2. $AMRN Seems conflicting that Kowa already markets Lipofen, am I missing something here? http://y.ahoo.it/cKXLlj8P

  3. $AMRN should get bought out by $AAPL and then do a 4:1 split

  4. $AMRN Good luck to dedicated longs here. I liquidated my position today as I cannot see the progress I d hoped for. Good luck to all!

  5. $AMRN Took in and sold some Lovaza generic today. Made me sad.

  6. $AMRN LOL @invest2992 You miss a time when management took something special and decimated it.


  8. I fear that each day that goes by without news, the FUD will become pervasive. Easier said than done, but try to ignore it. $AMRN

  9. $AMRN I miss the good old days when amrn was trending every day for weeks on end

  10. $AMRN droppin every day... maybe I will wait for 1.30 after all to triple down.

  11. @TradeAbvTechs here s a good start http://y.ahoo.it/ovjfWOMj BEER Good $AMRN Good

  12. $RNN $AMRN $ONCY $ABIO might go long on these soon...ill do my dd ofcourse, but any info apprecieted, thanks

  13. I think this stock is making people nutty, lol! Hang in there, people! I kow it is crazy-making but we ll get through it. $AMRN

  14. $AMRN $RNN $RXII $VRNG Wall St done rigging the market yet? Nice to see my brokerage drop 20% in like 40 days on no news.

  15. @RobinF_KiTTy: $AMRN More talk about how fish oil has no potential...what the heck is Lovaza and how much did GSK make from it? Well said.

  16. $AMRN Wow! Kowa moving forward in a big way! http://y.ahoo.it/wrYQqwpx

  17. $AMRN So call it fish oil, whatever you want...I call it a blockbuster drug that has yet to see its potential. All points to that truth.

  18. $AMRN More talk about how fish oil has no potential...what the heck is Lovaza and how much did GSK make from it? Vascepa is better than L

  19. $AMRN if this stock ever climbs over $20+ this will be the official song http://y.ahoo.it/JjiG2iL9

  20. @Big_Picture Why isn t $amrn at $5-7 today and why is it at $1.5. Please explain since you know

  21. $AMRN clawing back up!

  22. $AMRN Ya, neg nellies, bashers who when called on it say they are joking, etc etc. usual ST AMRN stream.

  23. Amazing how many negative nellies are acting like $AMRN is the only biotech stock that has been affected by the downturn.

  24. $AMRN let s just go back to $1.36 so I can increase my holdings to an even 100,000!

  25. $AMRN I think we found the bottom now...lol