1. $AGEN gap fill?

  2. $AGEN Institutional ownership up 19.67% Q/Q, with 10,364,200 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/AGEN

  3. $AGEN whats your real price target?

  4. $AGEN lol

  5. $AGEN loving this move. believe the MACD cross into positive territory will signal trend reversal here. in from 4.7x

  6. $AGEN Sold some @ 5.25, still holding 1,100 SH.

  7. long $AGEN ?? you are A gen us

  8. $AGEN so pissed my fill price missed by 7 cents at $4.15

  9. $AGEN unexpected more..but liking it..glad gt in at 4.67 on d other day

  10. $AGEN @YoungMula whats your take now?

  11. $AGEN see you at 10 now. Called short at 9

  12. $AGEN what the F difference does it make if Garros getting 2. Whatever mil a year or 5 mil a year? No difference at all

  13. Deep dive on Agenus s CEO and management, take a look at $AGEN:

  14. $AGEN @AnthonyVerdone steak n sushi pretty soon. It s only a matter of time now

  15. $ADAT well got stopped out, but rules are rules. Good luck all. Headed over to $agen and $pirs.


  17. $AGEN $ITMN remeber??????? Point 72. Go do some dd folks.

  18. Top % Gainers Since Open: $MCUR 35%, $INTX 33%, $GENE 30%, $KBIO 20%, $BONT 16% $LQDT $PLUG $CGIX $IMGN $CSTM $ADRO $AGEN $CLDN $OHGI $WB

  19. $AGEN back up the truck.

  20. $AGEN setting up for much, much higher!

  21. $AGEN lets keep this strength

  22. $AGEN

  23. $AGEN Choo Choo!!!!!


  25. $AGEN took some here, $ on the side to add if it goes back to low 4s