1. $ALNY after recent moves, prev. distant S3 level [ http://y.ahoo.it/TYkf9qBG ] ~> S1 zone (avg.~40-41) http://y.ahoo.it/0DcBOgGd

  2. @UMDmed16 @sinla I hope so I found about about the stock after researching $ALNY and RNAi

  3. $ALNY Nice ending to the day. Maybe next week we ll see the 65 I prematurely predicted for this week.

  4. @chickenstock I think $PCYC $ALNY $EPZM are all going to 200+ I could be wrong its a risky & volatile industry, but I truly believe that.

  5. $ALNY Sold at 55.35 this morning, bought back at 52.83 after lunch. Great day so far!

  6. $ALNY LT upside on this stock is 300-500, $SNY hit it right with $REGN, stock went from 28 to 350 after Sanofi Investment. ALNY is gold here

  7. After-Hour Losers 4/16 $CNMD -6%, $GOOG -5%, $BABY -5%, $GOGO -5%, $SNH -4%, $IBM -4%, $AGN -3%, $SHLM -3%, $ALNY -3%,

  8. One of the bigger recent insider buys was yesterday s $524,962 purchase of $ALNY, according to this list http://y.ahoo.it/B0orKi3G

  9. $ALNY $RGLS $NWBO beaten down biotechs having a good day so far. $NWBO looks to test resistance soon.

  10. $ALNY Alnylam COO on Novartis RNAi pullout: Big Pharma has never been able to innovate http://y.ahoo.it/hBHvJYIO

  11. @Chuleta @jimmieB thanx guys! Today sold $SPY calls (bought yest. as discussed @ BUY signal). No action yet on $ALNY & $PCYC. Charts later

  12. $gild $pcyc $alny $mdvn $celg $adhd PLEASE hold your gains throughout the whole day! At least +1.8% or more. Don t make me curse you out

  13. $pcyc $alny @volpinacci, haha, blocked us??! Everyone says your posts are impossible to decode....EVERYONE! You must ve been bullied in HS

  14. Futures look nice we may see a nice green turnaround for most biotechs. volume may be light $RXII $RNN $CLDX $EPZM $ALNY $TKMR $ARWR $MSTX

  15. $ALNY have a look at this one

  16. @Graham11 $ATHX is the next $ALNY.. Good article, thanks. http://y.ahoo.it/DTgYHMEE I recall the CEO of $INO saying $INO is next $ALNY :)

  17. @Graham11 $ATHX is the next $ALNY.. Interesting article, thanks for the post. I recall the CEO of $INO saying that $INO is next $ALNY :)

  18. @Graham11 Next $ALNY... I think the CE

  19. Insider Transaction: $ALNY Option Exercise at $9.14 - $31.39 per share of 28707 shares by Officer Maraganore John on 2014-04-14.

  20. $PCYC $ALNY $EPZM …therefore, I decided to block So Generous (bogus pumping) in the next ten seconds. GLTA!

  21. @sogenerous $PCYC $ALNY $EPZM you have no right to censor my posts! I do not sell anything here and do not tell you what to post!

  22. @sogenerous $PCYC $ALNY $EPZM REMINDER: I revealed my position for ALNY & PCYC (03/04) & instead of being thankful you continue this game.

  23. @sogenerous $PCYC $ALNY $EPZM …but you are a “pro financial engineer” who makes 1000x profit on options & should get it….

  24. Alnylam Pharmaceuticals s CEO just picked up 28,707 shares http://y.ahoo.it/Fo5LdHlI $ALNY

  25. @Dash718 @sogenerous $PCYC $ALNY $EPZM “fat finger” appeared after “flash crash” = mysterious X pushing a button ~> serious market effect