1. $ANR Rio Tinto cuts 2014 met coal output forecast After growing at a CAGR of 7% btwn 2011 and 2014 Australian production to be flat in 2015.

  2. $ANR interesting how detatched this is from wlt and aci today, yet pulled below 2 on friday with those two, with ease

  3. $ANR Shorted $BTU and $ANR in morning. Will close short position EOD

  4. $ANR Haha wheresssss nemmmoooo

  5. $ANR nemo did you cover? Or are they going bk this week? Lol

  6. @chumpville exactly. which means rising prices soon on reduced inventory imo. $WLT $ANR

  7. $WLT $ANR More than 20 M of the approximately 30 million tons of announced global metallurgical production cutbacks are yet to be realized.

  8. Both $WLT and $ANR are banging on their daily 20s. WLT has not closed above its daily 20 ma mid- August.

  9. @jaycutler I think this is about the 5th day in a row at least with over 10% price fluctuation in $ANR. No trader needs Viagra here.

  10. $ANR can we get another ten percent today? this is cray.

  11. $ANR only went down because of opex IMO. being gamed like crazy. went down more than $wlt, $aci, now up more than those two. happy trading!

  12. @ClintonSPX: $BTU has the beat and $ANR gets the pop. Thats wall st for ya. meanwhile, $CLD with no debt up 1 pct...

  13. $BTU has the beat and $ANR gets the pop. Thats wall st for ya.

  14. $ANR Coal for sale priced less than a dollar a ton & you get a bonus of equipment, ports, railroad, NG property, and ~6M shares of $RICE

  15. $ANR Keep it up !

  16. $IBIO Early morning gainers $ANR $SCOK $NLNK $RSH $IBIO and more http://stocktwits.com/message/28180441

  17. $ANR Hoping for a bounce today

  18. $ANR Down early hours

  19. $BTU earnings beat. May be we have seen bottom in coal stocks. $WLT $ANR $KOL

  20. @FavorableOutcome $ACI $ANR $KOL http://www.pennenergy.com/articles/pennenergy/2014/10/coal-power-strategy-to-reduce-europe-s-dependence-on-russian-energy.html

  21. The Swing list for the week is out! http://brooklyn-trader.com/ $IBIO $ANR $ESI $PDLI

  22. @Loyola80 @chumpville http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2014/10/15/renewable-hydroelectric-power-cut-in-half-during-californias-record-drought-state-using-more-natural-gas-iron-gate-dam-klamath-river-natural-gas-pacific-power/ 1/2 the hydroelectric power gone poof without H2O. What happens to $KOL $NG_F $ANR $ACI $BTU

  23. @fdo_saq I believe that is perchance a Black Swan? $NG_F $UNG @Loyola80 @Greed_Fear @rentacop89 Can $KOL get a black swan event too? $ANR

  24. $ANR Where is all this high volatility coming from? I saw this happen to JRCC, and look at it now.. Is this the beginning of the end?

  25. $ANR Since last ER, stock dropped 50%. Will drop continue aftr ER on 10/29 Before Open? http://stocksearning.com/stock_detail.aspx?Sys=ANR