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  3. $ANF Vertical Call Spread: 4000 Nov 14 38/44C (1.77/.32). Also 1500 Oct 14 36C s 1.75 (ask) connected to a spread

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  7. $ANF Dumped it. Tried to initiate a swing position, but not liking seeing no good reversal. Might be strong in the holidays, will revisit.

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  14. $ANF Prices slashed at their online store, even for some recent items

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  17. $ANF Cowen says, sell side estimates for ANF look optimistic , firm remains cautious .

  18. $ANF Goldman in note to clients this morning says, their checks reveal that pricing pressures have gotten worse @ ANF compared to last year

  19. $ANF Stalking, this has been a great play in the past w/huge rips,want to get in again.Going to see if it can get over $38.5 tomorrow first.

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  21. The success in Japan is important for Fashion co. when u consider global mrkt and $APP is doing pretty good while others like $GPS $ANF not.

  22. @Mountaingreen: $ANF 2000+ OCT wk2 puts traded against an OI of 30 strike price is 38

  23. $ANF 2000+ OCT wk2 puts traded against an OI of 30

  24. @Pennystockplayer @Exponentreturn @nikon201068 @kal1991ck Not sure. Let s ask the boys and girls over at $ANF

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