1. $AEZS Would be nice for an oncologist to chime in on whether this drug is truly groundbreaking or if it s a rehash of older treatments.

  2. $AEZS

  3. $AEZS too many optimistic people here. Be smart people. Anything could happen good or bad. Hopefully up but don t bet the farm. No pos.

  4. @jw852: $AEZS this could happen here!!! The float was wayyyy smaller

  5. $AEZS this could happen here!!!

  6. $GBSN @Daniel_Ward would love to have your warrants analysis like you did on $AEZS but for $GBSN

  7. $AEZS Makes me feel old to be surrounded by Kiddie Baby Whiners who expect to grab 20% daily with no waiting. Did Buffett do it that way?

  8. $AEZS Im not sure what news we are hearing tommorow about the warrants but the dsmb news could still be a few weeks away

  9. $AEZS is going to make me rich. 120k shares...30 cents coming soon near you

  10. $AEZS yeah dont risk everything here

  11. $AEZS bumped the rising trend line twice today. Something has to give soon. https://www.tradingview.com/x/gnfcwj4k/

  12. $AEZS This is either going to make a lot of people rich or be very bad for some people, theres no sure way to tell but if it was easy then

  13. $AEZS big day soon big upside potential with very little downside left

  14. $AEZS dumped at the bottom

  15. $AEZS 1 warrant at bottom price of .0541 equaled 33 shares the more the price went up the less shares per warrant? most ppl would of

  16. $AEZS after october 9th they can dump as many shares as they want? up until now it was only a 100,000 a day good or bad?

  17. $AEZS afraid to own it. Afraid to sell it. Fear and stupidity rule my trading.

  18. $AEZS ever heard of watched pot never boils ? Maybe we should leave this alone for a while.

  19. VIDEO - Aeterna Zentaris ($AEZS) Stock Chart Technical Analysis - 10-08-15 - watch here: https://claytrader.com/stock_chart/AEZS/?utm_source=social&utm_medium=stocktwits&utm_campaign=chart

  20. $AEZS Bring the news! Anything.. our collective sanity depends on it XD!!

  21. $AEZS Tomorrow should be fun..

  22. $AEZS same shix everyday..

  23. $AEZS Good things are cooking here. Taste a Macallan 23 Years, a Montecristo, and relax.

  24. $AEZS Honestly, through the years and losing money in trading I learned that if you re not patient you should look for a job in a Drive-Thru

  25. $AEZS finally be able to fly.That might be why it is going sideways so much today because investors know that this stock can t go above that