1. $ALNY By the way, MACD and Williams %R show stock way over bought. And the technicals don t even look at all the past RNAi failures

  2. $ALNY Can t wait to read their next pumper press release. May be they ll tell us that they INTEND to get a drug to market in the next 10 yr

  3. $ALNY 3 strikes for RNAi: 1) Ribozyme 2) Sirna 3) Merck. No drugs to market in over 20 years. Now ALNY says they ll do it. Fool me once

  4. $ALNY close to next target @ R2 Fibo Cluster http://y.ahoo.it/0oWsG1HU

  5. $ALNY http://y.ahoo.it/95HmpaBP With the exception of jillbales, it looks like the bears are capitulating...Short interest is receding...

  6. $ALNY I m actually hoping we see a down day so that jillbales will take a small profit and bail...

  7. $ALNY @jillbales Can you at least wait 1 day after joining before you start senselessly spamming a board with garbage? And..you re blocked.

  8. $ALNY They INTEND to do it. Every other company out there only writes a press release when something actually happens. Not ALNY. Pumpers.

  9. $ALNY Stupid Press Release Today! Did you read the first sentence Alnylam ALNY intends to file a clinical trial application . Oh boy!

  10. $ALNY I know at least one fool: Bill Gunderson. He pumps this stock on his radio show. But he knows nothing of biotech. Nothing.

  11. $ALNY this company is burning $200M a year with no end in sight. More dilution coming. Which fool will give them their money?

  12. $ALNY and then once they exit, they ll go short as the money supply tightens with the taper.

  13. $ALNY you are going to lots of firms pumping this thing, trying to get the retail people to buy so that they can exit.

  14. Insider Transaction: $ALNY Automatic Sale at $71.34 - $73.03 per share of 10625 shares by Officer Vaishnaw Akshay on 2014-09-16.

  15. Initiations 9/18: $KEG, $SFTBY, $BAS, $ICD, $RENT, $ACTG, $FSNN, $ALNY, $PES, $RYI, $VNCE, $PTEN http://y.ahoo.it/6J8wK2Mw

  16. $ALNY whoa. I blame BABA

  17. $ALNY last 15 minutes ugly

  18. $ALNY i remember flipping this from 15 to 17, haha what an animal

  19. $ALNY What s the deal here? Only up a measly BUCK?! lol

  20. $ALNY yep over 20 years. Ribozyme tried RNAi in the 90s. Failed. Sirna tried it in 00s. Failed. Then Merck in the 10s. Failed.

  21. $ALNY big move this week to almost $80. Bullish activity from 9/10 > http://y.ahoo.it/wixYgTc9 http://y.ahoo.it/jrhbFCYa

  22. $ALNY @jillbales 8yrs since Nobel prize for RNAI work,16 yrs since first discovery. You say over 20 yrs. Epigenetics treatments = future.

  23. $ALNY RNAi has been around for over 20 years. Not one drug has ever made it to market. Basic patents have expired. Fools gold.

  24. It is only 13 years since the human genome project was completed, RNAi treatment was never going to be immediate.$ALNY will be a success

  25. $ALNY I rarely block folks and try to receive both sides of an argument but JillBales = BLOCKED!