1. $SYN $XON $OGEN $ZIOP $HALO $APHB all down at similar levels. Hang in there. Bounce rest of the week is likely.

  2. @Ben_Frank_Beatdown Also don t forget $OVAS, $JNJ, AMNEAL, Agillus, Sun Pharma, Genopaver, $FCSC, $OGEN, $APHB (US Army, $GENZ, and $CLDN)

  3. $XON $aphb according to highlights from the needham conference presentation

  4. Collab partner $aphb will uplist by May and said the the collab w/ $XON has made tremendous progress . Will present data this yr.

  5. $XON partnership news: $APHB is presenting at Needham Healthcare Conference this morning. http://y.ahoo.it/lgNYV29M

  6. Presenting @ 13th Needham Healthcare Conf (Tue Apr 8): $ACAD $ADMA $AMRI $APHB $ARGS $BCR $CLTX $CNMD $CYTK $CSII $DYAX $ENZN $EXAM $FOLD

  7. $XON @DanStarr Were there really no trades in $APHB until 1pm today? Haha

  8. Presenting @ 13th Needham Healthcare Conf (Tue Apr 8): $ACAD $ADMA $AMRI $APHB $ARGS $BCR $CLTX $CNMD $CYTK $CSII $DYAX $ENZN $EXAM $FOLD

  9. $XON: The three of these had some pretty notable moves today $SNGX, $ZIOP, $APHB

  10. $XON slowly joining the party. Would like to draw attention to $APHB partnership. $XON owns half http://y.ahoo.it/oeV89kyU

  11. @Bones219 go look at $SNGX of which $XON owns a substantial portion. Could be related to the gains of partners. $MRTX, $ZIOP, $SNGX, $APHB

  12. $XON consider the long term partnerships that deals with $XON to. $SNGX, $OGEN, $ZIOP, $APHB, $MRTX, Medistem, AMNEAL, $JNJ, $SYN, $FCSC

  13. @jrav19 they got in early for alot of these partnerships $APHB, $ZIOP, $OGEN, $SNGX, $MRTX, Aquabounty, $SYN, Medistem. etc.

  14. @ScottMatusow dont forget about $APHB, $SNGX, $MRTX, and $OGEN

  15. Added $APHB for the long term $XON play. No position in $SNGX but i am surprised that company is still under $3.

  16. $XON, $OGEN, $SNGX, $SYN, $APHB, $ZIOP going forward.

  17. A current list of $XON partnerships. By buying a large stake in $APHB they also get access to Unilever ($UL) and the US Army.

  18. $XON I am also looking at $ZIOP, $SNGX, $SYN, $APHB, and $OGEN ahead of earnings for Intrexon. Partners can stand to benefit.

  19. @LegacyCap $XON owns a large portion of this stock and is already making money on it. $APHB also is doing some work with Unilever $UL

  20. Still very long $XON. Just picked up shares of $APHB http://y.ahoo.it/2KigHrWr and http://y.ahoo.it/nJyHqOJj and http://y.ahoo.it/co9AfYMX

  21. @clarklsn2001 My favorites are $ZIOP, $OGEN, $SNGX, $APHB and $SYN for small cap - legit big potential. $HALO

  22. $APHB bot some $.67, had to chase $CNDO too

  23. MONTES PICKS TO BUY NOW; $MSTX, $QTM, $APHB, $INVE. These will add profit to your portfolio. Buy at the pivot points and thank me later

  24. These are buys from my research $INS $ENSV $TBTC $CNSO $NEWT $FAC $CDTI $URG $FLSW $APHB