1. @skyzer Mark realize that when this financial chicanery unravels it will have a long way to travel. ;-) $GLD $GDXJ $GDX $ABX $ANV $MUX $AAU

  2. $ANV Ready to move on! Next targe is $3.76! Long setup http://y.ahoo.it/01kd2t1k

  3. Moved Upper Bollinger Band 1/2 $ACAD $AMG $AMGN $AMKR $ANV $ARIA $BLOX $BRFS $BSMX $CIEN $CLDX $CLVS $ECA $FB $FNSR http://y.ahoo.it/vkVT9VE0

  4. Top Junior Industrials $VII Stock Gained 48% $ANV $MILL $ALTV $MZEI $HGSH - http://y.ahoo.it/7SUZske4

  5. @skitrader27 solid bounce today in gold. Back into the range and some really great setups within the sector. $ANV is one

  6. $ANV Went for lunch and by the time I can back..... #shortsqueeze . Chart indicates next resistance around 4.50.

  7. $ANV Step 1 Cross the 50 DMA Check ! http://y.ahoo.it/PS0qbm3M

  8. $ANV can you say squeeezeee

  9. $ANV Todays gains and after market activity point to a wild ride tomorrow. Not even worth looking at technicals till the dust settles

  10. $ANV AH 3.65 although the gold declined to 1281.5. Will squeeze tomorrow?

  11. $ANV Hugely undervalued gold miner with years of inground supply and is leveraged to gold prices better than any other miner I see.

  12. $ANV Very humorous folks, if this stock does this, and/or does that, than this, and that will happen. Gold moves so does ANV, period.

  13. If $ANV can hold above $3.50 this one looks like a pretty good swing on the long side

  14. $ANV nice strength

  15. $ANV finally this moves

  16. $ANV bling bling bling! selling some calls soon

  17. $ANV Moving higher. Shorts are loosing control. Adding 500 more here.

  18. $ANV Well dang it! I canceled my buy order yesterday..

  19. $GDXJ $ANV Close above 3.52 might mean some real gains are coming. Still need 10+ Mil shares to get things really moving here

  20. $ANV this is our canary in goldmine looking very strong may take with it whole sector up $jnug

  21. $ANV just one strong push above $3.50 and this can head for the stars. $GLD still hanging steady.

  22. $ANV Still looking good but breakthrough of 3.50 resistance is critical http://y.ahoo.it/JvqASAu1

  23. $ANV hold this level and starts run back to 4 s

  24. $ANV here we go, lets break the all important $3.50 resistance.

  25. $ANV in @ $3.38 run gold run