1. Anthera Pharmaceuticals director just declared that he owns no shares of Anthera Pharmaceuticals http://y.ahoo.it/6qzDjuJI $ANTH

  2. $RNN $PCYC $MSTX $ANTH $ALXA Should be a good day for bio sector. GILD looks like a safe&easy play for good continuous gains.

  3. $ANTH why has no one partnered this company if the interim phase 2 results were positive? I have been holding since 2yrs time to buy more?

  4. $ANTH March presentation w/ upcoming catalysts. High risk/reward potential 100%+ gainers or not http://y.ahoo.it/uti7o1st do yours DD. Cheers

  5. $ANTH I like that they have actively set a goal for an accelerated approval of bilsmibod in Nephropathy in bright-sc trial.


  7. $ANTH maybe its just me, but something about this trading made me want to add few more shares by day end. Low vol. We ll see.

  8. $ANTH Only (non-data) item to track is the cash runway, w/burn rate being seeming until ~End of November.

  9. $ANTH & $MSTX both oversold w/five-bagger potential riding into Eo 15 w/plan execution-good inst. (47%/24%) Cash ($18M/$40M), respectively.

  10. $ANTH their March 12 presentation w/ catalysts http://y.ahoo.it/nwNiKxFv low float so it can move w/ good news. Sold CNAT profit put in here

  11. $ANTH We re going to break through $3.50 resistance on 2 cats this qurtr-Predicated on data, but this is an easy multi-bagger w/in nxt 2yrs.

  12. $ANTH i bought 3100 more shares @ $3, possible good news coming cuz i saw block buy last week. Spec, hard to get filled. data in May/June GL

  13. $ANTH http://y.ahoo.it/H7RS5DKI

  14. $ANTH Very bullish, IMO --> http://y.ahoo.it/Kwwsq5Mk Really like Anthera at these levels -- with major catalysts on the horizon.

  15. $NVAX $CNAT $ACRX $XOMA $ANTH $ETRM $CPRX are few if u follow &nibbling some shares w/ me since last tues, u be dancing in the $ rain today

  16. $RNN doing its thing (wish they were @ ASCO) $MSTX Good strength $ANTH meeting with Piper $ALXA undervalued $PCYC Needs to get to ER&ASCO

  17. @BioTrack have you heard anything on $ANTH & the meeting with Jefferis on Wednesday


  19. $ANTH All they need is good FDA feedback from IND or good interim data&it is off to the races!

  20. $ANTH open starter position today for CHABLIS-SCI interim analysis Q2. Not the best mngt, but worth a look science. Add more later. Cheers

  21. $RNN $PCYC $MSTX $ANTH $ALXA Bio holdings&looking for additional buy opps next couple months. Hope everyone had a good Easter weekend!


  23. $ANTH Good support at 2.80 ... Heavy resistance at 3.50. Hopefully one of the 2 catalysts will come back positive soon!

  24. $CCXI $XXII $ANTH stalking for position soon

  25. $RNN $PCYC $MSTX $ANTH $ALXA Thank you $BX for validating recent buy-in and add. Hopefully you can shame AIG holdings into a pps rise. :-)