1. 💊Biotech 10/05/15 closed DOW▲304 NAS▲73 S&P▲35 BIB▼.77 IBB▼2 XBI▲.52 $ANAC $BIO $BLUE $BMRN $BXLT $CLVS $CTLT $ICPT

  2. $ENZ got reversal negative hammer on the top, so i replaced her to $ANAC, which got a little pull back for next jump.

  3. Lot of former momo names, many bios not participating in this rally $ANAC $AVGO $CELG $EGRX $FEYE $GPRO $HZNP $KITE $REGN $SWKS $TSLA

  4. $ANAC is a BUY with 42.2% upside to current price of $128.15 based on averages of all analyst ratings/targets http://manyratings.com/ANAC

  5. Big Wave Trading Weekend Update $STUDY $BIS $SRTY $ANAC $SKX $PAYC $COKE $ABMD $TVIX $NFLX $WFM $CBS $BIDU $FIT $MU

  6. $ANAC see? i told you. i ve no position now but she looks forming Cw/Hs, a little dent s coming which i m getting in.

  7. $ANAC i cant wait to pay 1000 dallras for 30 percent relief of my skin rash...i work at mcdonalds

  8. 💊Biotech 10/02/15 closed DOW▲200 NAS▲80 S&P▲27 BIB▲3 IBB▲10 XBI▲3 $ANAC $BIO $BLUE $BMRN $CLVS $CTLT $ICPT $ILMN

  9. $RARE $ANAC $INCY Long here!!!

  10. 💊Biotech 10/01/15 closed DOW▼12 NAS▲6 S&P▲3 BIB▲1 IBB▲1 XBI▲.18 $ANAC $BIO $BLUE $BMRN $CLVS $CTLT $ICPT $ILMN

  11. 💊Biotech 10/01/15 closed DOW▼12 NAS▲6 S&P▲3 BIB▲1 IBB▲1 XBI▲.18 $ANAC $BIO $BLUE $BMRN $CLVS $CTLT $ICPT $ILMN

  12. 10 Best Nasdaq Biotech Stocks in the Third Quarter $INCY $MYGN $CARA $SCMP $ZSPH $CNCE $MDCO $LXRX $EXEL $ANAC http://www.thestreet.com/story/13303497/1/10-best-nasdaq-biotech-stock-in-the-third-quarter.html?puc=yahoo&cm_ven=YAHOO

  13. $ANAC strong into close. biotech is not dead..and they r on garage sales

  14. 10 Best Nasdaq Biotech Stocks in the Third Quarter $ANAC http://www.thestreet.com/story/13303497/1/10-best-nasdaq-biotech-stock-in-the-third-quarter.html?puc=stocktwits&cm_ven=STOCKTWITS&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=stocktwits

  15. it looks like $ANAC hit a bottom. MACD s curling low, RSI is over sold area. she looks quite ☞

  16. 💊Biotech 09/30/15 closed DOW▲235 NAS▲102 S&P▲35 BIB▲4 IBB▲13 XBI▲2 $ANAC $BIO $BLUE $BMRN $CLVS $CTLT $ICPT $ILMN

  17. $ANAC more short was waiting for that end if quarter BS short at 115

  18. $ANAC short!

  19. $ITCI It has begun. The institutional walk to $105. There will be nowhere for shorty to hide. Ask $ANAC $BLUE and $CLVS when they $38

  20. $ITCI Guggenheim s Bill Tanner sees no bear mkt in biotechs. A short term correction. Raises ITCI to $104 but $150 attainable. $ANAC $CLVS

  21. $ITCI $ANAC $5.2 bil m/c; $157m cash. $22-$156. $CLVS $3.4 bil m/c. $377m cash $40-$116. Y Guggenheim just raised ITCI $36-$104 $530m cash

  22. $ANAC Institutional ownership up 3.1% Q/Q, with 1,145,110 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/ANAC

  23. If I had $10 million to place...my targets would be $ACAD $PCRX $SAGE $ANAC $INCY $CLVS $JUNO $AGN $BXLT $RDUS $GILD $EGRX $SHPG

  24. $ANAC I m really loving the close under July 14th s low. Looking good, I mean, bad. I mean, bad is good.

  25. 💊Biotech 09/29/15 closed DOW▲47 NAS▼26 S&P▲2 BIB▼.29 IBB▼1 XBI▼2 $ANAC $BIO $BLUE $BMRN $CLVS $CTLT $ICPT $ILMN