1. $WLB The top. Now come on down to join ALL the other coal names anywhere from $2 - $12. I d buy 17 shares of $ANR for one of WLB any day.

  2. $ANR coal shipments down 2 % on NS

  3. $ANR Q1 2015. DIP funding and then bankruptcy. Love these pump and dump.

  4. $ANR looks line nemostocks is going back to taco bell for another round

  5. $ANR Coal for sale!!! Less than 0.75$/ton Met and thermal - includes current debt and market cap...cheaper than that if include property

  6. $ANR Haha bagholders. Shorted at morning. So easy 7% profit.

  7. $ANR Unlimited supply of this POS. Crutchfield, the incompetent CEO, must be so proud.

  8. $ANR Oh, well.

  9. @Ube: $WLT we are about to surpass $ANR. Wlt is the only met coal play. Setting up nicely :) lol wlt books =hotmess, mines < anr assets...

  10. $WLT we are about to surpass $ANR. Wlt is the only met coal play. Setting up nicely :)

  11. $ANR thinking of selling some calls here...

  12. @RaginCajun: Potential Intraday Runners | Momentum $CLF, $ANR, $PEIX, $CRK, $WBAI, $CMCM, $WUBA, $CRR ...GOOD LIST Ragin man

  13. $ANR Crazy action, 10% moves everyday back and fourth

  14. $ANR Shorting at 2.26

  15. $WLT $BTU $CNX $ANR Seems I m not the only person pondering picking up some dirt cheap coal stocks going into the midterms...

  16. $ANR Wishing I had gotten some more on the dip yesterday.

  17. @RaginCajun any target intraday on $anr? I love it when I see you in that stream...

  18. Potential Intraday Runners | Momentum Trading with RaginCajun http://ibankcoin.com/rcblog/2014/10/22/potential-intraday-runners-226/ $CLF, $ANR, $PEIX, $CRK, $WBAI, $CMCM, $WUBA, $CRR

  19. Short Squeeze Alerts $USU $Ticker Symbol $COCO $IRBT $ANR $CLF $WLT $GPRO $NQ http://www.optioncast.com/stock-options-blog/shld-call-open-interest-jumps-14-07-overnight-top-5-oi-changes/

  20. $ANR a decline of 6.8% in short interest

  21. $WLB $BTU $ACI $ANR $KOL$WLT http://www.sunsirs.com/uk/prodetail-369.html The price of steam coal is rising in largest market in the world.


  23. $ANR ...market and turn generators to look to coal. Coming to US next 2015-16.

  24. $ANR Grattan Institute: Gas price rises driven by Queensland’s booming LNG market will phase out gas-fired power from the electricity

  25. $ANR I ll buy every share at these prices. Tough times...but coal is merely temporarily out of political favor. No fat left = buoyancy.