1. @VascepaBID $AMRN chart looks like $WLT

  2. $AMRN Ok now serious question. Any V users here into bodybuilding? Have you noticed any improvements in gaining muscle?

  3. $AMRN Have they considered marketing EPA as a cooking oil? It s got to be healthy. When JT stays silent I have to compensate with dumb ideas

  4. $AMRN It s management s job to restore shareholder confidence. Question is how and when will they do this?

  5. $AMRN insider buys could pop it .30. Don t hold your breath on that

  6. $AMRN Keep Digging up.

  7. $AMRN I see$1.44 close today, but then I m terribly near sighted. LOL.

  8. $AMRN All depends on mngmnt. So NO we will not see 2.00 :)

  9. $AMRN AZN compromise, ex us partner,increasing scripts may take it to 2.00

  10. $AMRN Anyone think we see $2 before year end?

  11. $AMRN Ex us ,the price should be low , scripts should be high and need a local BP.

  12. $AMRN They will consider ex-US opportunities. From IR.

  13. @JohnCappello ...are not due to a change in atorvastatin pharmacokinetics. $AMRN

  14. @JohnCappello ..potential additive efficacy effects of atorvastatin with ethyl eicosapentaenoate (e.g., triglyceride reductions) .. $AMRN

  15. @JohnCappello These data show that, at steady state, ethyl eicosapentaenoate does not inhibit the metabolism of atorvastatin . $AMRN

  16. @VascepaBID: $AMRN I want to see TV commercials. agree 100%, get the word out to the public! Dr s & patients

  17. $AMRN Was up 1c on 1.37M after hours ony the other day.Whats that all about?

  18. $AMRN Is that another 1c rise on 1.39M shares posted after hours I see?

  19. $AMRN Traumatic Brain Injury patent application for Vascepa. sharonc via twitter

  20. $LIQD Good morning all, penny stocks holders come up with different reason everyday to hold. I wish u the best.$NSPH, $AMRN,$CYTR,$RNN,$WAXV

  21. EPA:potent anti-inflammatory & immunoregulatory actions at concentrations in the nanomolar and picomolar range $AMRN http://y.ahoo.it/v9ZTWk1F

  22. Nice to see the combo idea stil has legs - new patent app ( getting ready for when R-It results hit? ) http://y.ahoo.it/FnVn7uhY $AMRN

  23. $AMRN O3 Supplement industry petitions FDA to acknowledge EPA/DHA lowers BP http://y.ahoo.it/kmRGzus4 $AMRN

  24. $AMRN Need more Docs like this: TGs over 150 risk factor http://y.ahoo.it/Gcnr4JSW

  25. $AMRN I say we will see 10k scripts in 3 or 4 weeks, optimistic growth rate about +2% or +2.5% a week. I think that is more realistic.