1. $HRTX all we need is 1 good result.. all time high $ISIS $OVAS $KITE $JUNO $AGIO $BMRN. see $BLUE

  2. $HRTX all time high. all we need is 1 good news $ADRO $ISIS $JUNO $OVAS $KITE $AGIO

  3. $AGIO Hello Hello. Don t wanna wait?

  4. $AGIO $ISIS $JUNO $KITE $BMRN $AMBA $QRVO, etc.. consolidation will continue.forever. buy some for your porfolios..$SOXL $BIB $CURE

  5. $AGIO Agios Pharmaceuticals downgraded by Vetr Inc. to sell. $112.59 PT. http://www.analystratings.net/stocks/NASDAQ/AGIO/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-direct

  6. $AGIO why u shouldn t bet against AGIO http://finance.yahoo.com/news/why-shouldnt-bet-against-agios-124112667.html

  7. $AGIO Got this morning for quick swing @ $121.13

  8. $JUNO $ OVAS $AGIO higher high

  9. $AGIO shhhh shhh very nice baby.

  10. CCI Over 100 http://www.dailystockplays.com/CCI-Over-100-2015-05-27.html $JLL $RCPT $TARO $XPH $AGIO $HRS $ACHC $ATRO $DXCM $AOS $QCOM $DISH $EPAM $DTO $ATNI $DLR $HEDJ $TNC

  11. $AGIO very bullish chart, $129 next. P&F now has $180 PT

  12. $KITE $agio $kite and $ovas institutions are loading these one!!

  13. @Stevemed: $AGIO would like to see new highs in month or two or days :)

  14. $SOXL all time high.. good add on this one as more consolidations in thefutire. also add $BIB $ICPT $BMRN $ISIS $KITE $OVAS $JUNO $AGIO

  15. $AGIO would like to see new highs in month or two

  16. $AGIO yeeees......go...AI....GOIA.....agio....shuffle the letters!!!go ..AI

  17. @Apples_Oranges91: $AGIO Breakout mode!! yest $17 more to go

  18. $AGIO Breakout mode!!

  19. $AGIO hod..very bullish

  20. $AGIO finally over $120 level.. hold on. a great stks to hold.. 130 level now. then 138

  21. $BMRM do reasearvh MRMN $VRTX $AGIO $ISIS $KITE $JUNO $ICPT will b acquired one of these days. just the nature of biotech business.

  22. $AGIO bullish for specially June....will see how high it can go!!!

  23. Keep an eye on this monster $AGIO. I will say solid RS today and looks ready to run.

  24. $RCPT $BMRN $HALO $BLUE $FOLD $ANAC $RDUS $PTLA $AGIO - Happy biotechs in an unhappy market

  25. $AGIO, $NPTN, $HALO a few ideas from screening today finviz.com/screener.ashx?v=211&ta=0&o=-change&t=,AGIO,NPTN,HALO