1. $AMD come on, go to 4.5 already :P

  2. $AMD Best Buy ceo says tablets are crashing....sees hope for pc s

  3. $AMD it was a nice ride guys..I will wait for 2.70s again to get in ..in few minutes FEDS will talk...disaster coming..better to be out

  4. @CelticTrader: @CelticTrader: $AMD i believe this stock should be, right now, between $4.08 and $$4.19. like i said..... YE$!

  5. @DoNotTrustWolves I m long 750k $ZNGA i also own 8 other stocks $AMD $SIRI $GLUU $PLUG $FB $BIDU $GOOGL short $RTK

  6. $AMD in at 3.82 its time to play wheel of fortune again.

  7. $AMD the big boy volume continues. mininal selling on strength. http://y.ahoo.it/87298LbD

  8. $AMD look for price to go up above 3.87

  9. $AMD is there a news confrence at 3?

  10. $AMD waooo....2 orders of 1.5 millions brought it down

  11. $AMD preparing to enter the gap! MACD and RSI are curling up giving a nice buy signal http://y.ahoo.it/6NLOd6gV

  12. $AMD Second test of SMA200 after earnings drop, good sign.

  13. $AMD - http://y.ahoo.it/26ZW0gvK - Social Trending - Crossed above resistance, 3.835. Time: 23 hours 9 minutes. Volume: 30,681,724.

  14. $AMD will go higher....keep your eye on it

  15. $AMD Mullins chip in Hp pavillion 10z 10 laptop...first of its kind! I call that a design win

  16. $AMD up she goes!

  17. $AMD Might be a design win announcement today, around 3PM EST

  18. $AMD Keeping an eye out for the trend. If it doesn t break the high of the day, it may consolidate lower before trying again

  19. $AMD Had a good chance to break 3.84, but didn t. I m concerned where it s going from here, especially with the indexes tanking...

  20. $MU $INTC $AMD $SNDK PC Demand & CapEx & GDP health improving. ..MU PE 10 PEG 0.7...critics bored

  21. $AMD Announces the Availability of AMD Opteron 64-Bit ARM-Based Developer Kits: Marketwire http://y.ahoo.it/rSJTYZKz via @MSN_Money

  22. @neosephiroth86: $AMD WTF??? . All major indices took a hit. Only down a penny. Nothing to worry about

  23. $AMD WTF???

  24. $Amd Suspecting it could creep to 4 for consolidation. Will be surprised if it does though. But its behaviour post ER is surprising thus far

  25. $MU $amd $hpq $intc $msft $zhne $tsem RUT-X after pummeled for weeks now bounce begun to lead indexes. After GDP Rise validates we go higher