1. @a5hi: $AMRN quiet before the Kowa storm back to 7 s Man, you pump waaaay too much. I m long, but come on

  2. $AMRN @a5hi We will get back in the not so distant future.

  3. $AMRN quiet before the Kowa storm back to 7 s

  4. $AMRN Wow, didn t break a million shares today even at 1/5 of the price we had in October before the Red Wedding

  5. $AMRN All I can say is, if JZ ever comes to the zoo, he best stay away from my cage!! Thats all I m Saying yo

  6. $AMRN I am still laughing at JZ selling at $14.00 and me not reacting to it... What was I thinking? Why else would he sell?

  7. $AMRN Too Funny.... Basically, I can t live long enough to make them up.... Worst Management team EVER!!!

  8. $AMRN I think it may take more than a month to see the full effects of KOWA s co-promotion

  9. $AMRN Sold some more Covered Calls for June... Made a quick $700.00. You know many times I need to do that to make up losses?

  10. @jfmcrr @lovetrading I don t think the reps start selling until the end of may so end of June may be a better barometer. $AMRN

  11. $amrn @lovetrading End of May # swill give a measure of Kowa s impact...

  12. $AMRN can Kowa please blow # s out the water?

  13. $AMRN boom time tomorrow

  14. BP could bid for $AMRN for a song. Makes no sense to ignore us like it has when we all know how beneficial it would be for them to own us.

  15. $AMRN I wish the PPS would react to this..


  17. $AMRN This gives V a huge advantage in pricing, product potency/effectiveness, and supply, huge OPP for BP to quite literally have another1B

  18. Many traders on $PLUG, $KNDI, $AMRN, $ARNA boards should read this: http://y.ahoo.it/xZdfz6dA

  19. $AMRN Major issues with generic LOVAZA, 145$ cash still, generic #129, issues in purification process and ability to supply mrkt is a big no

  20. $AMRN when I look at this stream on my phone (not signed in) and see @a5hi I m instantly reminded of why I blocked him, just insane.

  21. MM playing seesaw with our stock again! $AMRN

  22. $AMRN thats the main problem with VAscepa, still very few know it exists. Kowa will help with this tremendously

  23. $AMRN 10grams in one pill would almost be too much

  24. $AMRN I thin they just claimed one omega xl is same as 10 1000mg fish oil pills yeah right, most aren t even 1000mg like vAscepa 1gm

  25. $AMRN saying everying you just heard is bs but true of Vascepa