1. $AMRN tomorrow critic

  2. $AMRN bad close but still trend going on tomorrow must neccessarily reaction :S

  3. $AMRN lol.... you piece of crap. The world is in rally mode youre taking a nap.

  4. $AMRN She may hold for now, but I expect one drop before the run up!!

  5. $AMRN It s obvious this is being accumulated. Demand is there but it s an orchestrated dance until news comes out.

  6. $AMRN Stock is clearly manipulated. Demand is high but christ just stays the same. Not typical economics

  7. @finns @CottonKing Thanks for being Honest. I like $AMRN, but will go down as not sure if delay of appeal decision sept or nov, who knows.

  8. $AMRN and hope for the best!

  9. $AMRN maybe we should hold hands.. form a chain link.. hahaha..

  10. $AMRN we have been pegged in the $1.80s which is better considering it has lingered in deep murky water months ago

  11. $AMRN I think we shld all be happy with sideways action at this price considering where we were in May... Patience for the big move. GLTA

  12. $AMRN why can t we move past that $1.88 mark!!!! Day number 2!! As long as she holds! I guess it s a good thing!!

  13. $AMRN could have been .. should have been.. let s hope it will not be has been.

  14. $AMRN could have been $1.90s now if we broke $1.88.. let s give it another shot later in the day.. maybe it will give in.

  15. $AMRN looks like the FDA are up to their hijinks yet again. IMO all the FDA leadership needs a through investigation. http://y.ahoo.it/ICEzVMUx

  16. @mensa_1963 You mentioned $MSTX, $GALE, $USU, $AMRN, and $RNN. Do any of them are good buy? i am in on $BAA at .25.

  17. $AMRN Marubozu it is enough to down

  18. $AMRN Who listened to me on BAA? Pat on the back!!!!

  19. $AMRN seems to be some very calculated accumulation going on here. yesterday @ 1.84 / 1.85 today @ 1.85 / 1.86

  20. $AMRN going to add more here soon, easy 30% increase soon

  21. $AMRN Look for gain/loss that won t be taken back.Way too much hysteria over if/when 5c or even 25c.it s noise.When it happens, it ll be big

  22. @finns $amrn 1.88 will fall sooner or later and when it does its off to the races

  23. $AMRN Sorry that was me looking at the wrong ticker :( lol

  24. @jasonturbo: $AMRN Someone just bought big chunk How big?

  25. $AMRN Someone just bought big chunk