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  5. $AMZN high open interest range is 427.50 to 450.00 for option expiration 05/29/2015. http://maximum-pain.com/options/open-interest?s=AMZN&urk=AMZN

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  8. $aapl $baba Followrs4Wk DOW-0.22% NAZ+0.81%(yawn) 27of42 I cover+MonOpnFriclos!All4my Monsters $baba +6%87-93 $aapl 3% 128-132 $amzn & $goog

  9. $JCP wife dropped 4000 on $AMZN

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  11. $amzn nothing wrong with this one either

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  14. $AMZN generally a good scalp on Fridays after the first :30-1:00 for puts just OTM (expiring that day) especially on OPEX monthlies; 500%+

  15. $AMZN look at the bollinger band squeeze getting ready to take place if I was to guess this is getting ready to pull a $NFLX type of move

  16. $AMZN when will they finally make money?

  17. $BBY Not sure why it rallied in the first place. They are still a yesteryear retailer like $BKS, being a showroom for $AMZN

  18. AMZN digital report for May 22nd, 2015 $AMZN http://www.sweetalpha.com/amzn/amzn-digital-report-for-may-22nd-2015

  19. $AMZN Max Pain is 430.00 for maturity 05/29/2015. Price = 427.63.

  20. $BABA alibaba doesn t charge a fee for sellers once it s established here forget about $AMZN AND $EBAY ..like netflix did blockbuster.

  21. $AMZN Max Pain is 427.50 for maturity 05/22/2015. Price = 427.63. http://maximum-pain.com/options/max-pain?s=AMZN&urk=AMZN

  22. $BABA will work its way into America successfully but $AMZN will never work its way into China

  23. $AMZN anyone concerned about the bearish engulfing candle from Friday trade?

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