1. @itsupndown If they receive a CRL it could be halted...happened to me on $AEZS A tight stop isn t saving you! #nowheretohide

  2. @jakelame007 $AEZS yahoo and SA broke up based on how much Yahoo was erring paid for each click

  3. @jakelame007 $AEZS the CRL was a disaster. At this level though, risk is balanced

  4. @jakelame007 I have been a bear for the past four months. The stock has dropped 55%. Looks like I was pretty right $AEZS

  5. @Daniel_Ward Come on man, u have trashed this stock & now u are easing up a bit. $AEZS is NOT a disaster that should be avoided. Potential!

  6. @jakelame007 $AEZS at this valuation, risk is balanced. I ve shown the math. I don t understand why you just like being critical

  7. @jakelame007 $AEZS there is no way it s going to 1 before results. I put a PT of 0.75 as upside before results

  8. @Daniel_Ward Funny how u changed your mind about $AEZS upside. Getting the picture yet, a pop over .7 isnt impossible nor 1.00.

  9. I have been $AEZS bear since before Macrilen CRL, but stock appropriate valued at around 30 mil

  10. $AEZS closed up almost 4%. My upgrade went out to SA PRO this morn (sitewide after 10am tomorrow). At current valuation, wise to cover short

  11. $AEZS Buying to play into the catalyst

  12. Finished $AEZS article where I ll be coming out with price target and rating change. Follow me here to get it -----> http://seekingalpha.com/author/daniel-ward

  13. $AEZS will publicly announce plan for Macrilen soon after FDA meeting, which is expected soon. Estimate for update: near end of 1st Q.

  14. Listening to $AEZS presentation from Biotech Showcase Jan 14th. Actually interesting info. Dodd on P3 results: early part of this year

  15. Will be performing a further review on $AEZS this weekend. SA Pro Monday, sitewide Tuesday. My last update on name: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2655855-why-i-still-remain-bearish-on-aeterna-zentaris

  16. @jakelame007 $AEZS is poorly run and lacks direction. $OXGN has potential in pipeline, even if you ignore it

  17. Leave it 2 Dani Ward 2 tell u that $AEZS took a dump today but $OXGN drops... nothing. Both stocks are terrible but Dani focus on $AEZS drop

  18. $AEZS breaking down to pre Dec pop lows below 0.55. P3 results for endometrial cancer treatment in H1

  19. $AEZS might go long at .50, this stock seems to have terrible management with an insanely attractive pipeline

  20. New bearish conversation activity in $AEZS. Had been quiet for past 48 hours.

  21. @jakelame007 Not all bios trading at bargain prices are equal. Some have turn-around potential $OXGN , some are garbage $AEZS. All imo

  22. @jakelame007 $AEZS drug has less of a chance IMO and has horrible management. AEZS burns through cash ridiculously fast

  23. @jakelame007 $OXGN is a buy and $AEZS is a sell. $OXGN drug has a chance with catalysts upcoming

  24. @Daniel_Ward So $OXGN is a buy/hold & $AEZS is a sell. Yet they both trade under cash value & have a pipeline. Seems conflicting.

  25. @jakelame007 I reiterated $AEZS as a sell at 0.65 after CRL (http://seekingalpha.com/article/2655855-why-i-still-remain-bearish-on-aeterna-zentaris), with the stock down around 14% since the