1. $AMD exploded today by more than 9% in a good agreement with bullish forecast published a week ago: http://iknowfirst.com/inevitable-rebound-for-amd $SPY

  2. $AMD 5 more days of 9.5 - 10% pops and boom I m good !!

  3. $AMD UP we go

  4. $AMD are the bears losing control of this one? bears best hope is ER and that is a long ways off. nice reversal.

  5. $AMD 9% is 9% I m just saying !!!

  6. $AMD very nice....gap up tomorrow....$2 eow !!!!

  7. $AMD exploded today by more than 9% in a good agreement with this bullish forecast: http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/stocks--equities/amd-stock-outlook-inevitable-rebound?post=69952&uid=12118

  8. $AMD Nice little pop. Whosever been loading up down here will be rewarded, just hold on and avoid the noise.

  9. $AMD 1.77 close would be optimal

  10. $AMD No one is swinging AMD?

  11. $AMD market always tells you a day ahead whats popping !!

  12. $AMD Oculus VR ?????

  13. $AMD design win announcement ?? Windows 10 release senergy announcement tomorrow ????

  14. $AMD the run up before some good news tomorrow?.. Hope it gaps up

  15. @randith7368 $AMD $spy $qqq AMD Stock Outlook http://iknowfirst.com/inevitable-rebound-for-amd

  16. $AMD Small position. Trend seems like its going to run up tomorrow

  17. $AMD something s cooking

  18. $AMD reason for going up?

  19. $twtr cant say anyone has any big expectations tonight . Its the $AMD of social media

  20. $AMD come on $2

  21. $AMD As predicted, profit taking at 1.76...so far not too negative, though. Gl2a...

  22. $AMD We will all be rich when 14nm CPU and GPU s come out in 2016

  23. AMD Stock Outlook: Inevitable Rebound $AMD http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/stocks--equities/amd-stock-outlook-inevitable-rebound?post=69952

  24. Sold some $AMD from Friday, green on the swing trade and a nice green $AMD daytrade today as well. :) Fri: @Super1NYC: $AMD Bought $1.66

  25. $AMD whoo! Only down 43.7%! Lol