1. $AMPE could be the next one

  2. $BOTA $UPI $STLY $AMPE $AGEN time to buy

  3. Watchlist for December 15 $BBRY $OAS $BAS $TILE $AMPE $EZPW http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/2014/12/watchlist-for-december-15-bbry-oas-bas.html

  4. Moved Upper Bollinger Band $ACST $ADBE $ADMP $AHH $AMPE $BOTA $CCXI $CENT $CNC $CORN $CISG $DHT $DRNA $ETR $FLXN... http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/2014/12/moved-upper-bollinger-band-acst-adbe.html

  5. Watchlist for Monday, December 15 $BBRY $OAS $BAS $TILE $AMPE $EZPW http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/2014/12/watchlist-for-december-15-bbry-oas-bas.html

  6. $AMPE Potential Upside Runner over $3.69 http://stocktwits.com/message/30234361

  7. Moved Upper Bollinger Band $ACST $ADBE $ADMP $AHH $AMPE $BOTA $CCXI $CENT $CNC $CORN $CISG $DHT $DRNA $ETR $FLXN http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/2014/12/moved-upper-bollinger-band-acst-adbe.html

  8. $MNKD Think $AMPE saved me today. Forgot I bought it. Girlfriend said she likes the name so I bought her some shares. Throwing darts. Pfffff

  9. $AMPE Most recent figures on Ampio short interest - 10,016,068 shares, average daily volume- 370,313, days to cover- 27.047573

  10. $AMPE Shorts are walking towards the exit door. Soon they will be running there.

  11. $AMPE http://www.veracast.com/webcasts/opco/healthcare2014/44207382354.cfm

  12. $SLV $GLD down in pre market, $SPY $QQQ gapping up, looks like a good Bull day to me. $GERN $AMPE $CRNT $SCKT $MPO $PLUG $CTIC $MCP

  13. $AMPE Info on upcoming PR event for Ampio, next week - https://eresearch.fidelity.com/eresearch/evaluate/news/basicNewsStory.jhtml?symbols=AMPE&storyid=201412040800PR_NEWS_USPR_____LA82615&provider=PR_NEWS_&product=USPR____&sb=1

  14. $AMPE 11:30 AM Eastern Time at the Crown Plaza Hotel in New York City.

  15. $AMPE Ampio Pharmaceuticals to present at the Oppenheimer Annual Healthcare Conference on December 11th, 2014

  16. $AMPE Is CITI still has TP $21 on AMPE?

  17. $AMPE FYI everyone, short interest, look at the days to cover - 11/14/2014 10,344,900 shares short - 21.589161 days to cover.

  18. $AMPE Looks like $3.25 was a bottom. Actually triple bottom. We should trade higher from here.

  19. $AMPE Why do you say someone is buying it up barna?

  20. $AMPE someones buying it up

  21. $AMPE weeks.

  22. $AMPE Georgemarsh this is the 20 weeks results, the last results were from the 12 week mark I believe this group are being tested out to 52

  23. $AMPE keep issuing same results, all they have is those 7 patients... MRI? zzz

  24. $AMPE slowly but surely. will be at 4 in a week or so

  25. $AMPE hows this in the red after these results?