1. $AEZS Buyout of $INSV on near bankruptcy http://www.bizjournals.com/sanfrancisco/blog/biotech/2015/09/biotech-mergers-acquisitions-insv-qlti-depo-hznp.html?ana=yahoo

  2. $AEZS 1579.79% upside http://www.mysmartrend.com/news-briefs/candlestick/aeterna-zentaris-looks-continue-trade-below-its-annual-low-share-price-toda-2

  3. $AEZS My AVG cost per share is .079.

  4. $AEZS Now holding $80k position here. Plan to load $15k on every NEW 52wk LOW, up to $140k, thru SEPT. expecting > 600% return, in OCT!

  5. $AEZS why was the volume so high today?

  6. $AEZS How long before it gets delisted on Nasdaq!? is it eligible for extension?

  7. $AEZS @Streetbullx2 Tine for Gu TO LOAD esé

  8. $AEZS picked up some in the .07s

  9. $AEZS Why does $AEZS just report bloating OS (which seems to be material news imo) on a fact sheet buried on website? Why no 8-K?

  10. $AEZS OS now up to 237.7m shrs. Market cap is still ~19 million even w price decline http://www.aezsinc.com/pdfdyn/FACT-SHEET-ENG-August-2015%20Final.pdf

  11. $AEZS IMO this will EASILY DOUBLE or TRIPLE from this level!

  12. $AEZS massive dilution, pink sheets is just around the corner, not even good for OTCQB.

  13. $AEZS If this doesn t run Tuesday, I will add another $15k!

  14. $AEZS At the cusp of 1M SHARE mark! :))

  15. $AEZS It didn t run today, but, today was a GREAT BUYING opp! I actually wanted the price to go down! lol

  16. $AEZS Great oppurtunity to load at bargain prices, which is what I have been doing ALL DAY! : )

  17. $AEZS is 19th most active stock in the world right now!

  18. $AEZS I just want to recoup my loss. Let me see .25 in at least a year from now and ill be happy. fck me.

  19. $AEZS never fails to disappoint. Whenever you think it can t go lower, it does lol



  22. $AEZS Just DOUBLED my position here.

  23. $AEZS investor slide says Approx.$.19 / share in cash as of June 30th, should be trading at 2-3 times cash or a least $.40-$.50 right now

  24. Stock’s Trend Analysis Report – http://www.wsnewspublishers.com/stocks-trend-analysis-report-aeterna-zentaris-inc-nasdaqaezs-teck-resources-limited-nysetck-zillow-group-inc-nasdaqzg/1527822/ $AEZS $TCK $ZG

  25. $AEZS will it go down to 0.02 cent?