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  2. @anvepicshortsqueeze $ANV great buying opportunity on hand unfortunately, this stock has had too many buying opportunities.

  3. $ANV great buying opportunity on hand

  4. $ANV Holding up so far considering the GLD drop. Need it lower to get back in.

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  7. $ANV Please wait patiently!Earnings announcement report will be a very good news!

  8. $ANV Of course, ANV will be at about $27´╝îplease follow me!

  9. Share an idea on $ANV Well,in my opinion ,gold will be over 1800 just after 1-2 year ,please trust me to grasp a nice opportunity

  10. $ANV fed says inflation remains low I think they are hinting at more qe to come

  11. $ANV Buy @ lunch, sell EOD repeat :)

  12. $ANV expected pull for Fed meeting. Tomorrow and Friday will be good days.

  13. $ANV gold dropped hard...hopefully recovers today after fed meeting

  14. $ANV this should go green late today interest rates will not be raised this year if ever at all

  15. $ANV ...all charts say it will go up...looking at it closely

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  17. $ANV here it is...

  18. I am however bullish on these plays: $ANV, $JNUG, $GDX, $EXXI, $RTGN, $ECIG, $ZIOP, $HABT, $IFON, $MNKD, $CGRW, $SIMG, $VJET, $BCLI, $EYES

  19. $ANV In

  20. $ANV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWX-UqjynPo&feature=youtu.be. This guy is good has daily market and currency video too

  21. $ANV as predicted!

  22. $ANV hour of power. EOD squeeze

  23. CNBC analysts bullish on gold $ANV $GDX $ABX

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  25. $GDXJ $GDX $ANV So, $PFE blames strong dollar for bad earnings & worse profits.