1. $AMD maybe

  2. $AMD upgraded... 4.00

  3. $AMD We all know it s going higher..Relax if you re long

  4. $AMD surviving by selling assets. Soon they ll run out of options.

  5. $AMD, samsung can buy them......to screw nvidia....?

  6. $AMD A lot of sweating from shorts.. I short sometimes but not this now and not this price

  7. $AMD $NVDA Samsung asks the US government to block NVIDIA s chips http://www.engadget.com/2014/11/22/samsung-itc-complaint-against-nvidia/

  8. $AMD just got this small (price in CDN) | $NVDA $ARMH $INTC | http://stocktwits.com/message/29546490

  9. @TraderX82: Up .8 & that causes4 a celebration?Mhmm. < I ll take 7% in two days everyday of the week. Spin all you want this will move $AMD

  10. @TraderX82 $AMD yeah how many other co s have not participated in the 5+ yr bull market?

  11. Up .8 & that causes4 a celebration?Mhmm.Just about every other SemiC in the sector has been making killer moves $AMD back@ the same2012price

  12. $AMD With the increase in bearish post you know they re getting nervous.... Looking for close above 2.80 next week.

  13. $AMD high volume at start of the day and at end of the day no one shoping at mid day for 3 hours sign of bear market and more down trend.

  14. $AMD chinese lady said it best hurry up and buy

  15. $AMD shorts got smoked today...woops

  16. $AMD them gainz right there, yes they are !! Good luck longs

  17. $AMD great chart longs! :)

  18. $AMD stock is being bought up, every body can see that right

  19. $AMD about to make nhod

  20. $AMD best time to short.

  21. $AMD uh oh

  22. @Capitalistrain: This is poor movement for $AMD. Anything under 2.80 is a failure. This is not bullish action. <8% in 2 days not a failure

  23. $AMD confirming support base

  24. @Capitalistrain $AMD to future tech is like a Zune player is to MP3 players. Outdated.

  25. $AMD haven t traded amd, but they are the only graphic card makers that give me 4 display ports which helps me to trade on 4k asus monitors.