2. $AEZS let us break $0.55 level to fly.

  3. $AEZS very nice double bottom in 4hr chart. BULLISH.

  4. @thewealthyaddict invest a portion of ur money in $NSPR $TBIO $AEZS $Gale and $RGSE - they can run big time anytime

  5. $AEZS concrete step in our strategy of internal drug discovery programs to focus resources on clinical programs and commercial activities,

  6. $AEZS up up

  7. $AEZS with which we have already established a close collaboration for our ZoptEC Phase 3 trial in endometrial cancer.

  8. $AEZS We look forward to working with the Center and MUSC

  9. $AEZS Interesting news!

  10. $AEZS http://finance.yahoo.com/news/aeterna-zentaris-signs-transfer-agreement-113000463.html

  11. @Maxgain0114 $AEZS Well it s biopharm so you at least need limits and alerts, respect your rules.

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  13. $AEZS Not going to follow it closely. This could 10-15% in heart beat or not move at all for weeks. Just forget following it.

  14. $AEZS patience is the key with this one but April looks good with possible news/announcement coming.

  15. $AEZS added to zack s strong buy a week ago. :)

  16. $AEZS Good finish!

  17. @ezaahm $BIOC My lucrative stocks for April. $BIOC $NSPR $AEZS $GALE $RGSE - I am lionish on all :) I just used my margin to get more

  18. $BIOC My lucrative stocks for April. $BIOC $NSPR $AEZS $GALE $RGSE - I am lionish on all :)

  19. $AEZS great buy here.Just have to be patient for the next run up.Could trade in this price range for even 2 weeks or so and then make a move

  20. $AEZS idk seems like a buy but not sure if it will touch 52 week low of $ .48

  21. $AEZS seems like an obvious buy into April yet there is no buying. Market pricing low % chance of + results it appears at the moment.

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