1. Insider Transaction: $ALNY Option Exercise at $9.14 - $31.39 per share of 28707 shares by Officer Maraganore John on 2014-04-14.

  2. $PCYC $ALNY $EPZM …therefore, I decided to block So Generous (bogus pumping) in the next ten seconds. GLTA!

  3. @sogenerous $PCYC $ALNY $EPZM you have no right to censor my posts! I do not sell anything here and do not tell you what to post!

  4. @sogenerous $PCYC $ALNY $EPZM REMINDER: I revealed my position for ALNY & PCYC (03/04) & instead of being thankful you continue this game.

  5. @sogenerous $PCYC $ALNY $EPZM …but you are a “pro financial engineer” who makes 1000x profit on options & should get it….

  6. Alnylam Pharmaceuticals s CEO just picked up 28,707 shares http://y.ahoo.it/Fo5LdHlI $ALNY

  7. @Dash718 @sogenerous $PCYC $ALNY $EPZM “fat finger” appeared after “flash crash” = mysterious X pushing a button ~> serious market effect

  8. @sogenerous It means: $PCYC $ALNY $EPZM “recovery” = artificially induced by algo-buy program, to support the Fat Lady’s song tomorrow.

  9. $SNY got 1M shares of $REGN in 2010 at $28, when REGN had 2.8B Mkt cap. 2014 $SNY bought 9M shares of $ALNY $78 avg at 5B mkt cap. #think

  10. @SmokeyNYY $ALNY is the winner in this whole RNAi sector. Thats why Sanofi invested 1 Billion dollars. ALNY going to 300.

  11. Look for a biotech $IBB bottom 180-207 sometime in April/May, ASCO, $GILD ER, $ALNY new RNAi data are catalyst to get sector out of slump

  12. The recovery of $ALNY $PCYC $OMED $REGN $EPZM = due to Fat Finger effect on $SPY, as discussed http://y.ahoo.it/Uf6rJbiJ

  13. $IBB the potential upside in $ALNY $PCYC and $EPZM in several years is 200+ for each. You will regret not buying more when you look back.

  14. $ARWR starting to look attractive...$TKMR still overvalued $RXII extremely undervalued $ALNY still over valued $ISIS undervalued

  15. $ARIA $IDRA $ALNY $MNKD (and many more) This is not a correction Prices have now entered the retarded zone.

  16. $ALNY http://y.ahoo.it/2hOgoM9u :(

  17. no one talks RNAi anymore! it has been silenced :) $TKMR $ARWR $DRNA $MRNA $BNIKF $ISIS $ALNY $RXII wow what a fall and it continues!

  18. Giving 3000 to 1 odds, lol. Will we stay green across the board? Yesterday wasn t bad, closed ok. Thx $jnj? $gild, $mdvn, $pcyc, $alny

  19. Lets see some green today $RXII $RNN $INO $EPZM $CLDX $TKMR $ARWR $ALNY

  20. $ALNY This had to be in the works for a while.

  21. $ALNY Novartis still own 1.7 million shares

  22. @KevinBCook @zeromaster Any effect on $ALNY from the withdrawal of Novartis from RNAi research?

  23. $ALNY Bios not getting a break.

  24. $ALNY haha

  25. @chickenstock: $ALNY Worst stock of the year candidate. So long. So wrong. can it hit $ 40.