2. @JPAlexander are you still in on $AMCF despite yesterday s drop?


  4. @PoundTown yeah its unfortunate but it happens with what we do. If you want a more confident ride to 5 in the next week $AMCF.

  5. $VVUS this is gonna be the easiest overnight ever. Couldn t be happier once again about $AMCF just the gift that keeps on giving too

  6. $AMCF looks great to finish the week out with the big bar!

  7. @81arian Not only that but $AMCF has an incredibly undervalued 0.6 price/book 0.1 price/sales and 0.7 price/cash flow.

  8. $SCOK shareholders tricked, you better buy value stock $AMCF Q2 EPS of $0.28, Revenue of $175.5M +131.5%

  9. $SOCK shareholders tricked, you better buy value stock $AMCF Q2 EPS of $0.28, Revenue of $175.5M +131.5%

  10. $AMCF Very nice action today out for now with some gains.

  11. $AMCF the only problem is that it gets its normal boost but no volume follows

  12. $EMKR While you re waiting for direction, check out $AMCF its only going higher off 400m contract and +100% earnings market cap 30m

  13. $AMCF Already at greater volume than yesterday, only going higher on a slowww market day

  14. $AMCF more 52w Hi s, what caught my eye was a Yr s worth of spikes mostly flat-lining, very few drops. STUDY #Bullish Chart Structure

  15. $VHC I told you, the dust won t settle until at least 11:30. Great opportunity at $AMCF huge earnings even bigger contract

  16. $AMCF new support level 3.5s

  17. $VHC stop trying to catch the falling knife and join the burst! $AMCF is bowing up 400m contract, +100% earnings

  18. $AMCF 15% in 10 mins and can t stop

  19. $AMCF WOW new 52 week high!

  20. $AMCF - http://y.ahoo.it/YAbc7qe1 - Is doing in one week what you would kill for in a year!! - New High: +0.02.

  21. $AMCF - http://y.ahoo.it/yefgmIYg - Yep ... This Up Move is one you are going to like! - New High: +0.02.

  22. $AMCF Burst through 3.4s! Just hit 52 week high!!!

  23. $AMCF reached new support of 3.40, this is just percolating

  24. $AMCF wow reaching 52 week highs

  25. $AMCF Just broke resistance