1. $AMD chips did fabulous what did this pos do? Nothing!!

  2. $AMD Have a great Thanksgiving longs we ve earned it..you too@fiberton

  3. @SeanChandler hey man I just ended my live stream! Were we discussing the $amd chart in the chat/live stream

  4. $MU Rangebound past 4Months....Today Breaking Out is Above July16 Sept29 Highs $INTC $SNDK $HPQ $AAPL $CSCO $AMD $GLW $T $ZHNE

  5. $amd http://www.twitch.tv/riscuitlive

  6. $AMD no Volume today

  7. $AMD picked up some April 3.50 calls, still holding Jan 3 and 3.50 calls

  8. $AMD little birdy says sell...she has never let me down idk just passing on. 2.62 soon

  9. @Fiberton I may be just about to dive. Who knows. This is medium term investment. $AMD

  10. $AMD The value in this pos is to by pass at all costs! $hpq better choice

  11. $AMD A major player at Asia. Possible buy for bigger investor.I hope the price will climb to proper levels so that a take over is ruled out.

  12. $AMD We have a value stock here. Steady income for med-term.

  13. $AMD Offering plungers to all sholders to flush with!

  14. $AMD The fact this continues to spiral in no man s land since 12 proves this is a mirage!

  15. $AMD Rocket ship to nowhere tour continues into the abtss

  16. $HPQ Up 2.7% Beat Zachs by 1c exited Qtr Rising Orders & Most US Strengthening in 3 Years. .Tailwind US Economy $SNDK $INTC $AMAT $MU $AMD

  17. $AMD If the ChipHell becnhmarks are true this will see 4$ in some months!

  18. TriQuint & RF Micro Devices Merger Closing Date Finalized - November 25, 2014 - http://www.zacks.com/ http://www.zacks.com/stock/news/155345/triquint-amp-rf-micro-devices-merger-closing-date-finalized $AMD

  19. Company Price Targets:Advanced Micro Devices , Mylan Inc http://www.marketsinsider.com/company-price-targetsadvanced-micro-devices-mylan-inc-2/321218/ $AMD

  20. $AMD I still want to know what happened to SeaMicro???!!!!!!

  21. @Fiberton: @rlinvested I was hoping for 2.90 then the roll down but derp kind of rolled down before It peaked. @Fibline yo fib $AMD

  22. $AMD fib was trying to bug me about this beingdown ttoday..sleep well fib

  23. US GDP Revised Up STRONGEST 6 months in 12 years. $HPQ reports Strong US Order Backlog ending the quarter $SNDK $SNE $BBY $INTC $MU $AMD

  24. $HPQ Consumer units +2%, commercial +7% | Total units up 5%. -2% desktops and +8% notebooks | helps $AMD a little; helps $INTC more (@gabi1)

  25. $HPQ pc revenues up 4% ! they use a lot of $AMD chips