1. $SCHN $TCX $AKS another steel SUCK in

  2. $AKS short interest had increased to 24% recently, how is that working out? New recent shorties likely were short oil. Cover up 3day wknd

  3. $AKS gl everybody, glad to see this acting better. it seems to be changing, in that i end up regretting selling, rather than buying!

  4. $AKS out @ 2.38 lol( chicken). not used to these quick trades but seems to be working for me with AKS right now.

  5. $AKS up 10.65%

  6. $AKS Have a great week -end all .Out for now.

  7. $X $aks $clf Mentioned before market these three. X did it s job, aks well on its way. Waiting for clf now and oh yeah $dust to pick it up.

  8. $AKS 2.37 looks real possible :) , in @ 2.24

  9. $CLF $x $aks clf should make a run to 1.98. X either up to 7.22 or back to 6.42. Aks let s try 2.37. Bollinger band guesses all, gl :)

  10. $AKS Steel prices slowly going up ,Build a core position ,Swing trade, and enjoy the ride..

  11. $X $aks $clf Great recovery from clf today, strong. Good recovery from aks.Us steel, not so much. Looks like lower Bollinger for them now.

  12. $AKS hanging tough in a brutal market, headed for $2.76 to $3.11 range soon

  13. $AKS wow

  14. $AKS $X creeping higher...

  15. $AKS ended up out at 2.17. expected to wake up and see this down bigger...

  16. $AKS unless this goes up straight out of the gate(unlikely) it ll hit my tr stop for small profit, i ll take what i can get.

  17. $AKS End of Day Scan: 50 Day Support

  18. $SLX $X $AKS $XLB ••♦•• just a bit different lookn since 09→ $CMC $STLD $SCHN & very→ $RS

  19. $RS and also $WDFC not the avg player among peers sectors group whatever ♦•• $CMC $STLD $LKQ ♦♦ $AKS $X ♦•• $XLB $SPY $DJIA

  20. $AKS Interesting 480000 shares at 2.25 ask

  21. The Vanguard Group just provided an update on share ownership of AK Steel Holding Corporation http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/13G/summary2/?id=2411409 $AKS

  22. $AKS End of Day Scan: 50 Day Support

  23. $AKS $X dropped 7% today while $AKS is flat.

  24. iStockPicker s AI engine has forcasted a 3-6% rise coming for $AKS within the next hour.

  25. $AKS Markets r green ,Time for AKS to follow.