1. $AEZS Confidence? http://www.aezsinc.com/pdfdyn/Q1%202014%20results%20PR%20English-FINAL.pdf

  2. $AEZS Over the remainder of the year, our primary focus will be on finalizing our launch and commercialization preparation for MACRILEN™

  3. $AEZS current pipeline: http://www.aezsinc.com/en/page.php?p=20 P3 Interim data on Endometrial cancer due during 1H next year.

  4. Tiny market capped tickers are easily manipulated. We ve all seen it. But $AEZS has a rich pipeline, and it can t stay this small forever.

  5. @dfair08 @ToesInSand just a fyi, along with my EXCELLENT call and DD on $NAVB, $AEZS will be next. PDUFA next Tuesday. :-)

  6. @Marking do they ever? SA is just another manipulative site for the most part. The Street part 2. lol $AEZS

  7. Bearish MACD Crossovers 1/3 $AEM $AEZS $ASM $AU $AUY $CEF $COT $CYH $FB $FSGI $GCAP $GCVRZ $GLUU $GORO $GRUB $GSJK http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/2014/10/bearish-macd-crossovers-aem-aezs-asm-au.html

  8. @Marking 1.37 mil, I know that. I am disputing your commentary that there are only 5-6 left. Thats pure speculation $AEZS

  9. $AEZS exact and no serious emergent safety factors except for one which i will not go in to. nonetheless, easy approval..

  10. $AEZS on further notice, i know this company with the back of my hand and i guarentee you theres efficiency 87% accuracy of evaluation to be

  11. $AEZS after perusing SA writer s bs. looks like he didnt take the time to do his DD on Macrilens market and its clinical data

  12. $AEZS if sales do not meet expectation, don t be surprised on a secondary offering as it is COMPLETELY NORMAL for small caps

  13. $AEZS offerings will not be made until 2nd quarter of 2015 confirmed by management. They will ride on revenue of estrogel and Macrilen and

  14. $AEZS is headed. ATM shares sales should be more than halfway done by now. Assuming approx 5-6M remaining shares to capitalize on. further

  15. Today s SA article pointed out a critical point about the dilution in $AEZS. However he is clearly wrong about the direction in which this

  16. @ApeManJuan No, definitely not, just tracking my calls. Stock down 9.4% since I called sell Oct 29 premarket http://seekingalpha.com/article/2609795-aeterna-zentaris-the-bear-case-in-front-of-the-november-5th-pdufa $AEZS

  17. Performance since stock call. If bought: $TRGT (-0.8%), $BOTA (-1.2%), $RGDO (-6.4%). If shorted: $HEB (+10.1%), $AEZS (+9.4%)

  18. $AEZS this is a trick or treat stock

  19. $AEZS I dumped maybe it will get approved but I was only holding for the pre run which is happening in the wrong direction.

  20. $AEZS lets be honest, this thing isn t getting approved.

  21. $AEZS sellers continuing to hit bids as PDUFA approaches...

  22. @ap100 Not just recent trend, but since the Perifosine fail years ago, along with sorry a$$ mgmt. But eventually $AEZS will thrive.

  23. $AEZS back into the red again...

  24. @ap100 I ve been trading $AEZS steadily while holding core 40K. I probably hold core through PDUFA, while trading the rest.

  25. $AEZS added 21980 @ 1.09. Took a while... Now holding 71980 shares. What an odd number...