1. $ANR Spot CAPP thermal down $1.05 to 45.27. NG still below $3 at 2.92. (+.05) I ll stick with the 3 legged horse bets. ANR on last leg.

  2. $ANR It seems like our guts are telling the same thing huh? ANR seems to beat its coming ER.....

  3. $WLT $ANR Shares avail for short finally getting low. May be a buy by EOW or early next. Will load up when no shares left.

  4. $ANR Come on guys. Let the corporate orificers at ANR know how you feel. Ask them to replace CEO with a monkey.

  5. $ANR Republican Congress...grinding, something political headwinds are not as bad as before.

  6. @littleant $ANR Thanks. PLEASE encourage others to write as well. I have posted several email addresses. We need to wake these guys up.

  7. @kds1947 Hey buddy... I m pretty sure these $ANR folks all get paid well enough that that don t have to risk their income on the market.

  8. $ANR Copy to the email addresses below when you write to kcrutchfield@alphanr.com and ask him why he has not spent $1 to buy ANY shares.

  9. $ANR Email addresses for other executives are: fwood@alphanr.com; pcavatoni@alphanr.com; ajones@alphanr.com

  10. $ANR Would a monkey CEO improve performance of ANR? Write to kcrutchfield@alphanr.com and let them know if you think so.

  11. $ANR (First letter of first name + last name)@alphanr.com. THAT s email address. Copy ALL ANR folks you know of when emailing Crutchfield.

  12. $ANR Send email to IR at arotonen@alphanr.com and ask why the CEO has not bought a single share with his own money?

  13. Good Luck @Bacharu Still vesting my $ANR shares.... YOU GOTTA BELIEVE!

  14. $ANR. Dumped this POS 2 weeks ago. Up large now on SDOW,DOG, LNCO, JNUG, RICE, GTE, CLD, MRO porfolio. Will buy CNX, AVAV soon.

  15. $BTU,$ACI,$ANR Peabody projects 2015 metallurgical coal import demand increases will outpace supply growth for the first time since 2011.

  16. $ANR $ACI Aren t Germany green junkies - http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-04-14/coal-rises-vampire-like-as-german-utilities-seek-survival.html

  17. Earnings announcement: $ANR is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, Feb 12 2015

  18. @ClintonSPX Lol. What was the name of that crazy coal guy? mc... something? $ANR $WLT

  19. $ANR or $WLT or $ACI ? Who is buying one of these at these levels?

  20. $ANR $ACI the coal index chart tells me that coal is not dead and that these prices are now entering buy and hold territory.how long for tho

  21. @kds1947 $ANR (KCrutchfield@alphanr.com, arotonen@alphanr.com) sent an e-mail 2 these do nothing PIGS! Mgmt should cut their pay to $1/ yr!

  22. $UWTI Endangered Species #1 - $UWTI $CROX $EXTR $HERO $MAT $TEAR $ACI $AGI $ANR $LF $OIL $WLT $USO $UCO $X - http://www.tradewithjoe.com/new-52-week-low-club-2/

  23. $ANR Write to KCrutchfield@alphanr.com and ask him why he has not spent ONE dollar of his money to buy ANR shares.

  24. $ANR Here is CEO s email address. Let him know what you think of his leadership : kcrutchfield@alphanr.com

  25. $ANR- Got out and now back to making $$. In RICE, LNCO, BTU, CLD, JNUG, SDOW. Only up 500, but better than losing all the time. Eyeing CNX.