1. $AMPE Long article but a great read. http://projects.huffingtonpost.com/dying-to-be-free-heroin-treatment?ncid=newsltushpmg00000003

  2. $AMPE This is building up for an EXPLOSIVE BREAKOUT. Why? Sellers no where to be found? Hint... they know the know.

  3. $AMPE shortsqueezesays short interest up slightly, 9.8 mil, 25% of float No wonders shorts trashing the stock. They re toast.

  4. @XSpotCafe Why Tuesday on $AMPE?

  5. $ADHD $ampe trade the same

  6. @SmarterAnalyst: $AMPE Sell Your Ampio Pharmaceuticals Shares Now: AMPE Is Setting Up For A Secondary http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/01/28/sell-ampio-pharmaceuticals-shares-now-ampe-setting-secondary/

  7. $PRAN My current 2015 wtachlist $GILD $PRAN $CELG $LJPC $AMPE $CYTK $BIIB $MUX

  8. $AMPE Short or Long the next month or two will be crazy. Lots of catalysts forthcoming. Tuesday?

  9. $AMPE Signs point to a building SQUEEZE. Looking for a break to $6.50 level. Trend still chasing mid $6.

  10. $AMPE Phule123 it has gone up 75% in the last month, ever heard of a natural correction, profit taking?

  11. $AMPE Looks like it wants to go back down

  12. Powerhour watchlist: $BBG $AMPE $EXEL $ZIOP $AMCC $ADVS $COMM $FSL $NUGT $DGAZ good luck everyone

  13. $AMPE Got stopped out this morning (barely). Immediately bought 3K shares back. Loosened stop this time. Will add more when $ comes avail

  14. $AMPE great day to buy back in

  15. $AMPE Thanks for then cheap shares!

  16. @gglaw Depending on how low $BABA goes, I m doing both. I got stopped out of $AMPE so now I don t have to choose between babs and $SHAK

  17. Ferocious reversals: $FTK $AMPE $PLUG $WWE $CRIS $LRE

  18. $AMPE I wonder why the company doesn t respond to the BS article that came out yesterday?

  19. $AMPE looks like I m going to get stopped out.

  20. How many trades do you need to pay the bill in a month? Two trades. Trendy Plan provides you the tickers. $AMPE $NRI.CA

  21. $AMPE It is perhaps no surprise that these BS panic sell your shares articles are not showing up in my Fidelity Investments news feed - SPAM

  22. $AMPE The shorts must be desperate trying to get shares to cover.

  23. $AMPE Shorts are out in force trying to scare everyone with a looming secondary offering. Catalyst coming in days....don t dump now!

  24. $AMPE Sell Your Ampio Pharmaceuticals Shares Now: AMPE Is Setting Up For A Secondary http://www.smarteranalyst.com/contributor/2015/01/28/sell-ampio-pharmaceuticals-shares-now-ampe-setting-secondary/

  25. http://pennystock.ru/post/3110 $AMPE