1. $ANTH scam written all over it! this company buys failed drugs only to swindle all your money. Watch out for RS once again.

  2. @Keynesonomics it seems like we are always playing the underdogs who end up making a come back out of nowhere $ANTH $MNKD $RMTI etc! Lol

  3. $ANTH 36M market cap for a company in advanced, Phase 3 development & a late stage clinical pipeline with commercial synergy is absurd

  4. {video} A Bear Market Looms $IWM $SPY $DJIA $SLV $TSLA $GORO $GDX $FXY $AUY $WPRT $ANTH $USDX http://y.ahoo.it/7sC3ccAD

  5. $ANTH , someone believes in this stock , they just bought 69,668 shares. Next week will be interesting.

  6. $ANTH Yep...under 1.58.

  7. @bruce12345 institutions own about 56% but insiders own very little http://y.ahoo.it/WBKJBanH $ANTH

  8. $ANTH Will buy some tomorrow. May get it under 1.60. Psy attitude lol. Raja and Keyn are for sure good following.

  9. $ANTH i dont know guys this seems to be going down down

  10. @bruce12345: $ANTH anybody buying here only if you hate your money

  11. $ANTH anybody buying here

  12. $ANTH hummm, 2 of my best following bullish on this stock.What a dilemma.Baba tomorrow...

  13. $ANTH no position in this but I feel bad for the peeps here and hope things turn around for the investors here

  14. $ANTH has diversified its PL and remains focused on areas of clinical development that are set to capture max value for the co & SHs alike

  15. with $ANTH and our confidence in its development team make Anthera a strong choice to help this new medicine reach its intended patients.

  16. $ANTH E. Roberts, MD,VP - Autoimmune, Bone Muscle Joint, Liprotamase Product Development, of Eli Lilly said: Lilly s relationship...(cont)

  17. $ANTH please read this in regards to finances http://y.ahoo.it/JlC5WOwQ and please do your own DD as always.

  18. $ANTH keep in mind Benlysta was acquired by $GSK for approx $3.6 billion. ANTH at its current market cap is crazy cheap

  19. @Keynesonomics and folks keep forgetting this about $ANTH http://y.ahoo.it/lCPSii7G

  20. Remember, $ANTH acquired Sollpura (liprotamase),a novel investigational Pancreatic Enzyme Replacement Therapy ( PERT ) from Eli Lilly in Jul

  21. @rajalonghorn Additionally, Alkira is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of $ANTH & advancing Sollpura into P3 pivotal reg trial as agreed w/FDA

  22. $ANTH Honestly speaking management deserves to get crabs & may their arms be too short to scratch themselves. Blisibimod shows real promise!

  23. $ANTH This--> http://y.ahoo.it/vYfZbvFB on NO news is why I backed up the truck yesterday. I think we will see a violent reversal.

  24. $ANTH Don t know a thing about this but it s reminding me of NSPH last month. I ll follow the template and buy if it hit s 1.55

  25. @Ares77manoe I m pulling the trigger on $BAXS & $ANTH with the usual Sprezzatura ...autodidactic polymaths such as myself can t resist! ;)