1. $AEZS *VOLUME GROWTH* 21 Day Volume (avg): 1283112 Two Day Volume: 32773856

  2. $AEZS next week conference, partnership possible, insider bought, maybe knowing something

  3. $AEZS 100 million marketcap is imminent, so 10$

  4. $AEZS http://stocktwits.com/GreatStockPix aezs some one is trying add stock price to bring vale to 6 plus

  5. $AEZS http://stocktwits.com/GreatStockPix

  6. $AEZS Another good article http://www.bidnessetc.com/62773-why-ma-delay-can-spell-disaster-for-gilead-sciences-inc-gild-stock/

  7. $AEZS

  8. $AEZS

  9. $AEZS no sellers, but there are no buyers either... Very stale...

  10. $GBSN $AEZS $WGBS These could double, maybe soon.

  11. $AEZS The mkt cap is already pretty bad for a company with 2 P3 drugs in the pipeline. They need to sell the company to a bigger entity.

  12. $AEZS This got to be one of the worst companies out there. If this goes below a dollar. Expect a reverse spit again.

  13. $KOOL $NSPH $GBSN $ASTI $KOOL $AVEO $SYN $AEZS if we re not making money, it s time!... Enjoy and Drink on!...

  14. $AEZS insider buying. just to suck more retail investors in.

  15. $AEZS This is nothing but a short attack. Defies logic that this is even below $10/sh. WS is saying the pipeline is worthless..I disagree

  16. $AEZS short attack small position holding til 5 plus buy on the dips the shorts will freak out 2.85 give me some more

  17. $AEZS After reading that blog posted last night about stock price manipulation by short sellers, I am 100% convinced that is happening here

  18. $AEZS My guess is they re shaking out weak hands before mm s drive this up on higher volume. Mm s want cheaper shares. Don t be stupid ppl.

  19. $AEZS this company has money to get through 2Q 17. Not to mention burn rate adj.with closing of Canada office.

  20. $AEZS 1-1.20 before data .

  21. $AEZS Dont buy it. This company needs money. No data or news until end of 2016.

  22. $AEZS is this mean we lost our money I am talking about this pep in it from the $15? Any one knows

  23. $AEZS This is going on here. Low float manipulation is the daily norm. However any good news could send this soaring

  24. $AEZS http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/2918951-g-hudson/1026551-how-the-big-players-manipulate-the-stock-market

  25. $AEZS Hedge funds got cozy around $15, why is this so low? What is going on here.... there must be something I m missing.