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  4. $LPCN Up 10% on 25x 10-day average volume. Huge blocks accumulated for Phase 3 results next month. $AEZS $MNKD $INO $NPSP $RNN $MSTX $ACRX


  6. @upstocks $AEZS sure looks to have a move in a day or two and I have a bet on it breaking that 1.21. You see 1.28 the next resistance?

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  9. $AEZS :(

  10. $AEZS green close?!? stay tuned

  11. $AEZS bbear knows this will go down to .90 a share. money to be made.

  12. $AEZS In at 1.16

  13. $AEZS looking for an add here

  14. $AEZS Loser!!!

  15. $AEZS If SA can put out 1 article and cause nearly a 20% jump in pps, just wait until more PR as PDUFA approaches.

  16. $AEZS I ve been in and out of this thing 3 times now all with profit...waiting for 1.15-1.18 to start building a big position for runup

  17. $AEZS And down we go again...

  18. $AEZS Nice dump before closing time, thnx...

  19. $AEZS snoozer today, but still

  20. $AEZS anticipating adcom date news prior to nov pdufa

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  22. Nice to be green on a down day $plug $fb $aezs $extr $pgnx

  23. $AEZS ....I was my greatest mistake.....I lost so much money with AEZS....

  24. $AEZS ....Don t fall in love with a share. I did....I wasmy

  25. $AEZS A successful indication going into PDUFA ... Why still a penny stock?