1. $ACRX next $AFFY $ARIA $ACHN?

  2. $AFFY my trading sites still show this at $.10, where d the $1.19 come from?

  3. Hopium bios that have gone from parabolic to depression $AFFY $AMRN $VVUS $ROSG $SSH $CCYC $ARNA $CBMX $IBB

  4. @sogenerous Still going strong with $AFFY ;)

  5. $AFFY - makes no sense the way it moves - defies logic and the gods...staying on the side lines with my beer money...

  6. $AFFY 1.19? wtf? was just testing...thought this stream was like the $NEWL one...shut down due the utter lack of redemption for this POS

  7. $AFFY sfdfdfszf

  8. $AFFY Woah .10 cents to 1.20

  9. $NQ next $AFFY in making.

  10. $AFFY maybe the lead competitor forced them off the market? Drug wars are real

  11. $AFFY wow...just checking in. Sorry to all the holders. Still a mystery why 3 deaths...hard to believe--shady to me

  12. $AFFY here come .001

  13. Share an idea on $AFFY

  14. $NQ is next $AFFY.

  15. $AFFY called this one a loooong time ago. A failure

  16. $NQ reminds me of $AFFY

  17. $AFFY ANAD time buy now on the dip

  18. $NQ is this going to be next $AFFY ?

  19. $AFFY So the real DEATH count could be higher. This is a homicide. Somebody call the producers of LAW & ORDER. Could be an episode here.

  20. $AFFY Wow, the company s drug killed 5 patients. BUT how many stockholders jumped out of windows on FRI 13th, and JUNE 24th?

  21. $AFFY why would anyone trade this death trap!

  22. $AFFY up too .20 tomorrow

  23. $AFFY Going down to China town.

  24. $AFFY why is this still at .10 when the company says stockholders will only get a few cents?

  25. $AFFY i was also shareholder @ 3.10. sold everything at 1.24. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose.