1. $RLYP What do we know abt 5AM Ventures? Get the feeling they were the ones who shuttled Orwin from $AFFY to $RLYP. Exited $RLYP in Q3/4 15.

  2. $AFFY had an FDA approved drug on the market and it only took 2 weeks for it to go from > $10 down to $2. $ZFGN shouldn t wait to raise $.

  3. $ZFGN reminiscing $AFFY

  4. $ZFGN oh look, another $AFFY

  5. $AFFY is there anything happening here ?

  6. $AFFY going to $IVOB FDA clearence

  7. $RLYP I m surprised CEO hasn t been investigated by the FBI. New company, new deal w Fresenius? Destroyed evidence and bankrupted $AFFY

  8. @Think4self some positive upgrades and pr today in $ACAD $PBYI $EXEL $AFFY $XENE all good daytrade ideas. GL

  9. In 2011, WBB Securities also upgraded $AFFY to Strong Buy and an $8 p/t. I m bullish but this was a P2 trial. $OMER http://www.cheatsheet.com/politics/healthcare/wbb-securities-upgrades-this-biopharmaceutical-stock-to-strong-buy.html/

  10. $CLDN see $AFFY this doesn t end well. Rumors will bounce this around, in the end it s going to pennies.

  11. $CLDN see $AFFY Both over 20, both will be pennies. Sorry.

  12. $CLDN next $AFFY ?

  13. $RLYP CEO was CEO of $AFFY - guys a CROOK. He hired a lot of the incompetent idiots at AFFY to join. I wouldn t touch this with 10ft pole.

  14. $NEWL $AFFY $COCO $LIQD $DNDN going back to basics and investing in strong long term hold powerhouses like these. Sick of making money.

  15. @sogenerous Whats good in biotech lately? Was burned with $affy

  16. $ARIA Other person on the job and things could look more like $AFFY now.

  17. $AFFY can this thing go up ?? And ideas?? Suggestions

  18. $ACAD This is bad, but this could have been so much worse. See $AFFY

  19. @lovetrading ZACKS? Ok, I guess the STRONG BUY on $affy is GOOD too! I told you $affy is the bomb http://www.zacks.com/stock/quote/AFFX

  20. @BrianIQ $affy has way more hope than $amrn and thats a fact. Dark forces is fighting $amrn not so for $affy just a discrepancy. bull affy

  21. $RMTI What happened? did $RMTI, kill people too, like $AFFY ?

  22. $RMTI This will repeat the fate of $MNKD Upon approval and then potentially $AFFY. IMO. Closed my short position flat. GLTA!

  23. $RMTI $AFFY was a huge lesson learned for FDA, guess 50 / 50 anyway it could go. also don t think FDA in a hurry

  24. $AFFY Up 20% today. Still down nearly 90% in my portfolio.

  25. @AlwaysWatching still holding on $affy like a rabbid dog.