3. $ALNY in Parabolic Arc Pattern, Targets


  5. $ACHN $CLDX $AGIO $JUNO $BLCM $ARIA $ALNY So glad I was able to sell that kidney last week!!!

  6. covering my $61 $ALNY short at $59.50. this stock is just t0o strong. good luck longs

  7. next week all red for $ALNY is my guess. overdone run in my opinion. time to pull back?

  8. Once bio sector sharply pulls back, I think all da big flyers like $ALNY $BLUE $CELG $ESPR $SRPT $ICPT $PBYI will take a dooomp too

  9. $ALNY 63 is major resistance. Looks like we are heading there today if 61 breaks. I don t mind holding onto this name at these levels.

  10. Keeping $ALNY on my SHORT watchlist as it tries to find a top here and before the fade begins.

  11. $ALNY since Mid-December, short interest has increased from 4.5% > 7.2% of float, short increased by nearly 2 mil to 5.3 mil shs. Losers!

  12. $ALNY reading and sifting through their report yesterday....very promising future for this company imo

  13. $ALNY a $90 bil company (Sanofi) that owns 12% was buying it at $69.75 just 10 days ago...they must think it s VERY attractive here

  14. $ALNY what a beast. Consolidating now after opening run. 52 would have been a steal.

  15. $ALNY the HFT s knocked it down ~$5.50 on the opening...now unchanged, great job guys, get a life!

  16. $ALNY Sanofi ($90 Bil mkt cap) already owns 10 mil shares ~12% of Alnylam, bought 200k more shares on 2/1 at $69.75

  17. Who noticed the recent insider buying at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals? $ALNY

  18. $ALNY like i said 15-20 minutes ago...talk about manipulation by HFT s...this is total BS manipulation of a great company

  19. $ALNY important: Cardio-Metabolic STAr with ALN-PCSsc, our partners at this company expect to present initial Phase 2 data in late 2016.

  20. iStockPicker s AI engine just added $ALNY to our market movers list. No buy/sell prediction alert yet.

  21. $ALNY talk about manipulation...these HFT guys are just ruining the market , day after day

  22. $ALNY Head and Shoulders Pattern Targets

  23. $ALNY they have an amazing platform, if M&A comes alive again, I would NOT be surprised to see interest Alnylam

  24. $ALNY 10 or More Major Clinical Data Readouts, Start of Fitusiran Ph 3 Trials, and 3 New IND Filings Planned in 16 , one heck of a platform

  25. NOTICE: $ALNY OPTIMISM indicator (as seen by investors in News & Social Media) shows high expectations.