1. $EXTR $MSFT $AMD $MU $HPQ $AMAT $ZHNE $INTC $SNDK $ FNSR Recovering USDollar is Attracting Investment to US Equities http://y.ahoo.it/VBc9gvUH

  2. $BABA PE37 Ratio Overpriced by..7X of $TSEM.....5X $EXTR...... 4X $MU $HPQ.54.....3X $ZHNE $BBY $EROC.....2X $SNDK $AMD $GELG $INTC $AMAT...

  3. $AMD buy buy buy

  4. Last week 470k PS4 sold next week X1 launch in China, I like this PS4 vs X1 story, good for $AMD

  5. $AMD I m buying now for next week rally lets go!

  6. $AMD goodell

  7. $AMD from the news feed with GODWELL

  8. $AMD LOL you saw that they took a AMD sales man

  9. $AMD WRAPTHIS: time to buy and be a pumper:-)

  10. $AMD This is GODWELL fault.

  11. $AMD looks like 3.82 is support

  12. $AMD http://y.ahoo.it/zhjPOHZh Is it time for the pre-earnings rally?

  13. $AMD told y all it will go up at 3pm...I was right :)

  14. $AMD great time to buy on this dip...at 3pm its going to climb up.

  15. $AMD price target around $4.32 - http://y.ahoo.it/4fTts3Bi time to add more positions :)

  16. $AMD - i m not always right, but i can recognize when risk vs reward is favorable http://y.ahoo.it/vfxw78uf

  17. $AMD Now that people realize BABA is a bust, they

  18. StockTwits Top 10 Portfolio still tracking the market. $AMD $BIDU $DIS $FSLR $GMCR $GOOGL $LULU $MU $TWTR $YHOO http://y.ahoo.it/GtzLBDvw

  19. $AMD Stoch oversold, MACD ^, strong $3.83 resistance. http://y.ahoo.it/WLrhoq7D

  20. $AMD Alibaba and the 40 theives are messing with my money!!!

  21. $AMD testing support again before it goes back up

  22. $AMD sad thing is, whisper over hype s and Co. under delivers to equal after ER drop. Where are 2 design wins?

  23. $AMD I think $BABA is weighing the whole market down, buyers are sidelined...I m taking everything today with a grain of salt

  24. $AMD grown to hate this stock but keep coming back thinking something will be different....turnaround story is taking forever

  25. $AMD everybody gets hype when the price starts to recover then gets slapped with a quick decline and boom its pin drop time!!!!