1. $AMPE the reward to risk in this company at this price is positively enormous. Simple fact. Crazy high risk, crazy high reward.


  3. $AMPE who is the piece of rat dung that screwed up my time Line

  4. $AMPE $DRRX $PIRS (move it move it)

  5. Watching 7/27 $AMPE $ARQL $CLSN $MVIS $NG $OGEN $OGXI $SLTD $WYY

  6. $AMPE still looking for $7 a share next week.

  7. $AMPE Are we up from here, or did everyone get spooked.

  8. $AMPE what happened?

  9. $AMPE It will BLAST past $3 to high $4 s after this recoil in techs. Its sitting on a major breakout - techwise...and a gap to cover!

  10. $AMPE just got out no support I dont see this near 3 again for a while

  11. $AMPE Note chart. Double top circled, sell off is normal at double tops, it will come back. Also support/resistances

  12. $AMPE still time to get in. This will not fall below 3.00 again.

  13. $AMPE Little pull back, but this is going to rise above that $3.00 mark or I wouldn t sell.

  14. $AMPE long over 3.05

  15. Swing Watchlist: $AMPE $CBAY $ESI $OGXI $PBMD $HOTR $MRGE

  16. Watchlist for Thursday, July 23 $MX $AMPE $ESI $BABA $HPQ $BDBD $RMBS http://fonsietraderblog.blogspot.pt/2015/07/watchlist-for-thursday-july-23-mx-ampe.html

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  19. @FonsieTrader $AMPE Ready for tomorrow Thanks!

  20. $AMPE Ready for tomorrow

  21. $AMPE Chart #STUDY each bar is 2 days from massive flush. Bollinger Bands NARROW = BREAKOUT Soon.

  22. $AMPE this stock is kicking as and pissed I didn t get it yesterday

  23. $AMPE @WarriorTrading What do you think about $AMPE ?

  24. $AMPE No one was talking about this stock yesterday, I was going to buy GRRRRR

  25. $AMPE and $CBAY moving swiftly today! $BTU leading the energy and my day looking green!!!