1. $AKBA Institutional ownership up 32.59% Q/Q, with 3,166,640 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/AKBA

  2. $AKBA back to its old self underperforming IBB and fgen

  3. Who noticed the recent insider buying at Akebia Therapeutics? $AKBA

  4. $AKBA :Zacks upgraded AKBA to BUY from HOLD, possibly after hearing the CEO. Share price--$ 30 plus once revenues pour in--Just my opinion

  5. $AKBA BOTTOMLINE:like Mitsubishi, which has committed $ 350 million to AKBA, I am also convinced that we re sitting on MONEY time bomb :)

  6. $AKBA : Sorry guys , had to post multiple posts since stocktwits allows only limited number of words per post.

  7. $AKBA : Many other products also in the pipeline, but its Vadadustat that ll fetch revenues of hundreds of millions of $ starting late 2018

  8. $AKBA . The CEO also revealed that Akebia is vigorously looking for Mitsubishi like partner in Europe as well-- which is another big market

  9. $AKBA Mitsubishi Tanabe is Japanese Pharma giant and will vigorously market Vadadustat in Japan + Asia, using all its marketing force

  10. $AKBA , Subsequently Mitsubishi will pay another $ 60 million to make sure that Vadadustat will sail through to marketing stage

  11. $AKBA . the CEO revealed Mitsubishi are so convinced by Vadadustat s billion dollar potential that it paid AKBA $ 40 million upfront....

  12. $AKBA 6) three billion dollar value market in USA alone for Vadadustat.

  13. $AKBA 3) Huge market of 7 billion (1.4 million patients) 4) Vadadustat has best potential in its class with once daily effective dosing

  14. $AKBA : Synopsis of CEO Butler speech: 1) Vadadustat entered phase 3 2) Portfolio of compounds also coming up

  15. $AKBA :On listening carefully to the CEO John Butler s presentation of today, I made some bullet points for the benefit of peeps here :)

  16. $AKBA AKBA : Today s Conference webcast of CEO Butler is I believe available on Akebia website http://ir.akebia.com/events.cfm

  17. $AKBA obviously conf was a non event

  18. $AKBA on a positive note. Still doing better than $fgen

  19. $AKBA insiders have been buying in the last 3 months:

  20. $AKBA : Track record reveals CEO Butler has accomplished what he promised up until now. Keen to see what are the future plans :)

  21. $AKBA John Butler, President and Chief Executive Officer, will present at the 18th Annual BIO CEO & Investor Conference TODAY 11.30 AM ET

  22. $AKBA even if it drops a few more cents, it is a buy. It s holding pretty good above 3 month support of $7.19. PT 19.00

  23. $AKBA week chart. i m in today with stop order on the brown line (at 7.55). chart by ☞ http://tradingview.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=2&aff_id=1333

  24. $AKBA : Leigh, good stocks don t rise in a day. They re like plants which take time to grow into huge fruitful sturdy trees. This will too.

  25. $AKBA the stock price doesn t think so