1. $ANV I sold out! Dirty Harry used to say I know what u r thinkin! Did I fire 5 or 6 times! U Have 2 ask urself do u feel lucky? Well do ya?

  2. And some gold miner plays want to BO if given half a chance: $NUGT $ABX $AU $SBGL $GG $ANV. Ideal scenario: $GLD gaps>$118 Monday.

  3. $ANV will get financing just like $BAA - watch out next week s going to get crazy!

  4. $ANV to all the non believers who are doubting this company and the CEO do yourselves a favor and sell your shares

  5. $ANV Why is this already sucking more than I thought it would be sucking right now? Sucks....

  6. $ANV Less than 6mm cash to start next week? Way too much risk. Need to find a way to get more cash now or it s all over for shareholders.

  7. $ANV Gold has been at the bottom´╝ü

  8. $ANV seriously? Gold is up big time

  9. $ANV this is a day trade, peeps. easy 5% can be made today at this price.

  10. $ANV all gold miners in green.. should follow suit?

  11. $ANV gold above 1225 should set off a buying spree

  12. $ANV if gold become green, this can make another strong session! worth watching http://stocktwits.com/message/33283966

  13. $ANV http://www.nasdaq.com/markets/sec-filings-n.aspx

  14. Stocks Watchlist 27 Feb $ANV $CLDX $ARIA $EOX $MPO

  15. @anvepicshortsqueeze I like the squeeze potential of $NAVB and possibly even CTIX may get a small squeeze too. $ANV & $NAVB look primed.

  16. Stock Watchlist 27 Feb: $ANV $BALT $HIVE $MARA $MOSY $NM $CBMX $HDSN $SALT $TNAV $THLD $TXMD #stocks #charts #trading http://www.tradeunderten.com/2015/02/stock-watchlist-27-february-2015.html

  17. $ANV http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-02-26/allied-nevada-gold-s-bondholders-said-to-consider-injecting-cash short squeeze is imminent

  18. $ANV Another bi-monthly run up? This tanks without debt restructuring. Hope to add more sub .80 before that s announced or Buchan folds

  19. $NAVB squeeze potential continues. $ANV squeezing for me from .94 s. GREAT day!!

  20. $ANV Bull at the end of the day. Nice pick.

  21. $ANV just some short covering... no real push here, will probably pull back.

  22. $ANV Still no shares available for shorting. If we could just get some Vol this could Gap up. C mon buyers.

  23. $ANV 200k block buy

  24. $ANV Apple push Gold higher http://macdailynews.com/2015/02/25/demand-for-apple-watch-could-use-up-a-third-of-the-worlds-annual-gold-production/

  25. $ANV squeeze on good volume cracking 1$ mark