1. $AMCF it s ready.

  2. $AMCF Long at 1.42

  3. @RobertWelsh: $AAPL take a look at this chineese cutie...$AMCF ...ready to explode --nice chart going from upper left too lower right..nice

  4. $AAPL take a look at this chineese cutie...$AMCF ...ready to explode :)

  5. $AMCF Boom, there she goes. now to see if volume comes.

  6. $AMCF I was wrong. This wants to go up. Broke 4 month resistance line today. Some short term hurdles in the way.

  7. $AMCF Looks like might go back to 1.20 s before it retests resistance.

  8. $AMCF Breaking out? Needs to hold 1.50 or above.

  9. $AMCF This is about to breakout. Back on watchlist. Short term PT is 1.90

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  13. @Jumpy $AMCF double bottom, low floater, bottomed out? http://stocktwits.com/message/30542640

  14. @Jumpy What do you think about $AMCF ?

  15. $AMCF Dumb, I sold right before it broke out of resistance... if volume comes, may re enter.

  16. $AMCF Out for now with a small loss. Low float, low volume stocks aren t my bag.

  17. $AMCF 12/16 bounce off support, need breakout from descending triangle. Crossed fingers for close near $1.50.

  18. $AMCF Andatee China Marine Fuel Services Corp files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Repo.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/AMCF/communique/820455

  19. Andatee China Marine Fuel Services: Submission Of Matters To A Vote Of Security Holders http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1315003 $AMCF

  20. $AMCF This thing was searching for support. Maybe found it at 1.53? Today looks promising for a setup to run past the 20ma.

  21. $AMCF Hey look! Volume.

  22. $AMCF Why is the volume sooooo dry ? This thing s supposed to average 100k shares a day.

  23. $AMCF Long and strong. Destination $4.00

  24. $AMCF Wow, signs of life.

  25. $AMCF Where? This is like watching paint dry. I don t think the volume ticker has moved in the last 2 hours.