1. @Okie1907 $AKS We should see $4 and above. Beaten down due to mamipulators.

  2. $AKS Any predictions for Monday?

  3. $X $X up 20% from low, $AKS down 15% from high on earnings. Why?

  4. $AKS If this hits $3.50 during the Super Bowl hangover on Monday, I ll be in bed with this dirty scumbag stock again.

  5. $AKS ....was the best performer in my group today...does not say much...pretty much a no change day...consolidation ?

  6. $AKS covered for .o5 ha ha ha.... Should have not but that ws my call eod cover& big 1,958 NYSE sitting on the bid board

  7. How Sonar top NYSE looked @ today s open: $FXCM $KMT $BOX $DECK $CMCM $ACI $RYL $AKS $MTW $IAG | Stock Trade Alerts ➡ via Stock Horizon

  8. $AKS come on aghhhh print a .79 $X near the .40 head & thru it

  9. $AKS here it comes break .80 come on

  10. $AKS going come on I want out b4eod

  11. $SWHC short longer I wanted, over wk-end? Short $AKS .85 in $X cant decide, wait see hit .40 Oh no...$AKS triple digit covering 85..Stuck

  12. $AKS Added 15K worth here.

  13. $AKS short load n up&swapn in .80 s $X denied at 24.40 again?

  14. $AKS CEO needs to come out and say something, give the share holders something!

  15. $AKS is too low, is to going to take 1qt report to blow this back up?

  16. $AKS Looks like a false run-up

  17. $AKS End of week Option strike at 4.....first time ever. (being sarcastic here but you know that right?)

  18. $AKS Looks like a steel and iron ore rally to me boyz! $AKS $CLF $VALE $RIO $BHP $STLD $NUE $X

  19. @starz_n_apple_pie @MonacoTrader &right now per $CMC cc Turkey 1 spewing steel(US)& $AKS cc i reiterate: ceo said stand together & FIGHT

  20. @MonacoTrader $AKS $Study Yes, this is what @cameltrader50 was discussing over the wkend w/ historical context. Interesting trade. :-)

  21. $AKS Any news on China dumping and this is going to fly. Look at the tariffs slapped on China solar panels last year. Steel is way more jobs

  22. $AKS Most bullish its looked all day - lets get some love and get over 3.90...

  23. $AKS The truly good people of this land must be aware of a wolf guised as a gentle lamb. The bad people may ignore my statement.

  24. $AKS this is SO CHEAP. Needs to form a bottom/base before I m long. Rode this up earlier this year on and off. Solid company. $X as well.

  25. $AKS S&P Capital IQ upped rating to 5 stars @ Strong Buy based on valuation.Not bad for a 3 dollar stock..Expecting 19% increase for 2015..