1. $AMZN Earnings tomorrow should be horrible. I m waiting for the write down of the development cost, and unsold inventory of the Fire Phone.

  2. $AMZN $280 after earnings

  3. Seasonal charts of companies reporting earnings today $MSFT $AMZN $ALTR $UNP $UAL $RTN $POT $NUE $IMAX $LLY $CAT : http://www.equityclock.com/2014/10/22/stock-market-outlook-for-october-23-2014/

  4. $AMZN Options suggest to buy 305/320 for Friday Expiry.

  5. $AMZN My goodness, 25k Puts were traded compare to 17k Calls. Too much bearish..

  6. @eyenigma You are very much true. Do you have any option play? $AMZN.

  7. @tradewithjoe @eyenigma $AMZN While up side move is limited, down side is 240s.to 220s. Thinking to buy strangle/straddle.

  8. $AMZN long puts into earnings or a straight short?

  9. $AMZN what time is earnings going to be released tomorrow? too late to play the options game?

  10. $AMZN is that a 800 P/E i see? cant beleive this was at 400 at one point

  11. $AMZN $BABA will completely destroy amazons business

  12. $AMZN tomorrow is the day (hopefully) the bears prosper

  13. $AMZN Expectations seem fairly low, but think it still pulls back tomorrow evening.

  14. $AMZN Average Move in last 16 qtrs is 7.8%, against straddle price average of 7.4%. 1 day straddle pricing in 7.6%.

  15. $AMZN If you want to short vol heading into the earnings and don t expect too much movement, go with slightly OTM calendar spreads,

  16. $AMZN If the loss is bigger than what WS is expecting than i agree it would continue down. GL with your crystal ball. trade what you see.

  17. $AMZN Nov Vol losses : $1285 for Nov Straddle, $930 for Dec Straddle, $800 for January straddle

  18. $AMZN It s very possible their loss is less than what WS has estimated. If that happens it will go up not down. If we could all predict $$$$

  19. $AMZN Factor in Vol crush losses in your options strategies before initiating an earnings trade tomorrow

  20. $AMZN Jan options seem fairly if not under-priced heading into the earnings tomorrow

  21. $AMZN Expecting a vol crush of Nov : 16 vol points, Dec : 9.3 pts, Jan : 6.65 vol points, long term implied volatility average is 33.9

  22. $AMZN The low in May is very doable.

  23. $AMZN also remember the stock is off 100 points already. So just 2% either way from here Fridays close

  24. $AMZN VOL is 120% weekly, sell them call spreads yo~

  25. $AMZN We all know this can gap down hard on earnings. 10%+ is easy. http://stocktwits.com/message/28320540