1. @Tatoduk: Top Losers-2 4/14 $CVM -15%, $ANIP -14%, $AMBI -14%, $PTX -14%, $FLML -13%, $NBG -13%, $WSTG -13%, $EGLE -12%, $HIMX -12%

  2. Top Losers-2 4/14 $CVM -15%, $ANIP -14%, $AMBI -14%, $PTX -14%, $FLML -13%, $TTPH -13%, $NBG -13%, $WSTG -13%, $EGLE -12%, $HIMX -12%

  3. $ANIP any news I m missing here? no position but considering a small long as we get closer to 100MDA

  4. $ANIP this is getting killed again today. Not sure why but looking like time to cut losses here.

  5. $ANIP - http://y.ahoo.it/amtEOcuG - Biotech Explosion - Up 5% for the day.

  6. Additional definitive proxy soliciting materials and Rule 14(a)(12) material http://y.ahoo.it/6sXPAGXX $ANIP

  7. Other definitive proxy statements http://y.ahoo.it/TtENQFJN $ANIP


  9. $ANIP Back in on the dip today after cashing out in mid-30 s. Love buying this on pullbacks. Bios start moving this will fly again.

  10. @chaku I bought $ALU $MTG $RDN $CTIC $ANIP HZNP very low in 2013 and doubled or better on all of them. Holding $NIHD, may buy more.

  11. @Nosh I only closed to add to my fuel cells. Will buy back in. $CTIC $ANIP $HZNP my moneymakers in the last year!

  12. ANI Pharmaceuticals s Vice President and CFO was just granted 12,000 options http://y.ahoo.it/qKvINGYw $ANIP

  13. $ANAC $ANIP $VRTX + $ONTY on support. Will wait until Mon/Tues. $VIPS same place as 3/27 w/PT of 122 if 133 breaks.

  14. $IPCI is the best pharma stock out there. Look at $ANIP to see where it will be in a few months.

  15. $ANIP crossed 33 intraday. $HZNP charging ahead, $ISR weak hands gone, $CTIC $IDRA lots of spring green.

  16. Decreased bullishness in $BPAX (sentiment score of 1.71 on a scale of 0-4)

  17. $HZNP $CTIC $ANIP Will the new quarter bring spring green to our screens? Did shorts become complacent?

  18. $ANIP picked up more today, just crossed over $31. Currently up over 6%

  19. $ANIP heading for 42-45 area... we can see this one coming

  20. $HZNP $CTIC $ANIP $IDRA $RNN $RXII $ISR $BONE etc If there is a biotech rebound weak hands are long gone. Would love to squeeze shorts

  21. We really like $IPCI. 7 new generic drugs in the pipeline and a huge market. This will recover in time, with a PT of $15. Similar to $ANIP

  22. @barna I m gonna watch you for beat down bios. I more than doubled my money on $CTIC $HZNP $ANIP where I was a former bagholder See ya soon

  23. Insider Transaction: $ANIP Sale at $31.76 per share of 10000 shares by Beneficial Owner (10% or more) Meridian Venture Partners Ii Lp on 2014-03-20.

  24. Insider Transaction: $ANIP Sale at $31.06 per share of 5617 shares by Director Marshbanks Tracy on 2014-03-21.

  25. ANI Pharmaceuticals Director Tracy Marshbanks Sells $683,919 in $ANIP http://y.ahoo.it/8dtKouaR