1. $AFFY Alright, who capitulated yesterday and who is left? roll call time! :D

  2. $RLYP Orwin was CEO of $AFFY for many years, he screwed company and LEFT. He doesn t care about shareholder, you were warned. #RLYPscam

  3. $RLYP can t believe this garbage was at $50 and I didn t short. Same CEO as $AFFY. He took AFFY from 30 to $0.60 OTC stock.

  4. $AFFY I m holding this long term. Does everyone think adding more at this point is a good idea?or holding and see where it plays

  5. $AFFY they can try, im staying all the way. Watch this thing fly one day

  6. $AFFY CSTI has also been on the bid buying/covering for months now...

  7. $AFFY to himself (or gets one of his buddies to do that) to appear to take out the 0.62 bid... and make longs more scared.

  8. $AFFY Man, MM CSTI is playing this perfectly... load up 5-10k at a time, then put his 38k bid at 0.62... wouldn t be surprised if he sells

  9. $AFFY I mean that s what my friend says ;)

  10. $AFFY It s easy to trade in and out of a stock like $AFFY with 10k positions... when you have one well into the 6 figs it s impossible.

  11. $AFFY can sum1 write a seeing alpha article to pump this thing?... or at least keep it afloat? lol

  12. $AFFY the problem with having a psn in size (>200K shares) is that, once you sell, it is impossible to get back in. Big holders know that.

  13. Where is @sogenerous with a $AFFY stock raising comment?

  14. $AFFY They will try to get one of the big holders to capitulate here... (big = 200-500k shares)

  15. $AFFY IMO this is what I thought would happen at 0.75... where they hold it down and get retail to give up.

  16. @MITKInvestor $AFFY Alright, time to see who is holding for the binary decision and who is capitulating...

  17. $AFFY damn, cant believe this junk is at .64 cents...

  18. $AFFY Have to wonder why institutions still hold %50 of the outstanding shares...

  19. $AFFY the binary outcome, then stay in it for the binary outcome. All IMHO. GLTA.

  20. $AFFY However, I think I would throw up if I sold and saw AFFY at 4-5$ one day. Don t risk more than you can lose, but if you are in it for

  21. $AFFY Ultimately, I believe that this stock is worth more than 68 cents. I understand longs selling bc of how long they have had to wait...

  22. $AFFY game over!

  23. $AFFY Basically, if you sold b/c you think O is NOT patent protected, then IMO you should be buying back here. As I said y day, they were

  24. $AFFY Somebody finally checked and confirmed what I said y day.

  25. $AFFY In USA and In Europe. Here is the # 650-812-8700