1. $AMSC strong like bull. Squeeze those February 7 calls.

  2. $AMSC someone bought 1900 Feb 7 calls yesterday. Give us our money Sinovel.

  3. $AMSC Is having a change in trend and should continue a upward trend!! Higher from here$$$

  4. $AMSC I was expected a pop after earnings... Oh well, still making slow and steady progress.

  5. $AMSC how does Mr Douglas get even, I think he s in over 200 bucks a share. OMG

  6. $AMSC wow someone bought 1900 Feb 7 calls. Interesting.

  7. Listen to $AMSC Q3 2015 earnings call - live at 10:00 AM, ondemand after - http://earningscast.com/q3-2015-american-superconductor-earnings-conference-call

  8. Notable earnings before Tuesday’s open $ACM $AGU $AINV $ALLT $AMSC $BDC $BHE $CBM $CDW $CNC $CVS $CYNO $ENTG $FIS $GLT $GPK $GT $GWR $HCP

  9. $AMSC flight to quality, one of few stocks above 50 and 200 day avg. rest of markets getting creamed. Plus a billion $ law suit pending.

  10. $AMSC Institutional ownership up 29.13% Q/Q, with 1,202,760 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/AMSC

  11. $AMSC http://m.phys.org/news/2016-02-world-biggest-farm-go-ahead-britain.html

  12. $AMSC Hey Sinovel, give AMSC their 1.2 billion, they deserve it, this way they would have a 100 bucks a share in cash. Sweet.

  13. $AMSC cheapie... nice pattern

  14. $AMSC

  15. $AMSC I am in at 6.00. Sell at EOD?

  16. $AMSC any kind of law suit news or especially a settlement could cause a feeding frenzy on Up side.

  17. $AMSC hungry

  18. HC Wainwright has a $6 price target for DSKX and a $10 price target from $AMSC and $360 price target for $BIIB

  19. Earnings announcement: $AMSC is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Tue, Feb 9 2016

  20. $AMSC ---> http://www.tradeunderten.com/2016/02/stock-watchlist-3-february-2016.html

  21. Stock Watchlist 3 Feb: $AMSC $WNDW --> http://www.tradeunderten.com/2016/02/stock-watchlist-3-february-2016.html

  22. $AMSC sneaky

  23. $AMSC I Likey

  24. American Superconductor to release earnings before the market opens on Wednesday. Analysts expect -0.58 EPS. $AMSC

  25. $AMSC trend change? High volume up days, relative outperformance, big contract win in India...worth a spec position