1. @Voldey Ur prob right. Lots of biotech where peeps sell on the news. If prices are this low for $AEZS it would be hard to sell the news.

  2. $OXGN $ALXA $AEZS $SGYP Oversold moving well too

  3. $AEZS At this rate this will reach almost $1.50 by nov 5th. Meh

  4. $AEZS let it run to $2.50 so bbear can get out from 87 cents.

  5. $AEZS 12 more days til PDUFA date. Watch this run.

  6. @timboxx $SYN and $AEZS shaping up nicely too :-) Go $NAVB!

  7. $AEZS what s TP in case of approval?

  8. $AEZS is the pdufa date 11/05 or within thin date?

  9. $AEZS There s no doubt this is being manipulated by the MMs. Each time I ve traded this has been ATM blocks of 20k+ that NEVER hit the B/A.

  10. $AEZS Pure manipulation. Now I think this rides up til the PDUFA date. Then who knows. Learned from watching this one. Maybe Ill get back in

  11. $AEZS So anyone knows about big drop two days ago?

  12. Strong day! My daily winners $AEZS $ACST $STEM $NVAX $ONTX $ZGNX $CYTR $IMMU $OREX all over 5% holding all longs

  13. $AEZS gonna fill that upside gap soon.

  14. Gainers-4 $TNP 14%, $LTBR 14%, $ATHX 14%, $REN 13%, $AEZS 13%, $EROC 13%, $GSAT 13%, $SRLP 13%, $RTK 13%, $GDP 13%, $SWSH 13%,

  15. $AEZS Sold flat, needs more volume. Missed NLNK 30 break. Damn it!

  16. $AEZS what a well executed bear raid.....down to .82

  17. $AEZS Added another 4k at 1.0899

  18. @boynamedsue long way to go back to $1.50ish and higher...hope you re right, $AEZS

  19. $AEZS Was manipulated big time. Unfortunately the weak sold due to fear. Keeping an eye on this one. November 5th is near.

  20. $AEZS Unfortunate past few days, but still confident about science and pipeline. Great potential buyout target if we get approval nov 5

  21. $AEZS POS

  22. $AEZS im just impressed its green on yet another incredibly sh*tty market day...

  23. $AEZS Exchange of views on manipulation of 14/10!who do you think?volum to 4.5 times the average of the last 250 days. I await your opinion.

  24. $AEZS hi, their MC is about 56 mio and they have about 47 mio cash. buy buy buy cant go lower $RNN $BNC.CA

  25. $AEZS Nothing surprising, you can t predict price action prior to PDUFA.