2. $ANF starter short position taken eod. @binks

  3. Paradice Investment Management LLC appears to have added to its $ANF position in the most recent quarter http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryh/?id=2404232

  4. $ANF Looks to be making another grab for 25

  5. $ANF Re-Short initiated

  6. $ANF 15min bull flag breakout. Resistance at 25.

  7. $ANF Re-Short @ around 12:30 PM

  8. Stocks with Bearish MACD, price over 20.00, below 21dMA, Volume at least 500K 4/4: $LGND $SPLK $ANF $CSOD $LMCA $UTHR $TREE $AMSG $MSFT $DHI

  9. Earnings announcement: $ANF is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Wed, Mar 2 2016

  10. $GPS $ANF $W short anf 23, and further

  11. $GPS comps on Monday should take this down more. short $ANF $W also.

  12. $ANF Re-short 24.84

  13. $ANF Short $GPS Short $RL Short......You get the idea

  14. $ANF The Gig / Scam is over !

  15. $ANF This is too easy

  16. $ANF love this fish again :). GL to all.

  17. $ANF Woodshed Time !

  18. $ANF looks like an obvious short but you can t trust this market or this stock.

  19. $LNKD completely different segment but I find it hilarious that $ANF Is trading at $26 and has held while companies like these get crushed.

  20. Technically Strongest Service Sector $MCD $DLTR $ROST $DG $WMT $CVC $ANF $FISV $KSS $ORLY $SBUX $SYY $KORS $AZO $TJX

  21. $ANF $RL $DECK got crushed AH too

  22. $ANF Down in sympathy with $RL - which got crushed !

  23. $ANF Gravitating toward 25.00

  24. $ANF Who let the dogs out ?!

  25. $ANF 1 week of gains gone. Lets get this down to 20