1. $AMD premarket starting positive - will it last? RSI oversold. Hovering around lower bollinger. Accumulation/Distribution positive.

  2. $AMD over 51% held by investment institutions.... They are in it for profit and are holding..... If they sold down to 35% then I would bail.

  3. @Rosme The sooner $AMD goes below $3 the sooner the company gets taken over at above $5. So there s more risk to short here than at $4.50.

  4. $AMD added here see were this takes us

  5. $AMD If is not going below 3.20, I think the support is valid, Q4 2014 should be the innovation of new technology generation.

  6. @Investor_Wand The BoA dude just said it was a buy last week. Thanks. Analysts are idiots. $AMD

  7. @LittleRedDot $AMD That is something we ve to wait and see next year. but so far, it doesn t give me a good feeling on AMD 64 microserver.

  8. @Tonytrade: $AMD 3% of microserver market And Growing. Data centers/clouds require low compute, low energy. Even AMZN use NVDA GPUs ;)

  9. $AMD If history repeats, next pump is October. Sell before earnings report is released. http://y.ahoo.it/b7jG6MNE

  10. $AMD As you can see... ARM partners with Applied Micro X-Gene system and Nvidia Tesla GPU and Intel Xeon E5 line,Xeon E7 are ready on market

  11. $AMD @ Carolina32.even if you really look like your picture I would never sell here. A comp. consistently working down debt is a no brainer.

  12. $AMD Link ?? ----->> I m not BS http://y.ahoo.it/cAyDlWsd

  13. $AMD Silicon Valley Company + Silicon Valley Ethics = Pump & Dump.

  14. $AMD Controls 3% of microserver market shares while Intel controls 97% of the x86 server chips.With ARM & Intel 64bit, AMD doesn t look good

  15. $AMD Microserver ---->> ARM 64 bit server processors were primarily designed for micro-servers. http://y.ahoo.it/Po8eFtGF

  16. $AMD All Investors and Shareholders are demanding for lower pps in AMD... Lets go to $3.5 tomorrow !!

  17. Is $AMD a SELL? BofA Merrill Lynch thinks so:http://y.ahoo.it/Hy1ryMNE

  18. July 21 2014 Most Active Stocks http://y.ahoo.it/V0y3r9oK $BAC $GE $EEM $FB $AAPL $ABBV $INTC $MSFT $AMD

  19. http://y.ahoo.it/NCWg5SNf $ZHNE $MU $INTC $HPQ $MSFT $AMD Mexico s Economy Investment & Consumption Accelerating...

  20. $AMD Expecting Intel continues to take over AMD low end market shares in 3rd Quarter. Back to School products from Sam & Len will not help.

  21. $AMD ---->> Intel refreshes Core i5, i7 and N-Series mobile lineups http://y.ahoo.it/ZRzwrDlE

  22. $AMD ---->>> Intel updates Bay Trail, Haswell chip families for low-power portables http://y.ahoo.it/S3cjB7nz

  23. $AMD Reducing debt interest rates..... building a solid foundation.... going to start slow, but when it takes off, it will surprise many.

  24. $AMD besides this is the AMD board

  25. $AMD you do know that ANR could declare bankruptcy just like JRCC did about a month ago.