1. $AMD 2.15 or $AAPL 112-113 range is going to be my next play. Really odd to think that the second is more predictable lately.

  2. $AMD Did you see all the after hours buying........posting sells helps no one...you are not saving longs...it went down 1.4 penny

  3. $AMD Just updated to the new windows 10 drivers, HUGE performance boost.

  4. $AMD holding gains way better then expected. Check $LSCC as well.

  5. $AMD

  6. $AMD Happy Thanksgiving Team AMD!

  7. $AMD there are plenty of longs in this from the 3.50 to 4.00 range. Your not alone

  8. Bearish Reaction To Semiconductors: Vetr Crowd Downgrades Advanced Micro Devices And Texas Instruments $AMD $TXN http://www.benzinga.com/analyst-ratings/analyst-color/15/11/6002866/bearish-reaction-to-semiconductors-vetr-crowd-downgrades#ixzz3sWxgIKE0

  9. $AMD Still in from $3,50. Let it snow please..

  10. $AMD bought in for 1.68, sold out for 2.37 - don t miss out on ur gainz pastor

  11. $AMD day b/4 Holiday ... no volume, we need more Cowbell

  12. $AMD can anyone guess why 2.40 is being so stubborn ??

  13. $AMD 2.36 support for day....heading up from here !

  14. $AMD Blah blah blah !!!!

  15. $AMD remember this post ????

  16. $DDD 12s by earnings $GRPN 3 TO 6 by May $AMD breaking 2.40 IS NEXT $WMT 60.30 $AA HOD 9.37

  17. $AMD how we looking TRADEHIGH ?????

  18. $AMD $2.50 by 2.50pm?...

  19. $AMD bull has full force now.

  20. $AMD radio is down a little low.....will somebody pump up the VOLUME

  21. $AMD spread is very tight.....this will launch soon !!!

  22. $AMD here comes 2.38

  23. $AMD level 2 is clear till 2.4x s

  24. $AMD what wall.....2.36 is done

  25. $AMD Short Sellers Continue to Back Off Major Semiconductors - MarketWatch. Worth risk/reward to go Long! http://www.marketwatch.com/story/short-sellers-continue-to-back-off-major-semiconductors-2015-11-25