1. $AMPE I m thinking of buying more shares. Not too late?

  2. $AMPE This icing on the cake!! Wait til STEP comes out

  3. $AMPE Great PR ! http://y.ahoo.it/erVQCMC8 Soon $8.2 $PBYI $MNKD

  4. $AMPE ha called it! It s PR week it seems.

  5. $AMPE Analysis Of Available Data From Optimeyes Study (Blinded And Open Label) Of Optina™ For The Trea.. http://y.ahoo.it/7gZUE16T

  6. $AMPE chart http://y.ahoo.it/4zGJbJTT via http://y.ahoo.it/khlzGACZ

  7. $MGPI $PEIX beasts $AMPE $ARAY acting well with upcoming news $TASR got out too soon $JVA $BREW-napping

  8. $AMPE One day we ll wake up with a $40 bid on this. Mark it.

  9. @BehavioralEdge @XSpotCafe Wait... I thought $AMPE closed today @ $7.55, what happened in AH?

  10. $AMPE 4th PR in a row tomorrow AM? yes please.

  11. $AMPE something s up.

  12. $AMPE getting assigned those shares on Friday (factoring in the $1.05 credit) at a CB of $6.45 is looking pretty awesome.

  13. $AMPE 👍

  14. $AMPE I will be looking for a $12+ price here in very short order.

  15. $AMPE One simply needs to do the numbers (all info in March, press conf on website). Even if only 10% correct = 1 million doses = $500m rev.

  16. $AMPE The Step Data WILL enlarge the scope of regeneration of knee (BIG). The new study is focused on assessing that tremendous potential.

  17. $AMPE WHEN ARE WE GONNA GET SPRING DATA! Are they gonna wait Aug 31?

  18. Biotechnology Stocks in Investor Choice- $ACHN, $AMPE, $EXEL http://y.ahoo.it/H7emw1No

  19. $AMPE Great PR a few minutes ago! http://y.ahoo.it/vLLFP9MD

  20. $AMPE this chart has more room to run.

  21. $AMPE Getting STEP this week would be tremendous.

  22. $AMPE So if it now takes 3 shots per dose (@$500 per shot, $1,500) x % knee (only) then x # rounds per patient =?. Cost per dose $2. Value?

  23. HIGH PUT VOLU $LITB 2671% $CBG 2373% $AFL 1075% $SNSS 811% $AMPE 704% $SIRI 693% $CNP 607% $VNQ 535% http://y.ahoo.it/sfqJaUdt

  24. $AMPE (read it) Dr. John Schwappach -The effects of Ampion™ This will change the way we treat patients with osteoarthritis of the knee.

  25. $AMPE haha! So stoked I got assigned on the Aug 7.5p last week. I like that $1.05 credit