1. Be ready for next week: Longs: $AEZS, $BVN, $BWP, $ACI, $ANR, $ALXA Shorts: $BG

  2. $SIGA $OXGN $AEZS #breakout is coming. $OGXI good entry price. $ECYTready to go to 14$. OUR PASSION IS TO INVEST IN BIOTECH STOCKS!

  3. @PowerTriggerTrade Imo $AEZS looks like it may run and even double your thoughts?

  4. $RXII before slipping off, take a gander over to $AEZS, big date Nov. 5. Also a look at $MANH $KFY

  5. @amoo $NAVB and $ISR hangin right in there, $AEZS looking better too.

  6. $AEZS for a nice trade for next week gap up check out YHOO

  7. Current option positions: $AMRN $BLUE $CRIS $ETRM $ATRS $EXEL. Holding shares: $ATRS $ETRM $EXEL $NAVB $AEZS $ATOS $CRIS $GTXI $MJNA

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  9. @mensa_1963 What do you think of $AEZS?

  10. $AEZS would have been very attractive on today s action had we seen more volume. Will it come soon? watching.

  11. $AEZS today s buy volume: 732,992 - today s sell volume: 281,261. Looks like it s ready to go retest the 1.50 s

  12. $OXGN $ECYT $AEZS Bullish. All of them mailed in our newsletters.

  13. $AEZS: Someone trying mightily to keep this down into the close. Gap watch for tomorrow.

  14. $WPCS Almost to $1.30 like I said then $1.10. $AEZS is the one to watch!! Don t watch too long though ;)

  15. $AEZS Bought a starter this has the potential........>

  16. $AEZS Come on volume! Let s get this party started. I wanna see it test $1.50

  17. $AEZS Nice strong bid. Looks like under $1.35 was a bargain

  18. $AEZS Showing some nice improvement

  19. $AEZS added more at 1.37, she ll go up.

  20. $AEZS

  21. $AEZS good girl..

  22. $AEZS And it s that easy to make money! http://y.ahoo.it/Bqno3y7J Don t over think it, simple is almost always best.

  23. $AEZS: Breaking above the 2 week hourly downtrend line. http://y.ahoo.it/xemVCzje

  24. $AEZS monthly RSI not even at 50 yet. I show 48 reading. Big upside can happen even as weekly is overbought.

  25. $AEZS watch for a breakout here