1. As G20 chases growth goal, members differ on how to get there http://y.ahoo.it/F8dC8933 $AMZN $AAPL

  2. Now @Easymoney how are analyst getting these numbers sir for an $RSH acquisition by $AMZN...? Please advise.

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  6. $NFLX: $AMZN has way more money to buy content. In a content war, AMZN wins and NFLX loses. Subscription growth rates will begin to slow

  7. $AMZN: $BABA is making AMZN look ridiculously cheap. A run back to $400 is not out of the question, making it way overvalued

  8. $AMZN Was Friday the blow off top for this fat pig? Although, fat pigs is the new American way! #FED #QE #TooBigToFail #Cellulite

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  11. $BABA Yes baba now has a larger market cap than $amzn, but Amazon has virtually no earnings with p/e over 800. Baba is still a bargain.

  12. $AMZN daily diamond breaks long ->376,

  13. #Alibaba $BABA Is Already Bigger Than #Facebook $FB, #Amazon $AMZN, and #IBM $IBM http://y.ahoo.it/KD70zaut

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  15. $BABA vs $AMZN? You get your cute deliveries fr Amazon and think that the whole world shops like you. I say Alibaba is universal & efficient

  16. $BABA Alibaba surges 38 percent on massive demand in market debut http://y.ahoo.it/SYICh9uJ $AMZN $EBAY

  17. @tlp probably cuz $AMZN also makes phones. Would be a little like Mercedes letting Ford sell their cars...

  18. American Companies buy wholesale on $BABA - Average Joe buys that stuff from those companies on $AMZN

  19. $AMZN $NFLX $FNSR $IBM $TNX $SAP $T $AAPL $FDX Recovering USDollar is Attracting Investment to US Equities http://y.ahoo.it/QytGpivD

  20. @bullkob $BABA so does $AMZN and $EBAY

  21. @Letsgetweird Government involvement, magical marketshare and margins. Convoluted corporate structure. $BABA better than $AMZN? Think not

  22. Really $AMZN $FB ? Really??? ISIS-branded merchandise sold on Amazon, Facebook http://y.ahoo.it/CVPKSkKt

  23. $amzn Who dat be sayin pigs can t fly? This slop sky high wit its 870 PE. Sssuuuueeeeyyyyy PIGGY!!! $qqq

  24. Businesses Buy Wholesale From $BABA and Sell It on $AMZN, However the difference is $BABA makes Billions in Profit $AMZN Loses Billions!

  25. $BABA is like $AMZN except with real cashflow and profits