1. Market put to call ratio overly greedy http://money.cnn.com/data/fear-and-greed/ $AAPL $BABA $SNDK $AMAT $MU $INTC $AMD

  2. $AMD Lower after ER?

  3. $AMD just an FYI. The PlayStation 4 is now 50 bucks cheaper

  4. $AMD share price went down 17 out of the last 24. Qtrs shorting before ER

  5. $AMD sell before ER this company has done anything positive

  6. Be careful with $AMD! ER coming up 10/15 AH!!

  7. $AMD $2 test coming

  8. $AMD Nice :-):-):-)

  9. $AMD - What?!? AMD Proprietary GPU technology with Oculus Rift as partner for rigs? Late to party, but in deep & long til Xmas. Year of VR.

  10. $AMD let get er over 1.95 for the day !!

  11. $AMD well I D - clair WTF ???

  12. $AMD will easily run to the 2.20 s b4 ER.

  13. @Pastorgainz_Jr @Pastorgainz_Jr $AMD agressive buying at close, should push through 1.90 by Friday. TEA THE REPLY !!!!

  14. $AMD Wow a barrons article telling the world why intel will merge with qualcom . yea ok i love the BS

  15. (Oct 13)Intel s Q3 15 Earnings Preview: Growth To Be Driven By Data Center, IoT & ... http://www.trefis.com/stock/intc/articles/316563/oct-13intels-q315-earnings-preview-growth-to-be-driven-by-data-center-iot-nand/2015-10-09 by Trefis Team $INTC $AMD $QCOM

  16. Earnings announcement: $AMD is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, Oct 15 2015

  17. Watching 10/9 $AMD $BEBE $DNR $HOV $MNI $NNVC $NYMX $OHRP $ONVO $SDT $WTI

  18. $AMD could be some news about even more design wins....VR is coming. Next 6 months will be very exciting.

  19. $AMD heck there might be an announcement as well for the good....you really never know unless ur on the inside.

  20. $AMD may speak about upcoming Zen chip for 2016 release.

  21. $AMD layoffs will help with bottom line # s !

  22. $AMD longs have been more than paitent for thise who have stuck around over last 18+ months. Its time to put up some ++ er s.

  23. $AMD 3rd Q is once of the more stronger Q s with back to school ramp included and console chip orders + newly released GPU S.

  24. $AMD finally closed above the 50 day moving

  25. $AMD ER run up triggered....be cautious though.