1. $AMD amd and intel in major of computers....pop will come.. .. Just sell a few puts along the way

  2. $AMD AMD Radeon(TM) Supercharges Sid Meier s Civilization(R): Beyond Earth(TM) With Mantle Graphics AP.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/AMD/communique/796240

  3. $AMD from chart pattern I d bet it sees at least 2.62 on Monday

  4. $AMD and bears wins again . new LOD 2.67 . wonder where it closes

  5. @GarySeven $amd use emotions for making love , not for trading stocks. but the emotions here is about ego not trading

  6. @GarySeven $amd do you know anyone who really thinks his tweets has any impacts ? I don t know one like that. just have fun here..

  7. @jestep $AMD 10EMA is 2.76 . I was talking about 10SMA 2.68

  8. Too much emotion in here. Both bulls and bears have blurry vision. Your silly tweets are not gonna move $AMD one iota.

  9. $AMD http://finance.yahoo.com/video/bearish-bets-amd-212500346.html

  10. $AMD the SEC is watching :)

  11. $AMD bears are still on the wheel and bulls are in the trunk. but the car is almost out of gas and the driver is too drunk to notice. lol

  12. $AMD bear raid temporary....no worries

  13. $AMD no volume to indicate a direction today, we ll see what it does next week. Personally still think it is oversold.

  14. US Leading Econ Indicators show 4.5% GDP Growth correlation..CBS Marketwatch. History says Recovery 2+ yrs. Bullish $INFA $ZHNE $AMD $FNSR

  15. $AMD Follow Me... Puts all the way to December ---->> PUTS $$$ in your wallet for sure !!

  16. $AMD - I am still bullish on this, because CEO seems smart and business like.Hoping for good profit in 2-3 quarters.

  17. $amd until two hours ago there was more calls then puts, but puts rushed in and were about 8 to 1 on puts vs calls

  18. $AMD back to 10MA. if can t hold it will be bad

  19. $AMD Lisa will also jump the boat in a couple years time when restructuring doesn t work out.

  20. $AMD Ms. Lisa is working hard to lay off and fired more ppl.. Slashes more prices on AMD products and find the best way how to bankrupt AMD

  21. $AMD Just wait for another month or two... you get more discounts on AMD graphic cards. Everything Must Go by EOY.

  22. $AMD R9 295x2 sell for $899. after $30 rebate offer on http://www.Newegg.com/ ---->> Nobody wants it.. what a loser !! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150710

  23. $AMD Level 2 FYI. More buyers http://stocktwits.com/message/28408742

  24. $AMD

  25. $AMD that s why puts activity is on hold, and today there are more calls then puts