1. $AEZS Nice video for next week.

  2. $AEZS greed and fear!

  3. $AEZS wonder if $KBIO would buy $AEZS ? It s possible

  4. $AEZS What is the symbol on the TSX

  5. $AEZS The greedy Americans couldn t help but take profits today for the holiday weekend.

  6. $AEZS Xotic please provide proof when you get it. Thank you

  7. $AEZS and that s how rumors get started. Haha

  8. $AEZS talk of merger what!!

  9. $AEZS do not get me wrong. Merger would be great, but I ll wait for the official sec filing. As of now I see nothing

  10. $AEZS it was about merging

  11. $AEZS I seen a MSG on Etrade and then it went away.

  12. $AEZS some news came out guys. I think it will run AH

  13. $HART nice runner! We also took +$0.50 profit on $AEZS and bought $NCTY around $4 All wins, great profits locked!

  14. $RLYP $AAMC $PIRS $CLVS $OPK $MCUR $NMBL $OZRK $SUNE $AEZS $CSFL $DUST and i guess $KBIO - this is for me not you, greedy s.o.b

  15. $AEZS

  16. $AEZS So... Time to sell? Or hold wait till Monday?

  17. $AEZS anything moving ahs ?

  18. VIDEO - Aeterna Zentaris ($AEZS) Stock Chart Technical Analysis - 11-27-15 - watch here: https://claytrader.com/stock_chart/AEZS/?utm_source=social&utm_medium=stocktwits&utm_campaign=chart

  19. $AEZS when almost every outstanding share is traded & it closes red, run. Look, red volume. Data doesn t lie.

  20. Trade Recap 11 / 27. Traded: $MCUR $EFUT $RPRX $NCTY $TCPI $ABGB Watching: $VLTC $AEZS $GBSN $TVIX $AKBA $RLYP $LF

  21. $AEZS without another fluff PR on Monday, it will fall below $10 on its way back to cash on hand ($5 PPS) range, IMO.

  22. $AEZS as green Ireland in summer. Up ara!

  23. $AEZS on what dad did R/S occur....

  24. $AEZS sorry

  25. $AEZS correction my friend the 1:100 RS was AEZ.CA, same company but cross listed stock is supported by US exchange, check your facts BEAR.