1. $ALU Doubled up on my 2016 call options, various prices, dirt cheap. Could be a big pay day as I m also adding to my shares! GLTA!

  2. $ALU does anyone see how much longer before this 2.97 block is taken out on level 2?

  3. $ALU U.S market late to the game...shorties overed in Europe. shorties are hard headed here. they will cover tomorrow

  4. $ALU 125 M.... in Paris .... !!!!! this looks like BABA now

  5. $ALU algo scared of 3. beech

  6. $ALU while waiting on ALU.... I Think I will dress as a cat for Halloween..

  7. $ALU come on algo. move something.

  8. @WRAPTHIS $alu hey mr taco bell...where did you go? you should buy in now at one dollar..hurry hurry hurry.

  9. $ALU it will close 3 today I think

  10. $ALU 32 million volume can t break 3 what s wrong ? Looking for entry short term plz help

  11. $ALU Has my interest again. Looks like a good entry point.

  12. @aaoomomo: $ALU is 30% of $GIG revenue. $GIG just beat with a good Q and guided higher. Canary in the cole mine.

  13. $ALU where is 3 ? killing me

  14. $ALU Print $3 already... Geez

  15. $ALU - paid .10 Jan 2016 5.33 calls. Sold @ .14 +40%.. Good luck longs

  16. $ALU HOLD

  17. $ALU On PF charts around $3.50 looks like a reversal mark for the downtrend.

  18. $ALU Nigeria: Alcatel-Lucent, MTN Nigeria to Boost Connectivity With New Fiber-Optic Data Network http://allafrica.com/stories/201410300210.html

  19. $ALU so far I like !!! but its not enough

  20. $ALU I know a lot of longs r still under water - next 3 month will get all back -:D

  21. $BBRY ER will be up 15% like $ALU (break even)

  22. About-face $ALU buy call made on 06-Oct-2014 now *up 27%* http://seekingalpha.com/article/2565785-after-my-bad-call-is-alcatel-lucent-still-worth-holding

  23. Check out admissions proposed as to $ALU cc transcript http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/include/?location=http://seekingalpha.com/article/2617965-alcatel-lucents-alu-ceo-michel-combes-on-q3-2014-results-earnings-call-transcript

  24. @MinniesMan4Ever: $ALU ?.. Once true profits start coming in regularly, that s when ALU hits $10 or more IMO - 3$ is all we need today -:D

  25. $ALU 2.38€