1. $NBG $ALBKY referendum after they have defaulted? Like a replay when the game is over. If they don t take the extension the game is done.

  2. $NBG $ALBKY why didn t they just agree to the extension then put it up to a vote? Their thinking is sheer amateur madness.

  3. $NBG $ALBKY $GREK Tsipras is back to using words such as humiliation and blackmail .

  4. $NBG $GREK $ALBKY Tsipras says the creditors issued an ultimatum and it was against European values.

  5. $NBG $GREK $ALBKY The referendum will be by show of hands as Greece has no Euros left to print the necessary ballots. Tsipras is a fool

  6. $NBG $EGFEY $BPIRY $ALBKY $GREK Word in Greece is that Tsipras is calling for a referendum vote in 7 days. Maybe banks shutdown this week.

  7. $NBG $EGFEY $ALBKY $BPIRY $GREK Looks like Greece just spent last of its money (and borrowed $150 million to make today s pension payment).

  8. $NBG $EGFEY $ALBKY $BPIRY $GREK I made no trades today. Kept my entire stake of 7,100,000 shares EGFEY. Should be an interesting weekend!

  9. $NBG $EGFEY $ALBKY $BPIRY Grexit is a media commodity that plays on emotion,,,,don t invest on media drama $STUDY n don t be a sheep.

  10. $ALBKY $NBG - the market is reacting in favor of this News.

  11. $ALBKY ----bought another round of shares today of EGFEY at the low.

  12. $NBG $EGFEY $GREK $ALBKY $BPIRY I have just bought another 300,000 shares of Eurobank EGFEY taking my total stake up to 7,100,000 shares.

  13. $NBG no deal... $.25 cents.. Deal $1.50+ Could go either way. $GREK $ALBKY

  14. $ALBKY umm... Don t know what to say...Bought in another round of EGFEY Again!!!

  15. $ALBKY Can anyone please provide any update on the deal talks , are they still talking or talks have broken down ? I don t have any news

  16. $NBG $ALBKY in Germany this stock has reduced its losses, closed at 0.286 in Athens, but now at 0.291 in Germany (Frankfurt).

  17. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jun/24/alexis-tsipras-summoned-brussels-emergency-talks-greece-bailout-deal $NBG $ALBKY

  18. $ALBKY ALPHA did great today, hope these keep on climbing as well. Anybody know the drag on Eurobank?

  19. $NBG $EGFEY $ALBKY $GREK $BPIRY Just added 350,000 more shares of Eurobank (EGFEY). That takes the total up to 6,800,000

  20. $NBG $EGFEY $ALBKY $BPIRY $GREK Here is the proposal that Tsipras made yesterday, for those interested... http://s.kathimerini.gr/resources/article-files/protasi--2.pdf

  21. $NBG $ALBKY bullish

  22. $NBG $EGFEY $ALBKY $GREK $BPIRY Added 100,000 shares of Eurobank (EGFEY)--looks cheap relative to other Greek banks. Have 6,100,000 shares

  23. $NBG $ALBKY $FREE all moving Greeks

  24. Greek Banks = Banking = $NBG $ALBKY $GREK = nice rally! Buy and HOLD LONG people imo

  25. $NBG $ALBKY $NBG $EGFEY $BPIRY $GREK Alpha Bank (ALBKY) is on a tear again this morning in Athens, up another 12% today, leading the pack.