined setups http://www.upstockstrading.com/2015/10/upstockstrading-daily-newsletter-spy-kite-cybr-hrtx/ - triggered and hit target.

  20. @UPstockstrading: #testimonials Following $AERI trade idea http://www.upstockstrading.com/2015/10/upstockstrading-daily-newsletter-spy-kite-cybr-hrtx/

  21. #testimonials Following $AERI trade idea http://www.upstockstrading.com/2015/10/upstockstrading-daily-newsletter-spy-kite-cybr-hrtx/

  22. Biotech are finally recovering, $IBB $AERI $HRTX , I think they ll hit original price before the minor crash by next wednesday hopefully.

  23. $AERI buy by Brean Capital. Brief explanation here: https://www.flashratings.com/stories/223094?s=663566

  24. $AERI Confidence-building reading regarding Aerie financial strategy. http://pastebin.com/ipZLp1zC

  25. $GBSN First green day for many of the crash victims. Let the +50% recovery begin $PETX $DEPO $AERI $CARA $ $IMGN $ADXS $ $PCRX $OVAS $GBSN