1. $AMPE Established a swing & lt position Friday averaged in at 2.26.

  2. $AMPE Read this article on Optina http://seekingalpha.com/article/1859491-ampio-anticipating-data-for-exciting-dme-therapy-optina

  3. $AMPE Remember..we own 81% in Vyrix Pharmaceuticals..if THEY HAVE a good news, ampe IS GOING TO JUMP, too. back to back

  4. $AMPE insiders sold AMPE in 2013 http://insidercow.com/institution/subject.jsp?subject=0001411906&company=AMPE

  5. $AMPE Institutions did not sell a share http://insidercow.com/institution/subject.jsp?subject=0001411906&company=AMPE

  6. $AMPE http://insidercow.com/institution/subject.jsp?subject=0001411906&company=AMPE

  7. $AMPE Another powerpoint... JAN 2014 http://ampiopharma.com/downloads/ampio-company-presentation-january-2014.pdf

  8. $AMPE I found this powerpoint but it was in 2013 http://ampiopharma.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Ampio-Piper-Healthcare-Conference-20131.pdf

  9. $AMPE if a stock reports data all the way on top of the graph, then it will go down after positive phase 3. Ex. MNKD, VVUS, ARNA

  10. $AMPE If a stock reports positive phase 3 on the bottom, then it will rebounce and it takes 3-4 months

  11. $AMPE MNKD, ARNA,VVUS reported positive phase 3. It went up then it did go down after that b/c they reported data all the way on top(uphill)

  12. $AMPE ACRX reported nanotab phase 3 on Nov 15, 2012. It took 4 months to gain 100%. From 3 bucks to 6 months after 4 months

  13. $AMPE EXEL reported postive phase 3 on sEPT 29, 2014. It took 4 months to gain 100%.

  14. $AMPE Remember.. every stock is down on phase 3 after a big spike but it will go back up after a few weeks if u keep it

  15. $AMPE Good luck next week.. i hope the bleeding is going to stop. ud83d udc7b ud83d udc7b ud83d udc7b ud83d udc7b ud83d udc7b

  16. $AMPE THIS STOCK should form a stable line around 2 - 2.40/share..if it s below 2 dollars next week then something is not right.

  17. $AMPE FOLD went up after a good phase 3...MACK went up after a good cancer phase 3. CPRX went up after a good phase 3. AMPE will be the same

  18. $AMPE This stock will be like FOLD 1 year ago...with a good phase 3, this stock can t go down anymore. Watch...

  19. $AMPE if u bet on the bottom..it s very easy to gain 100%...with a good phase 3, this company should go back up to 3-4 soon

  20. $AMPE We will go up next week..no doubt about it...Optina is going to stop this bleeding...going back up to 3

  21. $AMPE This stock is down every single day, but I don t think it will go down after PHASE 3. Optina should stop this bleeding

  22. $AMPE They know phase 3 is going to fail so they bring is up to 8..if it fails, it s still around 2-3 bucks. Therefore, 2-3 is the bottom

  23. $AMPE I like this stock bc it is up and down very quickly

  24. $AMPE Bought 2.25... going to hold for 6 months

  25. $AMPE Passed PHASE 3...only 1 drug left...Crohn PHASE 1