1. I m adding to $rax $lulu $akba, $pcyc like move coming. I put min 250K actually much more. I missed similar moves in $feye $gtat $gogo $nmbl

  2. $PCYC if I make 300-400K I am happy. I think it can get to 140-150 by Sep 2014. Then I will add more to $AKBA which is high risk & reward.

  3. Been adding to $akba next $pbyi $PCYC. Hedge funds will take this to 100.

  4. @seviay I own some $akba they say it s the next $pbyi

  5. $ICPT $BLUE $GALT $ISIS $COV $BDSI $ADMS $AKBA $MDT $RTRX $TEVA. Joint $mnkd train before it depart to the sky.

  6. $AKBA any forecast?

  7. @vdiddy I lucked out w $aapl it was going up 100k a day from 389 to 650. Then I put 50% in $pcyc $lulu $akba.

  8. $AKBA Rough tumble in the last 2 days on really no news. What am I missing?

  9. $AKBA are we moving somewhere ?

  10. @VIPS1000 $COUP will see some vol today added to Russell 3000 at close with $AMBR $AKBA $BRDR $CSLT $CBSO $GRUB $MC $PE $PAYC $PCTY $ZOES

  11. Will $AKBA be the next to reemerge? http://y.ahoo.it/VuDugC9V

  12. $PCYC folks: I bought a few thousand shares of $AKBA at 21, I hear its going to 90.

  13. $GSAT $LJPC $CARA $ADHD $AKBA relatively recent IPO names regaining momentum

  14. Monday Watch List: $KMX $SHPG $RDUS $GRC $KS $ABY $AKBA $RGEN $AKRX $GWPH $PSXP $AN

  15. $AKBA Broke out on Friday but gave up a lot of the gains. worth eyeing if no position http://y.ahoo.it/b9EtT8SX

  16. $AKBA broke out Friday, but isn t too far extended beyond the pivot.

  17. Breakout on $AKBA Friday came on 4x average daily volume. New all-time closing highs since coming public in March.

  18. Glad $AKBA finally b/o. I got in lower in the base at $23 for a nice swing trade. Most stocks give multiple chances to get on board.

  19. $AKBA Been holding this since 21 dollars. Nice breakout above resistance. But will it continue? http://y.ahoo.it/Nr5rfkpE

  20. $AKBA is creeping ever closer to the pivot of this handle. Beautiful cup w/ high handle this thing has been building recently.

  21. Some healthcare stocks looking ripe for a breakout: $HART $AGIO $AKBA - $VTL extremely explosive action, but needs a solid consolidation.

  22. $AKBA - another low vol name, but setting up. http://y.ahoo.it/fdTKVy74

  23. Stocks at the top of my watchlist, some with buy stops in: $ILMN $ACT $PKG $SUNE $CRK $GMCR $TEVA $WAB $FSL $AKBA

  24. $AKBA got in 19 building support 27.50 could push 30 next week

  25. $AKBA continues to look constructive here as it sits a stone s throw from IPO highs. Look for a p/v expansion through $28.50 or so.