1. $AMD Mega Buys AH

  2. $AMD 4:25:41 price 4.28 shares 676,566

  3. @f868 $AMD I believe the number is 1.2 million xbox one units sold.... 2 million total xbox consoles is the number you are referring to

  4. $AMD 2 million Xbox sold

  5. $AMD $MSFT Looks like a good Er for MSFT...rising tides lifts all the boats.

  6. $AMD Looks like a defensive play; investors are waiting for Microsoft and their AH ER. If they beat, it s good for AMD. Watch AMD in AH.

  7. $AMD Ho hum day, expected more

  8. $AMD Be like water my friends. Water! Bruce Lee stay liquid as much as you can... You can follow and trade any market form!

  9. $AMD I think we have some day traders taking profits from 4.22 entries this morning.

  10. $AMD market is going to bust sometime soon. just a matter of when

  11. @CelticTrader Try to be humble as I can, but I suggest MSFT reducing XBOX1 price by $101 :-) Would ve been a win/win for both MSFT and $AMD

  12. $AMD MSFT ER today. Look out for console news - should have positive effect on AMD tomorrow :)))

  13. $AMD I ll wait to eow here I sold at 4.30 I ll smack the bid if it closes properly

  14. PC chipmaker stocks back in vogue $AMD $INTC $NVDA | http://y.ahoo.it/kfkyA5kf

  15. $AMD We should see more upside here heading into the summer. Chip products are more in demand than ever as new products come online.

  16. $AMD AMD expects growth in every earning report quarter this year. Q1 is traditionally the weakest and they beat estimates by .002

  17. $AMD You re welcome to whomever picked up my 3.73 shares. Splitsies on profits? lol

  18. When was the last time $AMD had good report & growth for ever Q of the year? Q3&4 are the strongest quarter. Each ER will show good guidance

  19. $AMD no point selling this. Think of all the investors who sold $BAC and $MU too early....

  20. $AMD Holding at least until next quarter.

  21. @gonsho7 @wildpig on facebook? I think Mark will buy $AMD, he love 3D technology :-D

  22. $AMD 2250 puts for the julys traded. Vertical spread 4.5/5. 50k bet by july in the 4.65? i think higher (5.34). Only thing worth its salt.

  23. $AMD lots of new faces saying buy buy buy. you can have mine, been in since 3.70. i will buy them back when you are panic selling at 4.10

  24. $AMD Good dip opportunity, its market wide, not isolated to AMD.

  25. @Razer: $AMD enjoy everybody, get ready for the takeoff