1. $ANTH Good support at 2.80 ... Heavy resistance at 3.50. Hopefully one of the 2 catalysts will come back positive soon!

  2. $CCXI $XXII $ANTH stalking for position soon

  3. $RNN $PCYC $MSTX $ANTH $ALXA Thank you $BX for validating recent buy-in and add. Hopefully you can shame AIG holdings into a pps rise. :-)

  4. $OXGN Run into ASCO 2014 with 90 % Partnership $NVAX $ROSG $SQNM $CPRX $ADHD $BDSI $ACRX $ZGNX $ANTH $LPTN $OGXI $APRI $OXGN $CUR $SGYP


  6. Shares of $ANTH are in double top formation. http://y.ahoo.it/FWQ6RZ6R

  7. @BiotechMoney18 do you see $ANTH heading green anytime soon ? Or heading lower along with $IBB

  8. $ANTH What are others floor projections? I m thinking $40M MC. Any other thoughts?

  9. $RNN $PCYC $MSTX $ANTH $ALXA Hopefully get a little bump-IMO we aren t out of the woods(next 2-3 mnths)Might avg down MSTX/ANTH eventually.


  11. $RNN $PCYC $MSTX $ANTH $ALXA (order of weight in bio) Added to $PCYC at 88&89 today & bought $BX at $30 for my finance sector holdings.

  12. $RNN $MSTX $ANTH $ALXA $PCYC .... Just sold $PTN for a large loss :-(. Waiting on IBB at 180.

  13. $ANTH http://y.ahoo.it/IHzkFMzE

  14. Shares of $ANTH are in double top formation.

  15. @BioTrack: $RNN $MSTX $PTN $ANTH $ALXA $PCYC ~60% dry powder-JNJ earnings@0830should provide morning sector boost

  16. $RNN $MSTX $PTN $ANTH $ALXA $PCYC ~60% dry powder-JNJ earnings@0830should provide morning sector boost-Looking at reapportioning some to BX.

  17. $RNN (-2/3) $MSTX (-1/3) $ALXA (-1/2) $PCYC (+1/5) $PTN $ANTH ~75%cash now-Predict IBB down to 180 s but watch JNJ ER for direction tomorrow

  18. @Keynesonomics forgot $ANTH ? may not see three dll$ again this week. jmo

  19. $RNN $MSTX $ALXA $ANTH $PTN $PCYC Sold $PPHM for profit&de-risked across portfolio for >dry powder nxt 2-4mnths-Techs&Russia have me nervous


  21. $RNN $MSTX $ALXA $PTN $ANTH $PPHM $PCYC $IDRA today is going to test resolve but sector strength will come back. Just need some patience!:-)

  22. @Keynesonomics market conditions are not helping today, $ANTH more risk no reward. Do you see a bottom soon ?

  23. $RNN $MSTX $ALXA $PTN $ANTH $PCYC $PPHM $IDRA Lets have a great day! Hopefully another rebuilding day for the bios.

  24. $ANTH CHABLIS-SC1 Interim Analysis & FDA IgAN IND Feedback: Q2 2014. Let s get some good data/feedback and get this >$4! :-)

  25. @BiotechMoney18 $ANTH daily dynamic chart with 3 SMA Method: http://y.ahoo.it/0yos7uth nice support at 3.16