1. $ANTH has been silent for a while. I m expecting a news release soon. Partnership, Interim Data - an Acquisition? Certainly cheap enough now

  2. $ANTH kidding me? joker stocks today

  3. $ANTH lol support becomes resistance. Trimmed 2/3 position @ 2.51 from 2.46

  4. $ANTH Going to have to answer need for cash to continue funding trials, market is waiting.

  5. $ANTH lol pretty low.... gotta get attention eventually

  6. $ANTH is there life in this situation..?

  7. $ANTH come on, give up the goods

  8. $ANTH lol someones pissed

  9. $ANTH double down 2.46

  10. $ANTH watchin this today for technical bounce

  11. $ANTH This is another one with cash burn issues that need answers.

  12. $SSH $IDRA $ANTH keep an eye on these little ones. SSH could see another run to $10 range, enrollment looks great, plenty if cash, & more :)

  13. ICYMI Thursday: Anthera Pharmaceuticals Just Filed Its Quarterly Report: 2. NET LOSS PER S... http://y.ahoo.it/Vorwtk3h $ANTH

  14. $ANTH looks like 2.83 ish is going to be your next high... should be turning up soon

  15. $ANTH does this have anything in it to get it even back to 3?

  16. Anthera Pharmaceuticals Just Filed Its Quarterly Report: 2. NET LOSS PER S... http://y.ahoo.it/WCeTTbIB $ANTH

  17. $ANTH http://y.ahoo.it/mOXO3b3c

  18. $ANTH didnt sell, but didnt buy more yesterday, should of

  19. $ANTH nice action.

  20. @The_Hooligan Sounds like an Algorithm trade prob tripped more than a few other sell triggers 4 $ANTH - I ll b playing the bounce & adding.

  21. $ANTH Like most biotechs, need cash assurance to run trials.

  22. $ANTH look at 3mo chart, its a pattern

  23. $ANTH any news here or is this just the normal periodic capitulation?

  24. $ANTH Everyone says BMod is the sheeyat but this company just keeps suckin.when will this turn the corner for being such a hyped up solution

  25. $ANTH someone cought wind of something there at the end, dumped 25,000 shares