1. I see no need to pay outlandish prices for Nvidia GPUs; the only one i owned crapped out on me, and my $AMD card lasted 3+years

  2. $AMD announces Radeon R9 285 with Tonga GPU http://y.ahoo.it/k9VwLyq7

  3. $AMD Announces Radeon R9 285X and R9 285 Graphics Card http://y.ahoo.it/ivY4OolB

  4. $AMD Positive article on AMDs ARM server chip: http://y.ahoo.it/dt7qs7Rz

  5. $AMD parabolic sar is bearish http://y.ahoo.it/Vkuakv26

  6. $WLT $ANR $AMD $F $CLF $NFLX WLT has a unique bouncing bottom (its new rock bottom price) at $5.77. So far so good.

  7. $AMD Where did the volume go???

  8. $AMD Row Row Row ur boat gently down the stream....marely marely marely marely stocks are but a dream!!!! Have a fantastic weekend...

  9. $KATE $PCYC $GILD $MU $ALU $REGN $BAC $JNJ $RAD $AMD $BIIB LmaoAlmost too easy,Fellas..Have a great weekend and let s do it again next week!

  10. $AMD + twitch tomorrow: http://y.ahoo.it/RJoam0qp Tonga? http://y.ahoo.it/XKtiZfom

  11. $AMD Power Hour is here!!! Hold on

  12. $AMD Moneyflow Index Rising Strongly on 15min chart

  13. $AMD at least its not red and has not been for several friday s now. Ah broken trend....heavy leg up coming soon, gotta fill that gappy

  14. $AMD sold some for a 2% loss, still holding 3k @ 4.15

  15. $AMD I d hate to be shorting AMD - what a way to lose $$$ :)))

  16. $AMD What does the increase in short interest mean for AMD? http://y.ahoo.it/GnLvB5IZ

  17. $AMD This is a different AMD than before. It will take time, but many big companies depend on them and there taking market share.

  18. $AMD got a real good feeling about this bugger today....I m thinking we hit 4.35 for some reason

  19. @Undertow lol! I m not shorting Chuck here, but def not buying. I think the high vol recently is repeated short squeezes. $AMD

  20. $AMD every friday it goes up now :))))


  22. $AMD can we go above the dreded 4.30?

  23. $AMD here comes AMD...

  24. $AMD 4.21 has been the bottom for 3 days now, looks like support is increasing there

  25. $AMD she s fighting to stay nuetral.