1. $ALU I don t know about you folks but I do see a surprise to the upside in earnings and breaking out pas 4.15 in the week ahead.

  2. Monday s watch list: Calls - $ALU, $BWP, $C, $CBI, $CVLT, $CYTR, $DATA, $QLIK, & $TLM! Gonna make some money really fast with this line-up!

  3. $ALU 3 Stocks To Profit From The Internet Of Everything. http://y.ahoo.it/5iMwCgEY

  4. $ALU Quote is inline w/Euro quote -

  5. $ALU Added here as a last possible opportunity going into what I predict will be a good ER. Still plenty of upside ST&LT.

  6. $ALU 4 those who haven t read http://y.ahoo.it/4AxnKOnu Türk telecom upgrades ip core w/Alu

  7. $ALU Took a new position today (Frankfurt) - ER is next upside Catalyst, imo

  8. $ALU 4.10 before er

  9. $ALU er is a week away..be patient..we don t want this to run up too much to fast anyway..let keep the shorts away..hopefully runs to 4.10.

  10. $ALU This stock is driving me nuts! Can t wait for ER

  11. $ALU Juniper is failing the router market with Alcatel-Lucent increasing share. http://y.ahoo.it/gdjh7MQe

  12. Love $ALU but can t stand to watch it because it will drive you f**king crazy! All signs say it should be $5 or more but it s not even close

  13. $ALU 4 bagger would be legit

  14. $ALU we all knew it would be 4.00, we think it will go to 4.50., but we all got into alu to see it at 5 this report..

  15. $ALU And up we go boys and girls. We re getting close to breaking over $400 again.

  16. $ALU Alcatel-Lucent is boosted by higher forecast in networks from Nokia s strong report.

  17. $GILD $PCYC $MU $ALU $MGNX $REGN $BAC $JNJ $RAD $AMD $BIIB $OPK PCYC ER coming up...And,should prove to be a brilliant beat!GILD is SICK!GL

  18. $ALU NOK had a SOLID report so expect ALU to get a huge boost today.

  19. $ALU Alcatel-Lucent Is A Solid Turnaround Candidate. http://y.ahoo.it/Zb4yDWC1

  20. Tomorrow s Watchlist: Calls - $CYTR, $ALU, $ATML, $BWP, $C, $CVLT, $DATA, $MU, & $TLM!! Looking for great things to happen :-) LET S GO!!!!

  21. Networking stocks in vogue again as earnings loom $ALU $NOK $ERIC| Kapitall: http://y.ahoo.it/tGuoX8dC

  22. $ALU Oddo Securities, Alcatel-Lucent is hardy exposed to misfortunes on Juniper report. ALU router business robust. http://y.ahoo.it/Wa6GqG7v

  23. $ALU Communications Equipment Stocks to Buy With Highest Exposure to Verizon and Comcast. http://y.ahoo.it/j7bfiuQA

  24. $ALU AT&T expands its user-defined network cloud program by adding Alcatel-Lucent. http://y.ahoo.it/b0vi363R

  25. I just saw an $ALU truck this morning. That made me smile. Looking forward to an earnings beat next month.