1. $ALU Expect higher price action; chart http://y.ahoo.it/vKbBtqp4

  2. $NOK What if this this catches it s breath? $ALU $ERIC $AAPL $NYA $NYC http://y.ahoo.it/DqXHiLiQ

  3. $ALU Ride AAPL & GTAT up for a few months then come back to ALU when the # s are better. That s what I m hoping for.

  4. $ALU I held ALU for a year but got out 7/31 and rolled into AAPL and made all my losses back already. Why don t you guys do that? Honest ?..

  5. $ALU $3.45 today closing

  6. $ALU closed 2.63 UE in CAC40 which is 3.45 USD

  7. @georgemuller111 what doesn t kill you only makes you stronger. $ALU is recovering well from demise but time will tell if history repeats

  8. $NOK, French Gov t is to blame for $ALU demise. Nokia must stay away from ALU

  9. @georgemuller111 true but the French gov is in a position where it has to loosen it s grip or invest in infrastructure... win win for $ALU

  10. $NOK, If $ALU is on Nokia list of acquisitions, I will sell the stock. French ALU is as socialistic & as inefficient as you can get.

  11. $ALU If 3.37 is confirmed LOD we will probably hit 3.45 today

  12. $NOK $alu needs to run as well just because

  13. $ALU range forecast for 8/29: 3.35-3.44 http://y.ahoo.it/95co7XbK

  14. $MGNX $GILD $ABLX $MSTX $BIND $PCYC $XOMA Futures Green. LSR mentioned MSTX&worth a read. $ALU showing some nice strength after lows. GLTUs!

  15. $PCYC $ARWR(Long and swinging) $MGNX $GILD $MU $ALU $REGN $BAC $JNJ $RAD $BIIB And..$KATE(34-35).Futures Green.Let s get it,Fellas!GL

  16. $NOK what stock would go up more if merger happens $NOK or $ALU ?

  17. $ALU Tuesday

  18. $ALU If it gaps above 3.45 on monday, just fasten your seat belts..

  19. @DayTradeTK: $ALU Price Target by end of next week 3.44 http://y.ahoo.it/FpUhxBuO On 8/21 i said this

  20. $ALU has 2 analyst ratings in the last 2 days. Median target: $3.815 (11% upside). View here: http://y.ahoo.it/MSFkmB2r

  21. In this video, $ALU Combes suggests that he wants French gov to allow consolidation if they can t invest $: http://y.ahoo.it/JiTVKo98

  22. $ALU God bless Scrooge, god bless everyone!

  23. $ALU A buy out or merger of some sort. I m assuming. You would think $nok would be on the rise as well

  24. $ALU I m speculating that a bid deal is being worked out. No idea what it is but too much chatter and internal activity in wireless division

  25. The $NOK and $ALU merger speculation continues: http://y.ahoo.it/UT2sBy3W