1. @JoeMonster Remind me when it gets to $1.60 then, will ya Joe? $ANV

  2. $ANV im a buyer at $1.50

  3. $ANV OK long now, have stops, you were warned.

  4. $ANV I do not think that gold heading lower now.

  5. $ANV Breaking 3.66 + gold is probably heading to 1200-1220 area.Patience with ANV there will be other potential turning points

  6. $ANV should just drop and make a double bottom and get it over with

  7. $ANV Out at 3.70 Shows no strength at all at support level

  8. $ANV OK you guys, I m giving you a few minutes to sell, I am going long soon, sure to bring her down another leg.

  9. HIGH PUT VOLU $ZBRA 13063% $MHFI 4518% $SWI 4016% $GWW 3506% $FENG 2801% $LPNT 2390% $ANV 2107% $IWC 2056% http://y.ahoo.it/9XA7XoD8

  10. $ANV Updated chart. One more gap to fill lower @ 3.55. http://y.ahoo.it/oI4aW2Ou

  11. @frankenx a lot better than http://y.ahoo.it/2kZTBuDZ You ll wanna watch your wallet as there s a thief out there called INFLATION Got $ANV?

  12. @mccartjt how s $anv working for you ? Lolz

  13. @JCPAfonso: $GLD $IAG $ANV $GSS China physical gold demand to rise 25% by 2017: World Gold Council http://y.ahoo.it/JrzLmPmy

  14. $GLD $IAG $ANV $GSS China physical gold demand to rise 25% by 2017: World Gold Council http://y.ahoo.it/pzpGpZHp

  15. $ANV Perusing headlines for ANV I now count 14 (FOURTEEN!) law firms trying to sue ANV. Anyone knowledgeable about why?

  16. No reason to sell now.$ANV

  17. $ANV no way I am selling this, too many times I have sold other stocks at the lowest price and then watch it rise

  18. $ANV Not selling my garbage stock it is underdog but like Rocky it will kick a$$ soon cannot wait for goldman to downgrade miners to sell


  20. $ANR $anv $btu $wlt Can someone tell Goldman and UBS that met coal demand is up http://y.ahoo.it/8HjS7B10

  21. $ANV Gold going up or down this thing goes down regardless

  22. $ANV Keep getting bear slapped once again this stock is my biggest loser

  23. $ANV Go down to $3.5 I want all suckers out of this stock so it can finally go higher once again

  24. $ANV Gold and blood moon do not mix

  25. $ANV Starting to hate this stock