1. $AEZS by scheduling to speak at the conference I believe that they have the interim analysis in hand and we should see an update this week.

  2. $AEZS huge support at .55

  3. $AEZS needs some type of news to push through and break .68 onto .70 s

  4. $AEZS $RGRX $ENZN $MCP riding high

  5. $CVSL is another pump and dump game - Aegis just arrived to do it. It has warrants and will skyrocket soon. $BIOC $RGSE $AEZS $NSPR $TCPI

  6. $AERI = $AEZS both same value = $1.50 Book value

  7. $AEZS I said last week that this is the same pattern that happened previous 3 times. Now 4. Needs news to get past .64

  8. $RGSE Bot 50K of RGSE. Wish me luck! Now I am owner of $BIOC $CYTX $AEZS $NSPR $TCPI

  9. $AEZS Ahh, the slow bleed to news. Flash crash or two on the way then 2-3 days of sideways trading? Probably. #JustPharmaTradingThings

  10. $AEZS lol what is happening here?

  11. $AEZS This news could get us going I would like to see .80

  12. $AEZS imuc next to pop

  13. $AEZS if it breaks .56 .55 then its pretty much back to the old trading range of .48 - .59

  14. $AEZS will touch .54 s again.


  16. $AEZS I bet zopt info will be released before May 5

  17. $AEZS Median OS for Zopt is going to be better than Dox.. Period

  18. $AEZS Let the games begin...

  19. $CYTX $AEZS $ARWR all with serious 3x potential this year. Might not have to wait that long.

  20. $AEZS Let the run-up to news begin. Tomorrow should be up 10-15%.

  21. $AEZS may 5 it is.... :)

  22. $AEZS http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=66549631&xref=newsalerttweet&adw=1126416

  23. $AEZS next support is 0.551, so we might bounce off of this a few times before we go up to 0.85

  24. $AEZS back in small

  25. $AEZS P3 results were supposed to be in April isnt it? one week to go and No news.. I wonder