1. $CPST $DRWI $AEZS $LIQD on watch for rest of week

  2. @lakings42 $AEZS chart by my read says near term overbought, but golden cross is looming. Good luck, I put patience aside and jumped

  3. $AEZS waiting for a slight correction before I pile in

  4. $AEZS I see a runup to 1.50-1.60 in a couple weeks then consolidation to 1.40 area before PDUFA run up to 1.80-2.00

  5. $AEZS chart shows a golden cross in the cards.


  7. $AEZS this is a gem. Look at its pipeline.

  8. $AEZS Watching closely for entry, I think it breaks out today!

  9. $AEZS get in now for stupid gains

  10. #biotech #buy #stocks $MNOV $OREX $PGNX $AEZS $SGYP $CPHI $CYTR $RNN $VSTM $MSTX $CYCC $SPHS and others http://y.ahoo.it/4FEKDrYQ

  11. $AEZS building candles on the wedge break out ... you should be in..long

  12. $AEZS I see $1.60 within 2-3 weeks, should I get back in my basement or am I on to something?

  13. $AEZS What can this reach BEFORE the PDUFA announcement?

  14. Very nice day 4 $ATOS $AEZS $CRIS $ETRM. $ATOS 2 reach 2.50 PPS near future. All my puts 4 $MNKD $PLUG $INO expired Friday n looking 4 opps.

  15. $AEZS Cash and cash equivalents totaled $39.6 million at June 30, 2014, compared to $43.2 million at December 31, 2013.

  16. $AEZS seen this before only to be followed by yet another secondary...do they dare do another offering?

  17. $AEZS Big volume at the end. Today volume above the average. Breakout could be coming

  18. $AEZS here the link: http://y.ahoo.it/SoLZor0z

  19. $AEZS this will likely climb from here...2 something is a possibility. loading up

  20. $AEZS will present at Rodman&Renshaw Global Investment Conference. Audience of over 2000 attendees. Venture Capitalist, Private Equity Firms

  21. $AEZS when will they get FDA approval ?

  22. $AEZS Been sitting with -$1k+ for the longest of time, and now im positive! *cough* $33, haha. Almost added more at 1.27, but chose DGAZ

  23. $AEZS buyer..

  24. $AEZS brewing....

  25. $AEZS slow grind up -- daily chart